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9132IBA Evidence Based Decision Making For Rationale Research

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9132IBA Evidence Based Decision Making For Rationale Research

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9132IBA Evidence Based Decision Making For Rationale Research

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Course Code: 9132IBA
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia

Write a research report to present the findings of your questionnaire research, following the structure provided in the Week 9 lecture and ‘Research report template’

It has been observed that the rate of students seeking higher education from abroad Universities has been increasing (Andrade, 2006). One of the key reason behind it is that the education system existing in foreign universities are much better and thus, students especially from developing continents such as Asia, Africa opt for higher education from abroad countries (Altbach, Reisberg & Rumbley, 2010). However, the procedure of choosing appropriate university especially in abroad is a difficult task. Griffith University is one of the leading University in Australia that provides thousands of international students with quality education. The popularity of the University is extensive and this attribute is one of the key factors that attract numerous international students towards the University to seek higher educational level. The aim of this paper is to find out the possible reasons for international students to choose Griffith University for post-graduation course. The focus would be on how the students prepare for getting admission in the above-mentioned University and what the possible reasons are that international students choose Griffith University. The research would enumerate the possible factors that contribute in choosing Griffith University by foreign students. The findings of the research would provide information that will help analyse the techniques and preparation process of international students in choosing Griffith University for completing their post-graduation course.
Rationale Research
The admission process in any university for higher education is a tough task to do (Etzkowitz, Webster, Gebhardt & Terra, 2000). Therefore, students need to prepare themselves for getting into universities especially for international students. In addition to this, there are many other factors that need to be taken into account before approaching and taking admission in universities. In order to get admission into Griffith University as well international students take up certain measures that help them to get into the university for post-graduation course. Additionally, there are certain reasons as well that affect these students to choose Griffith University for completing their higher education as post-graduation course from the particular university.
Research aims and objectives
The aim of this study is to understand the methods and procedures that international students take for admission in abroad universities with primary focus on Griffith University.
The research objectives are:

To find out the probable reasons of international students to choose Griffith University for their post-graduation course.
To determine the preparation that international students take for getting admission in Griffith University.

To evaluate the amount of students that take admission in Griffith University.

