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B991 : Health And Wellbeing

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B991 : Health And Wellbeing

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B991 : Health And Wellbeing

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Course Code: B991
University: De Montfort University

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Country: United Kingdom


This assessment is an individual essay that will examine a key theoretical model within Health Psychology and assesses how this may affect health and wellbeing in relation to a specific health problem. This should be a chronic illness of your choice and different to the topic chosen for the poster or any previous assessments.


Bio psychosocial model
The biopsychosocial model is defined as an approach which is used to understand chronic illness by the interaction of social factors, biological, and psychological factors. It is a most common approach which is used by many health programmes to understand various types of chronic illness. The main advantage of this approach is that it provides a blueprint for investigation, an outline for research, and design for analysis in the field of health care. From last few years, many health programs and originations are focusing on pathophysiology and other biological models to understand the different chronic illness. The main aim of this essay is to describe the psychosocial model and role of this model to understand different types of chronic illness (Eastwood, Mathur, Atkinson, Brophy, Sudlow, Flaig, & Chaturvedi, 2016). This essay is also explaining the importance of the psychosocial model in the field of chronic illness. There are many types of chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, COPD, and cystic fibrosis. Diabetes is a type of chronic disease which is increased rapidly in the UK and it is projected that the amount of diabetes in the UK has doubled in last few years and the main cause of this increment is lack of physical activities. Psychosocial model is used to understand the impact of diabetes on the human body system and it also provides prevention methods. This essay is explaining the role of the psychosocial model in diabetes and other chronic illness and also explaining about causes of diabetes.
The biopsychosocial model consist of many factors such as biological, social, and psychological factors and these factors are used to understand health, human risks, and chronic illness. The main role of the biopsychosocial model in the field of chronic disease is that it improves health program and develop treatment programs, and other healthcare services. This approach also provides a platform to reduce diabetes, asthma, cancer and other chronic diseases and also promote healthy diets, and exercise in society and industries. There are following main objectives of the bio psychosocial model such as

Preventing disease
Investigation the impact of chronic disease
Analysis of health strategies and policies
Improve health programs
Develop new treatment methods

