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1803 : Events And Entertainment Operation

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1803 : Events And Entertainment Operation

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1803 : Events And Entertainment Operation

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Course Code: 1803
University: Centennial College

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Country: Canada


You are an Events Entertainment Operations manager for Visceral Visions. You have been hired by a client to choose a location and advise on the operational requirements for a celebration event (maximum 500 attendees). Visceral Visions are aiming to raise money for a charity of your choice (this must be made clear in your assignment).
A.Discuss the Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) for your chosen event and how they influenced your choice of location.
1)      Type of Event2)      Target audience3)      Accessibility
B. Produce an Event Operations Plan for running the event on the day, focussing on the following operational issues :
1)  Licensing and Legal Issues2) Risk Management3) Health & Safety (Security and crowd control)4) Supply Chain Management5) CSR and Sustainability6) Waste Management
C. Critically reflect on your own operational learning journey by thinking about the following points.
a) The changes you have made to your planning processes as an event Operations Manager as a result of your learning
b) How have you used operations management theory to help you design and deliver the event
c) The challenges you have encountered when creating the operations plan and the progress you made in overcoming them
d) Any interaction you may have had with a professional in the industry


A) Critical success factor for music event
Location- location plays an important role in organising a music event. For organising a music event, Hyde Park of London is one of the best places. The unique facilities of this park attract many people to attend music event here. Hyde Park is the best location for music event as it is located in the centre of the city (The Royal Park, 2018). Due to its easy accessibility, almost all the people can find it easily. Besides this, the open ground facilities and beautiful view of the lake provides a major comfort to people The Hyde Park of London is the best location because the space of this park is enough to cover the risk that might occur due to the more attendees.
The people- audience is the one who determines the success as well as failure of the event. The target audience for the music event will be of all the age group so that everyone can enjoy the memorable night of the music event. In spite of this, the music event will be held on weekend so that business professionals can also attend and enjoy the event. Besides music, food and entertainment will be the major attraction for all the people (Khan, 2017). Except the basic needs, the attention will be given to the emotional connection of the audience with the music so that event can become memorable for them.
Safety- it is the most important element in the music event. The open space of the Hyde Park provides people a secure and safe environment. The open space of the park facilitates people to find the resources they need easily. Separate corners will be made for the resources like water and food so that people can reach them easily. In this case, signage is the most useful asset to run the event smoothly (Rutter, 2016). It will be useful in guiding the audiences to all the resources they need. Besides these facilities, Hyde Park provides the separate place for parking so that people do not face any difficulties.
Marketing- It is the most useful strategy to get the people in event. The most feasible strategy to get the most of the people into the event is word of mouth. Although social media will be used just to convey the timings and useful information regarding the event but most of the promotion will be done through word of mouth. This will help in saving the cost as well as timing.
Logistics- for organising a music event, the different logistic are required. For the successful music event, proper parking facilities, music instruments, and security will be required. Therefore, to keep the music event memorable and best, the proper arrangement will be done for safeguarding of the instruments as well as inventories of the event. The proper maintenance of all these required things will be done so that on the day of the event no difficulties will be faced.
B) Event operational plan to focus on the operational issues
Licensing and legal issues- there are various legal and licensing issues made by London Government for the event. The first issue in the event will be sale of alcohol and the late night refreshments between 11 pm to 5 am. For the successful music event, the temporary Event notice and premise license will be required. Under the premises license, 499 people are allowed at one time and license will be acquired before 6 months to the date of the event (London Events Toolkit, 2012). The permission from local government regarding the temporary event will be acquired. The timely permission will be taken regarding the sale of alcohol and late night refreshment will be taken. The plan for the event will be designed as per the permission acquired from the government. On the day of the event, it might be possible that the consumption of alcohol can be increased by some of the attendees that is beyond the limit. So to avoid this problem, the plan will be explained to the persons who are managing the department of alcohol. It will be decided in advance so that the difficulties will not arise in the music event.