Research Questions
The aim of this paper is to find out the procedure of choosing Griffith University by international students and reasons for opting post-graduation course in the university. The following research questions are –
RQ1: What are the probable reasons of international students to choose Griffith University for post-graduation course?
RQ2: How do the international students prepare for getting admission in the Griffith University?
RQ3: How many students are admitted in the Griffith University on an annual basis?
Literature Review
Influential factors (Push and Pull factor)
Push Factor
The need for attaining knowledge and skills has become significantly important in the modern world due to stiff completion among job seekers and for organizational development. The lack of proper education system in the underdeveloped countries are factor that push the student to developed countries for quality education. Some of the countries with the best education system that receives about 66% of the international students are Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, Russian Federation, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and United States (OECD 2012). According to Tim & Geoffrey (2002), “lack of access to higher education commonly in Africa and Asia direct the students to foreign destinations with better education system. The commonality of language, availability of science or technology-based program and favourable travel distance is another factor for student moving abroad”. The economic situation is also a factor leading to mobile student, as the wealth of an individual will help accommodate in the foreign land.
Some factors like religious restriction, gender inequality, and government restrictions do not allow all the people to get education because of which they may opt to study abroad. South American countries has a huge issue in education enrolment for women (Maldonada & Acosta, 2018). The tradition and religious belief restrict female to studying which is why they end up studying in foreign land. Sexual harassment in educational institute is another factor that stops female enrolment eventually diverting the option to study in better environment. The unavailability of program they want to study at their local institute or better quality of education at the host country.   
Pull Factor
The trend of educational institutes providing better infrastructure, teaching and learning environment, and availability of programs will attract student mobility. The easy access to the foreign land would also attract students and institutes getting more international students. Immigration policy of the host country matters as the student seek to avoid visa rejection (Choudaha & Chang, 2012). The immigration policy changes in Australia attracted international student mobility, becoming one of the top education destinations of students. Some of the pull factors according to Tim & Geoffrey (2002) are “easy to obtain information on host, knowledge of the host country, quality of education in host, host qualification recognized”.
There are also some other pull factors such as “parents and relative recommendation, agent recommendation and reputation of the institutes” (Tim & Geoffrey, 2002). Recommendation based on reputation of the institute would certainly create trust and confident to choosing the foreign destination. Further, favourability of environment and cost related issues influence international students’ decision to study abroad. “Lower fees, lower travel costs, lower cost of living, job opportunities, safe (low crime) environment, low racial discrimination, established population of overseas students, entry qualification accepted, institutions government run” (Tim & Geoffrey, 2002) are other fundamental pull factors influencing student mobility.
Barriers to study abroad
Studying abroad at the reputed university and attaining good knowledge is vital expectation for all the international students but it comes with some barriers in the persuade for good education. According to Kakkad & Nair (2015) “Lack of financial assistance, lack of knowledge of foreign language, complication with test preparations, and not meeting GPA requirement for the program, difficult to meet visa requirements, lack of family support or family obligation” are the factors or barriers for international students to study abroad.
Living and studying in the foreign land comes with lot of challenges for students from different ethnic background. Getting adapted to multicultural society would be difficult but it may add multicultural competency. According to Musser (2015), “a short term study abroad program can impact multicultural awareness, knowledge and skills”.   
Choosing and preparation
Choosing to study in the Griffith University was an important decision I took while I was back home. With availability of numerous options of Universities in Australia, studying postgraduate program at Griffith University was the ideal decision. The decision I made was entirely from the option given to me by education agent.  
International students usually have no or less knowledge on foreign Universities and place, making it very difficult to make decisions. Therefore, getting assistance from educational agents would help students minimize the burden of making decisions. According to Bista & Dagley (2015) “26% of the international students used professional educational agents”. Although the number seems smaller but this number of students are mainly from countries that require a long procedure and documentation for admission and visa. The educational agents help in all the procedure for the student. I was able to choose the best program and university with assistance from the agent and guidance on preparation while travelling to Australia from my country Bhutan. The agents’ advice on travel and documents to carry, date of joining at the Griffith University and other basic requirements was hugely beneficial. Most of the international students travelling to a new location would require correct information and pre arrangement like accommodation, travel guidance, climate information and so on. Here, educational agent and direct contact with the university becomes essential.
Research Design
An analytical research design was used for this particular study since the prior theories regarding the research question was analysed and evaluated for the purpose of finding out and elaborate the probable concepts in a descriptive way.
Data collection method
This particular study was depended upon the primary collection of data sources. Since, the data were collected with a set of questionnaires constructed to analyse and find out the appropriate reasons. It was efficient to choose primary data collection method since the main theme of the study was regarding Griffith University and how international students choose the University for their Post-graduation Course. Therefore, international students acquiring education in Griffith University were selected for collection of relevant data.
Sampling method and size
A total number of 9000 international students of Griffith University were taken in for data collection procedure. Among the 9000 number of students, 4250 were female candidates and 4750 were male.
Data analysis technique
A quantitative data collection technique with the help of questionnaires was collected for this particular study. The collected data was converted into percentages and average calculations.
It was observed that the study conducted upon a total number of 9000 international students of Griffith University, the majority number of students responded positively towards their experience in the university. The data collected with the help of questionnaires helped to find out that the most probable source from where the students got to know about the Griffith University. It was found out from the results of the questionnaires that students as much as 8163 out of 9000 were academically satisfied from the courses that the University offered to the internationals students. In addition to this, majority of students to be precise almost 73% of students chose academic excellence and easy admission procedure offered by the University to be their key factors to choose Griffith University for attaining their higher studies. One of the key findings of the study was that majority of students chose their Universities based on the level of employment opportunities. The destinations that offered better employment opportunities, the international students were more likely to choose that particular location as their favourable destination to attain higher education course.
` The main of this study was to find out the probable factors that influences international students to choose Griffith University for completing their post-graduation course and the results achieved from the questionnaire clearly proves that academic excellence and easy admission procedure that the University offers are the most favourable factors that impact upon foreign exchange students. In addition to this, the students’ majority answer stated that they look up the rules and regulations along with employment opportunity of a specific country before choosing their destination to achieve higher education. It is even observed that the better education courses is one of the most favourable factor that attracts international students. As mentioned earlier, developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand and so on have an excellent education system and as a result attracts more foreign exchange students to their top class universities (Mazzarol & Soutar, 2002).
Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the research that was conducted to find out the factors to choose Griffith University by foreign students for achieving higher education such as post-graduation course was analysed and evaluated with a quantitative research design. The set of 12 questions in a form of questionnaire was the instrument to collect the data. The outcome of analysis gave precise factors behind foreign students’ reason to choose Griffith University for their higher education. An impressive academic course offered by the university along with its easy admission procedure were the main factors. In addition to this, the results even comprised of the most preferred preparations that foreign exchange students take before taking admission in international universities such as Griffith University.
Reference List
Altbach, P. G., Reisberg, L., & Rumbley, L. E. (2010). Tracking a global academic revolution. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 42(2), 30-39.
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Musser, Matthew N. (2015) “The Impact of Study Abroad on Multicultural Competency Among Student Affairs Graduate Students”. Masters Theses. 756.
Mazzarol, T., & Soutar, G. N. (2002). “Push-pull” factors influencing international student destination choice. International Journal of Educational Management, 16(2), 82-90.https://doi.org/10.1108/09513540210418403

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