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1081EHR : Employment Relations

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1081EHR : Employment Relations

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1081EHR : Employment Relations

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Course Code: 1081EHR
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia

When planning a persuasive essay, consider the following steps:
1. Choose your argument. Clearly state it in the introduction to the essay.2. Research your topic. A persuasive essay must provide specific and convincing evidence. Often it is necessary to go beyond your own knowledge and experience. You might need to go to the library or interview people who are experts on your topic.3. Structure your essay. Figure out what evidence you will include and in what order you will present the evidence. Remember to consider your purpose, your audience, and you topic.4. Consider any opposing arguments. Understand the opposite viewpoint of your position and then counter it by providing contrasting evidence or by finding mistakes and inconsistencies in the logic of the opposing argument.

According to Moffat et al. (2016), the importance of industrial relations is the most suitable way to the progress and success of an organisation. The most important aspect of “good employment relationship is to ensure the continuity of production. These specifically signify the continuous flow of employment for all the managers and the workers. On the contrary, Parsons et al. (2014) state that disputes and conflicts in between employee and employers are reflections of failure of basic human needs and the motivation to secure sufficient satisfaction that can be completely solved by employee relation.
However, Ridley-Duff and Bull (2015) state that strikes, lockouts and unfair methods to deal with the employees are few grievances laid down by the industrial conflicts and these do not appear within an atmosphere of the industrial calm. At the end of everything, “good” employee relations is dependent on the theory that is more persuasive such as unitarism, radicalism and pluralism.
Unitarism, is the integrated and compatible system where the system of management, employees and all the other members of the organization work under the vision of shared objectives, purpose and values (Burrell and Morgan 2017). This authority of the system has a structure of loyalty that is usually considered as the paternalistic approach where trade unions are seen to be unnecessary and conflict is perceived as disruptive. In this theory of industrial relation, the rights of the management in managing are perceived as legitimate and logical. Weckowska (2015) stated that any opposition against the management is seen to be illogical.
On the contrary, Bolton et al. (2014) state that radicalism signifies the capitalistic source of power where the authority and system of control expand beyond the corporate limits and goes into the labour market. This theory allows fundamental rights such as the right to associate with the employees where they can create trade unions and use a degree of power through the system of collective bargaining.
In this context, they do these by comparing the capitalistic system to the system of unionism that has no intention to take over the authority of management. The employees using this theory have learned to bargain within an institutional infrastructure that restricts the scope of bargaining to the job territory. Collings et al. (2018) argue that employees are increasingly becoming discontented from the dimensions of political viewpoint in order to abolish capitalism.
The gap present in between rank and employee members as well as in between official union members remain potentially radical. On the contrary, the union official members gain their interest in collective bargaining as a result of which they are desirous to work in coordination with the government.
However, Walsh (2017) states that trade unions are usually perceived as a part of a struggle between class as well as linking of political parties for obtaining fundamental change taking place within the society. In contrast to this, Siebert et al. (2015) assert that collective bargaining is seen as a way of collaborating with the trade unions into the system of capitalism.  Therefore, the underlying assumptions of the radicalism theory signify that there is a conflict present in between different classes of industrial employees owing to the ownership and management of production, mostly due to the market condition.
Hassink et al. (2014) stated that macro and social approach where the theory of unionism forms into a system of social control and radical class consciousness with a final objective abolishing capitalism by a means that is not associated with the pluralism theory of industrial relations.
The concept has become relevant in terms of industrial relation as it evaluated the work and employment relationship from a theoretical perspective. The concepts of pluralism of industrial relations are underlying the inherent clash of interest in between employers and employees communicating within unsuitable workplace market. The concept has turned relevant for the evaluation of social process present within an industrial relation.
Ackers (2014) states that as corporate and property laws of industrial relation has diffused with the process of the collective bargaining the conflict between employees has become institutionalized. Therefore, this special form of collective bargaining process has become helpful for mitigating the conflict between workers and management,
In this context, Siebert et al. (2015) state that people have assumed that equality of power and conflicts amongst different groups of employees is unrealistic within the practical paradigm. Therefore, it is the pluralist that has aimed to make a suitable choice between seeking a greater social unity and increased avenues of freedom. Hassink et al. (2014) argue the idea stating there are three accounts of critical failures of this theory. In this, the first one is the assumption that political theory has equal power amongst different constituent groups within the society that helps the government in developing a public policy based on mutual understanding.
Another theory is the economic theory that underplays the conflict taking place between different economic groups of employees. On the contrary, Ackers (2014) states that history reveals that there is a consistent battle over insufficient resources. The third failure is that the theory asserts that liberty and freedom are coveted outcomes and essential element in moralistic philosophy. Therefore, it is evident that pluralism represents bias and deliberate vagueness on the issue of industrial relation.
In reality, the paradigm of industrial relations is a specific process of accommodating collective bargaining. The success of this process lies in the mitigation of conflict that is taking place in between employees and management. Moreover, it depends on the unconditional approval of certain wide social value where the industrial relation is managed by a minor private property group. It has been seen from the study that both unitarism and radicalism perspectives consist of least amount of conflict when applied to the industrial relation.  
Unitariasm perceives no conflict apart from the pathological condition whereas the radical theory observed the industrial relationship as a source of society that has highly accepted the basic system of industrialization. Therefore, both of this theory of approach does not accept the presence of any intrinsic conflict engaged with the industry, employees and the government. However, it has been that pluralism and radicalism theory have many unities in between them. Both of these theories deduce their conceptual and philosophical value from the system of capitalistic production and liberal political ideology. In this context, both of these theory believes that liberty is needed to be endorsed even it comes at a price of social inequality.
Therefore, pluralist industrial relationship perspective does not identify that employment relationship is complicated in nature and it is necessary to understand the value of employment relations in terms of creating policies, they rather argue that employee relations are needed to be framed as a complex system of collective bargaining between human agent and competing interest. Therefore, in the end, it can be said that a “good” industrial relationship can be obtained and explained through the theory of pluralism concept.
A good employment relationship in between employer, employee and the government is necessary to build an effective organizational culture as well as to maintain proper flow of business. Industrial relation signifies the relationship between employers and employees within the organisation. Industrial relations deals with all kinds of human resources management policies and activities that take place within an organisation including the process of recruitment, selection, the culture of the organisation, employee behaviour as well as management of cultural diversity.
Moreover, the behaviour of the management to towards the organizational staffs and their compliance with national as corporate workplace labour are also related to the industrial relation. Therefore, based on the different attitude and values of the employees and their unions within the workplace, researcher have classified industrial relations into three major categories. These, categories of industrial relation are unitarism, pluralism and radicalism. However, all these, fundamental factors of industrial relation are dependent on labour welfare policies, ethical considerations and resolution of all types of issues associated with the industrial relations.
Based on these factors the essay critically evaluates employment relations perspectives for explaining their advantages and disadvantages while recognizing their corresponding criteria in employee relations. Moreover, the essay constitutes the theory of effective industrial relations from the perspective of the employer, employer and government.
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