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10284 Capital Raising

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10284 Capital Raising



While you are freeto develop your own structure for your report, you should include the following sections:1.History of the Companya.A brief description of the business model and its core offerings.b.Describe how they were founded and compare what their valuation was at the outset compared to how they are presently valued.(Similar to the comparison between Instagram and Dropbox in the chapter on Business Valuation). 2.Capital Raising history a.Describe how the company was funded.b.What were the different options available to them at that stage and what did they choose? c.Who funded them at each stage? On what terms? d.What milestones did financing help to them achieve? e.Or alternatively, did the founders bootstrap the business? Did theyuse an accelerator or obtain venture capital? 3.The Present Scenarioa.Describe the financial situation they are intoday? b.How have they grown? c.Did their choice of funding have a major impact on the financial situation and hence did they make the right choice in terms of funding? d.Imagine you were to start a similar company today.What funding route would you take?

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