The biopsychosocial model is a type of approach which is used to understand the health and wellbeing of any individual and this model depends upon many factors such as social, biological, and psychological factors. This model explains that these all factors are very important in the field of health and wellbeing of any person. This model is also called as main-body connection system and it is very important fundamental in the field of chronic illness and social works. It is very important to find the causes of chronic illness and other human diseases and this approach also plays an important role in the field of chronic disease. It is estimated that a person who always more towards negative thinking and stress takes a lot of time to recover rather than who think positively. According to the definition of the bio psychosocial model, this approach consists of three main factors such as biological, social, and psychological. According to research the main reason of chronic illness is that more usage of sugar and eat unhealthy foods which increase many human risks and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, overweight, and chronic diseases.
Diabetes is defined as a wellbeing illness which is improved quickly in the last few years. Diabetes is considered a chronic illness with conflicts of carbohydrate, cardiovascular illness, and other health illnesses (Dyson, Twenefour, Breen, Duncan, Elvin, Goff, & Mellor, 2018). The effect of diabetes on human’s fitness includes dysfunctions, high lifeblood weight, and failure of diverse structures. There are numerous symptoms of diabetes illness such as weight loss, dehydration, and distorting of dream. Through diabetes illness, numerous additional illnesses occur such as fatness, overweight, circulatory illness, chronic circumstances, and peripheral vascular illness. This paper is clarifying different kinds of diabetes, the reason of diabetes, and anticipation of diabetes. This paper is also explaining the signs and symptoms of diabetes and different types of policies and strategies to reduce diabetes in the UK. There are two kinds of diabetes problem happen in persons such as type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes (Fall, Gustafsson, Orho, & Ingelsson, 2018).
The behavioural, social, biological, and psychological factors play an significant role in the development of chronic diseases and human health disorders. Behavioural factors involve human risks, lack of exercise, and use of unhealthy foods, smoking, high-risk sex, and lack of physical activities. Psychosocial factors involve stress and depression. The biological aspect of this approach deals with physiological caused by chronic illness. According to these model physiological and biological factors, both are responsible for human disease and there are many biological factors such as a genetic problem, hormones, physical trauma, and low immunity are responsible for chronic diseases (Roze, Smith, Valentine, Cook, Jethwa, de, & Pickup, 2016). There are some psychological factors that increase various types of chronic diseases such as stress, depression, negative thinking, addiction, and low self-esteem. The social aspects of this model refer to environmental factors that influence many human risks. Psychological factors can increase many chronic illness and health risks by changing daily routine and behaviours such as eating, sleeping, and drinking. Stress and depression can cause many chronic diseases and human health disorders and it also decreases the efficiency of an immune structure. There are mainly two factors that increase many human disorders such as lack of physical activities and eating unhealthy foods. It is projected that in the UK the amount of diabetes is improved rapidly in the last few years and the main cause for this increment are lack of physical activities and unhealthy foods.
The endless state of diabetes is identified with brokenness, kidneys, long-haul harm, overweight, heart, and circulatory strain. There are primarily two kinds of diabetes exhibit in a human’s body, for example, type 1st diabetes and sort 2nd diabetes. From the multi-year, the number of diabetes people was expanded from 1.4 million to 3.48 million. As indicated by national wellbeing administrations, in the UK the rate of diabetes has multiplied and there are numerous analyzed individuals in contrast with solid individuals. It is assessed that in 2025 the rate of diabetes in the UK will achieve 5 million. In which compose 2nd diabetes is the most widely recognized confusion and it is expanded step by step in the UK (McKnight, & Gibb, 2017). As per information from the world wellbeing association, over the most recent two years, around 3.5 million individuals were analyzed because of diabetes. There are numerous different issues happen because of sort 2 diabetes, for example, corpulence, heart assaults, hypertension, and cardiovascular infection. Just about 2.6 million people in England were analyzed because of diabetes and sort second diabetes and the rate of diabetes in England is expanded by 5% consistently. It is evaluated that right around 10% of people in England were analyzed because of sort first diabetes issue. In the UK people from South Asian and dark ethnic accumulations have more opportunity to expand write second diabetes issue as a contrast with white ethnic gatherings. Through sort second diabetes numerous other wellbeing dangers happen, for example, corpulence, overweight, malignancy, hypertension, and cardiovascular sickness.
Health psychology is used to determine the causes of chronic illness and it is increased rapidly in the last few years. It is also used to investigate who is responsible for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, asthma, and COPD. The main objective of health psychology theory is to identify the causes of chronic diseases and prevention method of human health disorders. This theory also provides a platform to improve health and wellbeing programs which can help to reduce different types of chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other health disorders. Health psychology involves many factors such as biological factors, social factors, and psychological factors. This theory reflects the biopsychosocial approach of health and wellbeing which was provided by Engel in 1977 (Sallis, Owen, & Fisher, 2015). According to health psychology, there are many factors that increase chronic disease and other health disorders such as lack of exercise, use of unhealthy foods, use of beverage rather than soft drink, lack of physical activities, and lack of health and wellbeing programmes (Tarzia, Murray, Humphreys, Glass, Taft, Valpied, & Hegarty, 2016). This theory involves a change of behaviour, change of daily routine and coping strategies with medical recommendations. Health psychology theory also maintains the body structure and mind of any person. The goal of this theory is divided into two parts such as understanding, developing, and testing theory and putting this theory into practice. Healthy psychology theory can increase the health of any person by working with health and treatment programmes. This process also helps physicians and nurses to improve knowledge regarding health and wellbeing programmes.
There are numerous ways of life factors which are affecting diabetes in people, for example, physical exercises, an inactive way of life, liquor, smoking, the absence of activity, more utilization of quick nourishment, and refreshment, the absence of solid eating methodologies, and absence of greenery enclosures, and hardware’s (Kazak, Schneider, Didonato, & Pai, 2015). As indicated by the world wellbeing association, stoutness or overweight is the fundamental hazard factor for type second diabetes. Corpulence may support the advancement of infection advance and insulin obstruction.
There are numerous kinds of indications of diabetes, for example, polyuria, and weight reduction. Inconsistently or week side effects of sort first diabetes may grow quickly as a contrast with type second diabetes (Yoo, & Miyamoto, 2018). There are some different signs and side effects of diabetes, for example, foggy vision, exhaustion, bothersome skin, cerebral pain, and moderate recuperating of cuts. The fundamental driver of glucose ingestion is drawn out of high blood glucose. There is numerous skin rashes happen because of diabetes that is called as diabetic dermatomes.
Diabetes is a most normal infection which specifically impacts on human’s body and way of life. For ladies, diabetes can influence the vagina and yeast disease and for men and youngsters it a square stream of blood and influence the nerves arrangement of the body, sadness, poor vision, and being befuddled. There are numerous variables that effect on human’s wellbeing, for example, harm to veins, mind, macrovascular complexity, and harm to little veins (Gagnon, Ghandour, Talla, Simonyan, Godin, Labrecque, & Rousseau, 2014). There are numerous components through which diabetes can be decreased, for example, physical exercises, work out, and solid eating regimens, diminish the utilization of sugar and drink delicate water when contrasted with the refreshment.
To diminish this kind of wellbeing issue National Health Service in the UK created numerous approaches and procedures (Hounkpatin, Wood, & Dunn, 2016). They give an appropriate instruction and preparing a program for the counteractive action of diabetes and other human’s infections. They advance sound weight control plans and physical exercises through the preparation program (McKay, Nugent, Johnsen, Eaton, & Lidz, 2018). The administration of England likewise lessened the use of sugar from all item that diminished corpulence, and sort second diabetes issue by 10% over the most recent couple of years Educators additionally give preparing in schools and advance sound weight control plans and exercise to understudies and guardians. Be that as it may, the pastor of wellbeing created numerous wellbeing programs in all nations to diminish diabetes in youngsters and grown-ups (Maribo, Melchiorsen, Rubak, Jespersen, & Nielsen, 2014). There are chiefly two methodologies can be utilized for the aversion of diabetes and heftiness, for example,

