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301061 Construction Work Safety

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301061 Construction Work Safety

Overview Of The Assesment Items
The assessment items in this unit are designed to enable you to demonstrate that you have achieved the unit learning outcomes. The main objective of the major assignment (Assessment Item 2) is to conduct a case study on a construction site safety issue and write a report to analyse the problems identified in the case or propose strategies/recommendations to improve the overall safety performance. The case must be in the Australian context and no older than 9 years (e.g. must have occurred within the last nine years). 

Case Analysis

Once the case is confirmed, you are required to conduct research against the main issue(s) raised in the case. The following 11 topics are suggested areas of analysis. Please consult your tutor if you wish to conduct research analysis on topics beyond the below suggested areas.

1) Root causes of accidents

2) Costs of accidents (e.g., costs to employers, society, or injured worker)

3) Responsibilities of stakeholders

4) Safety management systems/plans
5) Promoting safety culture/climate
6) Developing safety leadership (for supervisors, project managers, or top managers)
7) Assessing the risks (hazards identification, risk management)
8) Strategies for accident prevention
9) Safety training (competency, needs, contents, delivery, transfer, evaluation, etc)
10) Workers involvement in safety initiatives
11) Workplace mental health
You will need to select one or two topics from the above list (or work out your own topic(s) if approved by your tutor and Unit Coordinator) and conduct a research analysis based on your case.

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