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ADM4143 Strategic Management

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ADM4143 Strategic Management



Task: Work independently, as this is not a group assignment. You have choice on this assignment, you may continue your research and assessment of Bell Canadaor you can make Tim Hortons(and its parent company, Restaurant Brands International Inc) your subject of assessment.Prepare a relatively short document (up to 6 double spaced typed pages) using APA style citation that also makes generous use of headings. Once complete, e-mail this document to your instructor as an attachment.You may add attachments that will not count toward the 6-page limit (cover, reference pages, appendices, etc.)Within your document I will be looking for the followingitems (you may wish to make each of these items, a heading within your document):PESTEL Analysis. Conduct a PESTEL Analysis for either Bell Canadaor Tims. It need not be comprehensive in that you identify all trends within each letter of the PESTEL, rather be thoughtful by attempting to identify one or two key trends for each letter. Go beyond simply listing trends, by providing one or more paragraphs to diagnose where in the general environment important opportunities and threats may arise.SWOT Analysis. Conduct a SWOT Analysis for either Bell Canadaor Tims. Takecare not to confuse opportunities with strategic moves designed to capitalize on these opportunities (review what our text has to say about this). Also go beyond simply describing the four elements of this tool, by providing a brief discussion (a few paragraphs) toexplain the outcome of your analysis. By doing so you will be using SWOT as an analytical framework, rather than a descriptive listing of strengths, weaknesses, etc. Within these paragraphs you may identify ideas that allow the firm to leverage its strengths, steer clear of or resolve its weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and protect itself from environmental threats. Profit Potential. Using the tool or tools of your choice, identify the profit potential of either Bell Canada’s or Tim’sindustry.

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