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200919 Innovation And Professional Practice

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200919 Innovation and Professional Practice



The aim/objective of this exercise is to start students thinking about managing innovation, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. These concepts, and the issues surrounding them, will be considered from the management perspective, in different enterprises or contexts.
A learning outcome from this Assessment is an ability to critically analyse innovation in different enterprises or social contexts.
Drawing on the case example you identify, your own research and ideas, answer the following:
Part A)
Define the concepts of ‘innovation’, and ‘social innovation’ and discuss why socially and environmentally responsible innovation is important for sustainable performance of businesses.
Part B)
Critically analyse an enterprise that has attempted to address a social or environmental issue. You may select a business enterprise which has developed an innovative solution for a social/ environmental issue or a non-for-profit organisation that has developed an innovative product or service. Discuss what aspects of the case example allow it to be identified as innovative as well as being socially or environmentally responsible.
Part C)
Evaluate the selected case example on the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of performance and identify potential challenges for sustainable performance.
Make recommendations for improvements in responsible innovation approaches. Develop an argument on how social/environmental innovation can be embedded in the strategy and potential challenges faced by businesses in such endeavours. Key tasks Research and read about the concepts of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social enterprise and identify a real organisation that is innovative and has attempted to address a social or environmental issue. Your own research and ideas are required.

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