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102209 Scientific Discovery And Invention

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102209 Scientific Discovery and Invention

In your report you will need to address the following 4 parts:
Part 1: Identify the scientific discovery and explain the concepts which form the basis of knowledge associated with the scientific discovery.
Part 2: Assess the significance of the scientific discovery in regards to its impact on contemporary society.
Part 3: In demonstrating your understanding of concepts associated with the scientific discovery chosen you will undertake a small investigation or inquiry that gives you first-hand knowledge and understanding of one or more key concepts associated with the scientific discovery. The investigation or inquiry must be briefly written up and supported with 5-6 digital photographs that illustrate aspects of your inquiry and any results observed as a result of the inquiry.
Students should note that no animals must be used/tested during their investigations in this assignment. Any investigation involving the use of animals must have the approval of the Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) before it can proceed. Check the relevant WSU policy https://www.westernsydney. edu.au/research/research ethics and integrity/animal.
Part 4: Examine aspects of the scientific discovery from one further perspective. Select either A or B:
A. Analyse the scientific merits of a science fiction film or novel that explore ideas associated with the scientific discovery.
B. Compare and contrast the natural phenomena associated with the scientific discovery from a cultural (including Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) perspective.
Students are required to base their report on a major scientific discovery, selected from the list given below. Use only ONE of the given discoveries below:
Discovery of Vaccine for COVID-19
Einstein’s discovery of the Special Theory of Relativity 7
Narinder Kapany’s pioneering work on Fiber Optics
Discovery of the Rosetta Stone

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