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BDES3011 ArchitecturalHistory/Theory

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BDES3011 ArchitecturalHistory/Theory



Select between 3 and 6 themes covered in the lectures and seminars and one building (realised or unrealised) by one architect, or a series of buildings/projects by either one architect or several different architects. Research the themes and their related ideas, both as such and in relation to the histories and theories of architecture wherein they are prominent. Investigate and analyse the selected project(s) in accurate detail, using the full range of documentary evidence – plans, sections, elevations, diagrams, sketches, photographs, etc.; and in precise relation to the selected themes/ideas. You may begin with the ideas and use that to select appropriate works of architecture to analyse; or you may begin with the architectural analysis and use that to help you identify and elaborate the themes. Themes and architecture should be handled mutually so each informs the other, while remaining distinct registers of analysis. The aim is not to draw direct equivalence between theme(s) and project(s), but to build a kind of thematic atmosphere or ambiance that enables a reader to discover new perspectives and unexpected alliances or conciliences between ideas and buildings, theory and practice. The evidentiary persuasiveness of the essay will not lie in showing direct correlation between authorial intent and realised architectural work, but between the internal logic of the thematic framework proposed and the architectonic logic of the building being analysed. Assessment category and type Submitted work. Assignment, written. Individual or group Individual Length / duration words, in addition to the appended Annotated Bibliography. A5 format. Bound into a booklet. Special attention should be given to the design and production of the booklet – ie. quality of writing; referencing; layouts and graphic design; relation of text to image; scaling of text, images and headings/subheadings; paper stock; cover design and materials; binding; overall craft and production quality, feel and usability of the booklet.

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