Promote solid eating methodologies and physical exercises
Reduce undesirable nourishments and enhance wellbeing projects and preparing

Through these approaches and techniques diabetes and another wellbeing issue can be diminished and it is assessed that in 2015 the rate of diabetes and another wellbeing issue must be diminished and there are primarily two factors that decreased weight and sort first diabetes, for example, solid eating regimens and exercise (Martin, Girling, Niranthara, Ryan, Marshall, & Hemming, 2016).
Diabetes and stoutness both are a most basic issue in the UK and diabetes has expanded quickly over the most recent couple of years. The fundamental purpose of this addition is the absence of physical initiates and a solid eating regimen. In 2011, around 3 million individuals were analyzed because of diabetes and it is figured that over the most recent couple of years the rate of sort second diabetes has multiplied in England. This paper learns about the reason for diabetes, the effect of maladies on human’s way of life, and anticipation strategy for diabetes and different sicknesses. The legislature ought to enhance wellbeing programs and ought to build up a preparation and training program that will help in the decrease of diabetes in youngsters and grown-ups. Educators ought to propel understudies and give appropriate preparing in regards to wellbeing issue. This essay explained the psychosocial model and also explained the role of this model in the field of chronic illness. This model is also used to understand different types of chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, and COPD. This essay explained the causes of diabetes and various methods or process to reduce diabetes and other chronic illness in the UK. This health disorder should reduce by avoiding the use of unhealthy food and unhealthy diets. People should take healthy foods and fruit and also use proper exercise program which can help in the reduction of diabetes and other health disorders such as obesity, overweight, and type 2nd diabetes.
Dyson, P. A., Twenefour, D., Breen, C., Duncan, A., Elvin, E., Goff, L., & Mellor, D. (2018). Diabetes UK evidence?based nutrition guidelines for the prevention and management of diabetes. Diabetic Medicine, 35(5), 541-547.
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