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7109LHS Media- Power And Decision-making

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7109LHS Media, Power And Decision-making

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7109LHS Media, Power And Decision-making

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Course Code: 7109LHS
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia


Topic – Tree Clearing In Queensland

Prepare a public advocacy strategic report for the topic.

The aim of campaign
The main aim of this report is looking into the rights of the farmers against the Tree clearing laws in Queens land.
Specific objectives of the campaign
To create public awareness concerning the act of vegetation management of the Queensland state clearing of the trees in Queens land.
By understanding the vegetation management act of the State, the law states the requirement for the famers to obtain or gain the authorization of thin vegetation.
 To convince the government minister in banning the clearing of the trees in Queens land.
To provide a recommendation on drafting a registration that will implement the banning of tree clearing in Queens Land
To recruit the supporting groups that will help in sharing the mission to straighten the public opinion in preventing the clearing of trees.
To establish a campaign to be used as a model by the other initiative groups in other Australian state against tree clearing.
Resource Constraints
This report recognizes the promotional group with Insider status as a very small and small group so far with limited monetary and human resources. There is limited time frame as well within which the group has to operate before the ruling government of Queensland exit the office
The human resource constraints
This promotional group with insider status is currently made up of Treasurer, State Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Attorney-General; Tourism, Nat Resources. This report will as well recommend active recruitment through social platforms.
Financial Constraints
We acknowledge that this promotional group has the limited budget in transmitting the message through various dedicated media channels. This report will therefore, recommend the modest financiers from different supportive organizations. Hence, the paid print and electronic in advertising to cater the cost of the campaign.
Time Constraints
The time scheduled for this campaign is limited due to planned Queensland state election in the next six months hence this report recommends swift actions. Provided that the Attorney-General; Treasurer, State Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Tourism, Nat Resources and the media are the key stakeholders in this campaign problems.
Identifying the Audiences
This campaign acknowledge that the presentation should be availed to the cabinet minister in charge of Agriculture and water resources as well as the minister of forest management in Queensland state government. These are the key individuals within the constitutional and federalism frameworks which are the most important for tree clearing issues (Johansen, Phinn, & Taylor, 2015).
Within the Queensland state government, the most appropriate ministers to link with in presenting the formal evidences for this campaign are the
.State Development;
.Agriculture & Fisheries and
.Tourism, Nat Resources.
. The government
This campaign report recognizes the position of spokesperson in opposition in addressing the issues that affect the farmers in matters that pertain to tree clearing(Politi, Hunter, & Rivera, 2009). These individuals shall be contacted through the emails at the electorate offices in order to organize a meeting with them (Fensham, 2008a).
This report recommends in corporation of about three Katter’s members of parliament to oversee the issues raised by the farmers concerning the deforestation.
There is also need in engaging different representatives from online/print, the televisions and radio stations in building the agendas editors, chiefs of the staff and the news directors. Hence this report recommends contact with the following personnel.
The editor and the chief state political reporter from the courier mail, sunshine coast bulletin, the GCB (Gold Coast Bulletin Brisbane times, the Queensland newspaper and the Townsville Bulletin.
The director of news in Brisbane, Townsville and the Gold coast of the channel 7, 9 and 10 including the ABC.
The director of news of the 4BC and ABC 612 (Brisbane) will as well be contacted.
The report considered the need of liaising with other potential like-minded individuals in sharing the objectives and aims of this Tree clearing promotional group insider status.  These potential sympathetic individuals are:
.The farmers
.The Rural developers
One representative from the indigenous communities
The report finds the necessity in engaging and drawing expert advice from a wide range of professional organizations and the individuals especially those that are supporting the idea of looking into the rights of farmer who are against the law that is regulating the cutting down of the trees (Seabrook, McAlpine, & Fensham, 2008). The Public advocacy will be consulted before this report is presented to the ministers. They include:
Eventually, the report will also recommend a straight forward in appealing the voting public. It’s also necessary performing a stunt outside electorate office of the Environmental minister where after alerting the media and other recruited groups, every stakeholder will be required to assemble and demand the labor government to look into the views against the tree clearing laws(Grogan, Schulze, & Galvão, 2010).
Identifying the message and preliminary evidences
The research conducted by (Oksanen, 2012) suggested that there is close link between the water table level and the tree cover. However, there are a number of varied aspects which control its realization. For instance, the conditions of hydrogeological like the trees planted in farms could not be having any influence on the farm’s underground water but again may have impact on the water table on other farms(Dinçer, 2011). In addition, with no monitoring, it’s a big challenge in assessing the exact influence of the trees planted on underground water in farms(Sullivan, 2010).
Another essential part to look into is the impact arising from the mature trees as a reduction in carrying of the soil within the areas occupied by the plants (Cohen, Xu, & Schuster, 2012). According to (Lindenmayer & Laurance, 2016) mature trees reduced about 31% carrying capacity for the soil found under the blocks of trees.
Thus, deforestation would be one of the biggest threat to the declining biodiversity (Altenburg, 2011). For clearing of trees, the outcome of clearing trees is the displacement and sudden death of the indigenous fauna and flora and any modification of the landscape would not be able to support the past biodiversity level. Therefore, loss habitat is one of the biggest threat influencing the endangered species (Catterall, 2016).
In the Queens land, about 91 percent of the tree clearing in the year 2014 to 2015 was meant to increase the grazing area for the livestock, 5.4% forestry, 1.7 % for cropping, 1.1% for mining,0.7% settlements and 0.3% infrastructure(Fensham, 2008b). Thus, accounting for a very small portion of total hectare of land in Queensland. The influence of clearing trees has been acknowledged as one of the major threatening technique recorded under Biodiversity conservation act since the year 2001 (Lindenmayer & Laurance, 2016).
