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3150LHS Language And Gender

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3150LHS Language And Gender

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3150LHS Language And Gender

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Course Code: 3150LHS
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia


Why do boys with autistic spectrum disorder, face more challenging issues than girls of the same(ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autism Spectrum Disorder:
Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) it described as problems in social interaction, communication,And limited or repetitive pattern of thought and conduct.
Children with this disorder, absence of Interest in other children, youngsters and young folks with ASD often involved in a range of cognitive (Idea), learning, emotional and behavioural problems. ( Frith, et, al. 2004)
Autism Mind and Brain,The aim of this proposal is to find out the impact challenging behaviour has on boys.


The Autistic Spectrum Disorders lead to a number of issues in the learning and social interaction capabilities of the individuals in the society. The disorders have an effect on learning capabilities of the individuals and it negatively affects their learning processes. There are a number of things which affect the abilities of the children in case of autism related disorders. The issues that plague individuals in the society. It has been seen that it does differ with gender that people will be affected by various intensities of Autism related disorders (Constantino and Charman 2016). These disorders lead to different kinds of mental issues that cause individual to lose their abilities to communicate ably with the people in the society thereby affecting their learning process. In the long run the gender bifurcation in Autistic Spectrum Disorders will be affected by a number of factors ranging from social issues of the mind-set of the people and they tend to be affected by social issues.
Background of the Study
The study will focus on the fact if the Autistic Spectrum Disorders affect the boys more than girls in the society. The study tends to focus on different effects that the disorder has on the learning abilities of the children. The different effect that the disorder has on the boys and the girls would be affected by a number of disorder related issues (Lawson et al. 2018). There are a number of issues that affect individual. It is seen that the autism spectrum disorders affect boys 5 times more than it does to girls. There may be a number of reasons which affect the individual capabilities of people in the society. Social implication of the issues that are faced by the boys in the society are affected by the disorders because of the social implications (Cridland et al. 2014). There are a number social implications that affect the Autism Spectrum Disorder people leads to a number of issues in the society. The male female bifurcation in the scenario is mainly due to the fact that the issues affect the male population due to some factors. The effects also tend to affect the male population more because they are targeted to bullying. The ASDs tend to have a strong impact on the learning abilities and the effect on the social interactions due to this affects the interaction and communication of the interaction of the individuals. There are a number of issues affecting the mind-sets of the children in developing ideologies relating to the development of the individual factors affecting them.
Research Problem
The research focusses on the individual identities of people and was in which it affects the individual perspectives of the people in the society. The problems due to the fact that disorder affects a certain gender more than the other (Carter Leno et al. 2018). The understanding of these factors will help in the elimination of the problem for the improvement of the condition. If one can understand why these disorder affect boys the problem can be eliminated by treating them.
Research Aim
The Aims of the research are:

To evaluate the influence of challenging behaviour towards people.
To discover what triggers the challenging behaviour.
To investigate what is in place for the behaviour

Research question:

What are the issues that generates the challenging behaviour?
How can they be supported?
Is there any support from the government?
How service delivery for autistic people be improved and adapted In order to meet their needs.

Literature Review
The literature review takes into account the various perspectives to involve the implication of ASDs affecting the children. There are number of factors which affect the individual involvement of the perspectives that affect their development. The literature review focusses on the development of the individual identities of the children when they are affected by the disorders and how different conditions might help in mitigating the situation.
According to Lai et al. (2015), Socio-social frameworks in numerous social orders are gendered. A person’s experience is halfway unique because of sexual orientation job desire and socialization as per one’s introduction to the world sex. This may apply sexual orientation differential impacts in characterizing and perceiving chemical imbalance. Likewise, gendered experiential impacts have additionally been theorized to add to sex/sexual orientation differential etiologies by applying defensive impacts from expanded open doors for corresponding social association for young ladies than young men. There is up ’til now minimal experimental examination. More examinations on how gendered encounters influence the rise of mentally unbalanced highlights at the outset long periods of life would be valuable (e.g., in high-chance baby contemplates). Formatively, sex may impact how people keep up or change their chemical imbalance related qualities by intrapersonal, family, and social procedures. How a gendered socio-social framework influences life expectancy advancement (counting the improvement of auxiliary highlights) for guys and females with chemical imbalance differentially ought to be examined longitudinally.
According to Harnois (2016), when working with patients with ASD, it is critical to comprehend their one of a kind characteristics. Staff ought to clarify what will occur in solid terms and utilize pictures, plans, composed bearings, and social stories to get ready patients for the treatment. Radiation advisors additionally ought to be set up for conduct to shift from every day. They ought to comprehend that few out of every odd individual on the range is the equivalent, and what works for one patient probably won’t work for another. In the event that it is realized that a patient with ASD is planned for treatment, specialists ought to do look into on models of social stories so they can make one, and they additionally ought to do examine on the patient’s medicinal history to show signs of improvement comprehension of his or her needs. In the wake of doing research, radiation advisors can make a social story for him or her. It is useful for radiation advisors to know the patient’s level of seriousness and particular sensitivities so they can tailor their collaborations to every patient. The utilization of visual backings and strict dialect will be useful. At the point when specialists know how to adjust their correspondence, it will profit the patient, the radiation advisor, and the doctor’s facility.
Halladay et al. (2015) however argues that there are the gender bias may not have a major role to play in the overall understanding relating the development of the disorder. The treatment has to be based on a number of factors to completely eradicate the issues that plagues the individuals with ASD. The individuals with ASDs need not be based on the gender and the study focusses on the development of the condition and the ways in which it can be mitigated. One of the major issues pointed out in this report is that majority of the female population does not get affected in their career progress.
Research Methodology
The research methodology focusses on the development of the framework of the research for proper understanding and better results in the future. The methodology focuses on a number of factor ranging from data collection  to the computation of result (Choy, 2014).
Research Philosophy
The research philosophy used in this study is positivism. According to this philosophy the various data and the different aspects of the research are analyzed in the light of existing theories to ascertain their validity and understand the different aspects of the research (Padilla-Díaz, 2015).
Research approach
The research approach will focus on different data collected for the ascertaining of the result in the research. In this case the research approach is deductive which depends on the Qualitative analysis secondary data to analyse the result and reach a conclusion (Bell, 2014).
Research Design
The research design chosen for the research is descriptive which will help in delving in the different topics in a better way and improve the viability of the result. The descriptive research will also help in better analysis of the aspects and governmental roles in the mitigation of the issue (Saunders et al. 2009).
Data Collection
The research is Qualitative and it will depend on the secondary data collected from a number of sources for the better analysis and understating of the problem. The secondary data collected from different sources will have a better understanding of the results (Neuman and Robson 2014). The data sources will include research papers, journals articles and any governmental publication regarding the issue.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Week 8

Week 10

Week 12

Selection of research topic








Setting aim of the research








Reviewing the literature








Data collection for primary data








Data analysis








Drawing conclusion








Final submission








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Lawson, L.P., Joshi, R., Barbaro, J. and Dissanayake, C., 2018. Gender Differences During Toddlerhood in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Prospective Community-Based Longitudinal Follow-Up Study. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, pp.1-10.
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