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ACCG8086 Cyber Security- Governance Frameworks and Ethics

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ACCG8086 Cyber Security, Governance Frameworks and Ethics



All the instructions are present in the PDF file “Ethical Dilemma Rubric February 2021” attached. please go through it carefully. Please select this conference paper present on page 71. “EthicalIssues Relating to Cyber Security in Australian SMEsRuwan Nagahawatta, Matthew Warren and William Yeoh” 1.Download the Conference Proceedings of the 8th Australian Institute of Computer Ethics Conference (available here:.Select one of the conference papers that interest you. The paper you select should have relevance to ethics and cybersecurity. 2.Read the ACM Code of Ethics (the booklet is available here) 3.Search for additional articles that are relevant to addressing the issues relating to the specific topics discussed in the selected conference paper. 4.Address the following questions in your report: a.) Explain the ethical dilemma(s) in your selected article. Your explanation should include the business/technology nexus and how emerging technologies underpin the digital economy. b.) Evaluate the specific cybersecurity ethical issues and challenges in your selected conference paper. c.) How can COBIT 2019support an appropriate organisational cyber ethics approach in the context of the issues raised in your selected article? d.) To what extent does the ACM Code of Ethics provide guidance for dealing with cyber ethics in the context of the issues raised in your selected article? e.) Reflect on an appropriate organisational response to dealing with cybersecurity ethical dilemmas (bearing in mind that cyber security is dynamic). 5. Write a report that addresses the areas outlined above. The report should not exceed  12 pages depending on the Font style selected). This excludes the reference list, title page, table of contents and appendices –if applicable.

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