Risk management- it is the essential phase of planning any event. It is feasible to identify all the possible risk that might occur during the event. Although the external risks has little control on the operation department but a plan need to propose for these risk. The risk of fire is although not in control, but the emergency door is to be created which can be used at the time of these risks. The second important risk is using high-level sound. It possesses the risk to the audience. Therefore, the sound and vibration levels will be monitored before the concert so to ensure the safety of the audiences. In spite of this, sometimes the risk of theft occur which cause disturbance in the event. Therefore, to keep this safely, the inventory will be kept more than quantity to minimise the risk of theft (Wild, 2017). The risk of unexpected weather at the time of event will be kept in mind by choosing those furniture and décor that are weather proof. To minimise the discomfort for the attendees, the facilities for fans, umbrellas, and disposable rain macs will be provided (Eventbrite, 2015). The risk of traffic might occur, so to handle this, the security for handling the traffic will be hired. The proper medical facilities will be provided in case of any damage cause due to the crowd at the time of event. These all risk will be managed so to ensure the safety and successful night of the event. All these risk are assessed by making a plan for the potential risks that might occur on the day of the event.
Besides these risks, the threat of terrorism and the demographics of the attendees possess risk during the event (Townshend, 2018). The plan is prepared regarding safety of the crowd by keeping tight security. Sometimes the needs of the attendees varied due to their changing preferences, so to ensure the attendees to enjoy the music event, the proper arrangement of the musician is done so that it can fulfil the varied demand of the different attendees.
Health & Safety (Security and crowd control) – In on-going event there are lot of audiences which sometimes face problems and issues. Emergencies and incidents might occur at the time of event that needs to be address by the operational manager to ensure systematic planning for emergencies and incidents. Duties will be assigned to specific members to take care of both staff as well as the attendees. Health and safety is the major things that will be considered on the day of event. Therefore, it is feasible to appoint persons for controlling the crowd. Managing the crowd is also an important factor to make the event successful and memorable (Glendon, Clarke. and McKenna, 2016). As crowd not only cause damage to the people but also create negative experience to the people regarding the music event
Sometimes there are such equipment and situation that cause safety and health problems during the event. Therefore, the roles and responsibilities will be allocated to the people to make sure that there are no wires scattered on the floor near the stage or entrance. The separate routes will be made for entry and exit to control the crowd (Pearl, 2016). Proper communication will be held by the team members so to make sure safety of the people at the event. Besides this, it is important to keep the ground open so that people do not face suffocation problem (Airsweb, 2018). In order to provide information to the security regarding the safety procedures require security to get familiar with the emergencies that might occur.
Supply chain management- the supply of the music event material possess lot of risk that need to be address before the event. In order to minimise the risk of the instruments and the needed things, supplier and an intermediary will be appointed to reach the material safely to the final destination of the event (Christopher, 2016). The supplier will ensure the safe transportation of the music instruments, safety material, and medical things to load into the vehicle for moving them further. Proper check will be done on the workers to load the instrument safely in the vehicle. Before the few days of the event all, these things will be kept in the warehouse and a loyal person will be appointed to take care of the entire instrument. The arrangement will be made for the changing demand of the peoples who will attend the event. Proper facilities and backup plans will be prepared to run the event as per the demand of the attendees. The procurement of the resources needed for the event requires a person to check the entire inventory on time. This can result in increasing the cost of the resources. To minimise the cost of the resources, a cost effective plan was prepared so that cost can be minimise.
CSR and sustainability- CSR is important to keep in mind when the plan is prepared for the music event. London government the problem of loud sound and lightening will affect the people who are living near by the location of the event. Therefore, to fulfilling the social responsibility, the limit will be set for the sound night of the event. The traffic from the crowd also affect the decorum at the event so to ensure the proper functioning at the event, the proper facilities for the crowd management will be maintained (Green, Sinclair and Tinson,  2016).The young people attend the music event to enjoy the event with their friends, family. If the experience of the attendees will link with sustainable environment changes, then the festival will be successful by communicating environment sustainability. By the end of the event, the attendees might return to their event with a different prospective which will lead the operational manager to fulfil the corporate social responsibility.
Waste Management- it is obvious that many of the audiences will bring all kind of garbage, which includes chewing gum, plastic water bottle, and tobacco products. To avoid this wastage at the time of event, securities at the entry gate will not allow bringing the plastic bottle in the ground and the proper facilities for dustbin in sufficient amount will be there (Raj, Walter and Rashid, 2017). Besides this, people are only allowed to bring organic bags in the ground. The proper facilities for disposing the plastic cups will be provided to the attendees. For managing the waste of the resources, representatives are hired to look after the wastage. In addition to this, the number of attendees will be note down so to ensure the number of attendees who are attending the event (Daniela and Bermudez, 2015). According to the number of attendees, food will be prepared so that the wastage of resources minimised. The responsibilities are clearly assigned to everyone, ensuring the effective approach regarding the waste management.
Plan to overcome the operational issues

