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BAA539 Fundamentals Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship

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BAA539 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The first part of the report should describe the current status of the organization. Your description should include an explanation of: 
• how individuals of the organization developed new products and/or services, and 
• how this compares/contrasts with processes outlined in the learning materials for this unit (related to how opportunities are and/or should be created and evaluated).


The second part of the report requires you to further develop the idea/opportunity your group identified in Assessment Task 2, including: 
• description of the changes the organization needs to implement to incorporate your idea 
• critically evaluate why and how your team (or yourself if you changed the original idea) developed this new product/service (use entrepreneurial identity literature here) 
• map potential competitors for this newly proposed product/service 
• complete a business model canvas for your proposed solution
Criterion Number:
1. Explain entrepreneurial theories and practices related to business opportunities.
2. Explain and apply techniques for discovery/creation, and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities.
3. Evaluate the techniques used to a pursue business opportunities
4. Assess the feasibility of exploiting an entrepreneurial opportunity.
5. Examine models and techniques for exploiting new entrepreneurial opportunities
6. Analyse the processes used to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities, identify problems and recommend solutions.

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