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ABS304 Managing Employee Relations

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ABS304 Managing Employee Relations




Employee Change Management Plan
Prepare an internal change management report that addresses an employee relations or workplace issue.
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, construct an internal change management report that addresses a contemporary employee relations or workplace issue. You may use an existing organisation or a hypothetical company to put the plan into a context.
For your change management report, you will want to address the following:

Explanation of Issue and Need
Explain the key rationale as to why your selected issue is important to maintain harmony within the workplace.
Explain why the change is needed in this specific organisation.
Understanding Outcomes
Discuss how adopting change will improve the workplace climate.
Explain why better employee/employer relations are beneficial to the organisation.

Internal Change Management Plan
Your change management plan should be framed using Kotter’s 8-step change process.
Outline the specific plans and policies you would recommend improving the working conditions and relationships between all actors including but not limited to:

Any applicable global or local laws, policies, and regulations
Any relevant employee agreements. What is in place and any likely future changes.
Any industrial negotiations that may need to take place
Employee wellbeing and workplace harmony including culture
Internal organisational environment. Any structure and existing policies
Internal/external factors that may influence your change plan

Outcomes and Evaluative Assessment 

Explain what this plan will uncover.
How will this be refined?
How will outcomes and evaluation measures be disseminated and transmitted throughout the organisation?
What resistance can be anticipated?

Recommendations and Conclusions 

Detail final recommendations for presenting this plan to your organisation.
Outline why your organisation should consider a change including the short and long-term benefits and outcomes.

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