Understanding the purpose of the event- for effective management of event operations, the event manager will understand the major purpose of event. For this, the proper location and target audience will be decided accordingly.
Legal requirements- after deciding the location and number of people for the event, the licensing requirements for those will be acquired. According to the permission received from the local government, the arrangements for food and alcohol will be done.
Analysis of risk and related issues- the risk of theft and fire is the major risk that might occur during the event. Therefore, to avoid this, arrangements for proper security will be done to avoid these risks. For safety of the people and minimising the health issues, there will be proper arrangements for entry and exit for the audience will be done. Besides this, the proper arrangements for wastage of the disposals and cup will be prepared. In order to avoid wastage, the instructions will be provided before the event regarding not to bring plastic bottle, chewing gums, or any such things that can create disturbance.
Proper supply of needed resources- the needed resources for the event are music instruments, medical things, and safety materials. On the day of the event, people will be appointed to load these things safety in the vehicle and ensure safe delivery at the place of the event. Time to time check on the inventories will be done to ensure the safety of the resources.
Formulation and implementation of operational strategies- in order to avoid the wastage of resources and maintaining quality, some effective strategies will be implemented to avoid the above-mentioned operational issues. For this, the event manager will implement the six sigma and lean theory. This operational plan will assist the event team to overcome the potential issues.

C) Changes in the planning processes  
As an operational manager of the event, I have made changes regarding the attendees and adverse climatic condition. The attendees decided for the event was 500 but on the day of the event, 600 attendees arrived. Therefore, as per the increment in the number the planning has changed accordingly. I have arranged for their food and accommodation (Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis, 2018). In order to arrange all these facilities, I have hired the persons who can deliver their best with minimum time. Besides this, due to the adverse climatic condition, the requirements of the event changed. Therefore, few more resources are arranged due to the changing weather condition.
Operational management theory to design and deliver the event
The six-sigma theory of the operational management helped in designing and delivering the event successfully. The six-sigma theory focuses on the quality. The planning for the event has done accordingly so that quality of the event can be maintained by minimising the wastage of resources (Pyzdek and Keller, 2014). The resources in the event were used in such a way that resulted in best output. It assists in keeping the event cost effective so that the fund received from event will be used for charity purpose. The use of six-sigma was not only used to maintain the quality but also to get maximum output by eliminating the wastage. Before starting the plan, the six-sigma theory was analysed to know the importance of quality in any music event. Besides the six-sigma theory, the lean theory helped in minimising the wastage (Fullerton, Kennedy, and Widener, 2014).  It helped in assisting the elimination of wastage that can be occurred at the event. The proper understanding of waste management was done through this theory. Both the theories helped in managing the event because the event is required to be in quality so that people’s experience from the event will be memorable.
Challenges faced while creating the operational plan and how it overcome- While preparing the operational plan, various problems were come on  the way but it was overcome by taking suitable measures for the problem. The first and foremost problem faced while preparing the plan was budget and the number of people needed to meet the requirements of the event. As location was the major factor for the successful night of the music event. Besides this major issue, the risk of uncertainties that might occur during the event was the challenge. All these problems were overcome by hiring the professional to prepare the operational plan for the event. The expert helped in calculating the budget according to the number of audiences and activities. Besides this, he helped in making an additional plan if any emergency or uncertainty arises during the event.
Interaction with the profession in the industry-
Mr A
(Professional in the event management industry, experience of 15 years).
The interaction started by explaining the number of attendees who will come in the music event. According to the music event, he guided the location so that audience can enjoy the event without any difficulty. Afterwards the plan for event is being discussed to him, he assisted in modifying the plan according to the current needs of the people regarding music event. He helped by providing the list of unforeseen emergencies that might occur during the event. The requirement of the music event was noted at the event so that the event can become memorable for the people without any difficulty.
The above discussion of the report concludes that location as well as target audience plays the important in the success of any music event. Due to the easy access and the unique facilities of the Hyde Park, it is the best location to organise a music event. To manage the crowd and the safety of the attendees in the event, the proper security is needed. There are various uncertainties that might occur during the event, so to overcome these issues, it is required by the operational manager to make plan in advance regarding the emergencies that might occur. The changing circumstances on the day of the event require changes in the planning of the operational manager. It requires certain changes in the planning as per the changing requirement of the attendees. Therefore, to maintain the quality and minimising the wastage, the six- sigma theory and lean manufacturing theory helped in designing the event.
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