According to the assessment conducted by the commonwealth organization, it was discovered that clearing trees would impact the existence, evolution and the abundance of the indigenous and the ecological populations(Poirier & Schartmueller, 2012). The Queensland performed the legislation of the management of vegetation act 1999 provided by the international standards which offer strong monitory protection (Silburn, Cowie, & Thornton, 2009).
The prove for the irreversible and the large negative influence of trees clearing on the Queensland biodiversity is never negotiable(Harman & Choy, 2011). The greater level of vegetation protection is essential in preventing a number of species from being endangered in future. Helping the farmers to understand why they need to protect the vegetation
However, the Queensland these trees are very vital to the farmers. It’s from these trees and the plants farmers are able to make their living and in case the deforestation is introduced, it greatly negatively impacts the farmers(Maraseni & Cockfield, 2011). Its thorough understanding the farmers that has paved way to the idea by the national farmers federation in coming up with the decision based on national energy policy to facilitate affordable and reliable energy (Nesvold & Kuchner, 2015).
Identifying channels
This report recognizes the necessity for the media promotional group with insider status as a small modest resourced Insider group in exploiting the non-cost and low communication media. Thus, this piece is recommending the following. Establishing the website for the promotional Insider group.
A committed promotional group page with relation to the names of the staff members, roles and their contacts where various communication channels posts and released for access;
The promotional group Facebook platform;
The promotional twitter account;
The dedicated promotional email account;
The promotional YouTube channel;
The instant dissemination of a single page release to the Brisbane times, the courier mails, sunshine coast, Gold coast Bulletin, posts on newspaper, Townsville Bulletin and the Townsville channel 9, 10 and 7, the ABC TV and ABC Radio 612.
Make the follow up through the phone calls and emails and the dissemination by the media.
Make the follow up to senior reporter on the twitter at the radio, television and newspaper.
Tweet the health research and the latest evidences concerning the laws against the clearing of trees
Invite the news editors, the senior decision writers and the staff chiefs at the Brisbane, sunshine and the Gold coast for the discussions regarding the laws governing the clearing of trees in Queensland.
A copy of a letter to the campaign editor in order to raise the problems linked to the laws governing the clearing of trees in all the above-mentioned newspaper.
The comments raised to all the newspaper sites following any issue linked to all news in the effort to push forward the debate on the clearing of trees.
Call for the talks in ABC and 4BC radio stations on every week in steering the debate.
The hard copy of a letter to invite the ministers separately in order to listen the evidences presented.
Launching of the e-petition on the website of Queensland parliament;
A commence of a hard copy of a petition that shall be delivered to one member of the parliament within the local marginal seats like the Labor MP Mansfield.
The YouTube video clips use of Vox pops adverts will help convincing the farmers and the next video from the environmental experts will as well be uploaded.
The links from the You tube will also be emailed to key media
Therefore, the channels recommended for this campaign should incur no cost or low-cost. Hence with reference to the significant of the event, the marine biologist and others shall be highlighted through different media channels like twitter, Facebook, dedicated YouTube channels, dedicated Gmail account and TV channels.
These channels have their own strengths weakness, opportunities and threats like any other business organization
The strength of the channels linked to the laws regarding the cutting of trees in Queensland is
The capability of these channels in drawing the attention of the respectful authorities and ministers and the general public within Queensland towards the tree clearing policy that require extension.
The weakness of the channels is:
The inadequate financial resources required in communicating the operations of trees clearing effectively.
The opportunities associated with these channels are as below:
The channels are of low-cost.
A number of individuals rely on the mass media in acquiring the information and the news regarding various issues.
The communication channels have the following threat:
The authorities and ministers of the ruling parties are involved in enacting the laws linked to the clearing of trees in Queens land.
The parliamentary committee scrutinizing the various laws governing the clearing of trees should give the first opportunity to all measures that will appropriately support the indigenous communities that owns land in order to recognize the reliable agricultural development privileges. It’s not clear to all the farmers regarding the bill that amended on the laws of land clearing (Huang, Zhang, Tong, & Chen, 2012).
The Queensland council of conservation should put the views of the farmers into consideration regardless their perspectives observed with farmers that the laws are tough and affect their productivity.
The Queensland government should establish strong laws govern the clearing of trees since its greatly impacting the productivity within the agriculture sector influenced by the prices of the commodity, weather and the droughts(Van Mele, Bentley, & Guèi, 2011).
This Tree clearing promotional group recommends the Natural resource department, energy and the mines to actively support the Queensland government in implementing the new laws governing the clearing of trees.
Finally, this report was more sensitive on the frustrations and inconveniences faced by the farmers concerning the governing laws regulating the cutting of trees. However, this report recommends that the government to find a way of implementing the laws without interfering with the activities of the landholders.
The presence of trees cover may result to lowering of the pasture biomas in various parts of the Queensland. The cover lowers the temperatures in the soil and evapo-transpiration resulting to shift of the species constitution within the Queensland. The production of the livestock is facilitated by the vegetation. The research carried out showed that a high percentage of livestock production was recorded in areas sheltered with vegetation.
The trees are one of the most important to all farmers living in the Queensland since they are source of their livelihood. The advantages of the trees from the farms can be acquired through various ways. The trees can offer indirect advantages for the farm owners through shelter and shade provision or preventing the degradation of the farm issues like to prevent the soil erosion. Trees can also offer a number of direct advantages to the farmers by producing commercial commodities like the sawn timbers, poles, posts and the fuelwood hence providing the right growth of the market. These advantages separately or jointly liable to the aspects significantly within the farmers decision as whether or not to cut the trees.
Altenburg, T. (2011). Interest groups, power relations, and the configuration of value chains: The case of biodiesel in India. Food Policy. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodpol.2011.07.010
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