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BIS248 Research And Analysis In Business

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BIS248 Research And Analysis In Business

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BIS248 Research And Analysis In Business

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Course Code: BIS248
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia


You provide research services for Easyjet, a large ‘budget’ airline that focuses on flying between Europe’s key cities and driving leisure and business travel. The CEO of EasyJet has asked each department to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes and practices as part of a major organisational change agenda.  You have been asked to review an area of business practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice.  To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of information sources relevant to the area of practice. You should:
Select an area of business practice and give the reason for your choiceUndertake a critical review of different information sources (at least three) e.g. research digests, academic and professional literature, online databases, key texts relevant to the selected area of practice.In your write up of the literature review you should explain why you selected that particular source and highlight some of the different research approaches adopted by the authors and comment on the advantages and disadvantages of these different approaches.Draw meaningful conclusions from the review of the different information sources.Make justified recommendations to named stakeholders for sustaining and/or improving practice.


Easyjet is a low cost airline that operates from one point to another in Europe. The company maximizes the use of low cost and different network that offer the airline the ability to operate efficiently. The company has a dedicated team that makes a difference in the industry by improving service delivery (Hapsari, Clemes and Dean 2017). The company achieves sustainability through making travelling easy and affordable which grows the business and attract returns for the shareholders. Besides, the company depends on a number of resources that make the airline successful. Among the resources include capital, aircraft, people, technology and insight, stakeholders and values.
The company boasts of a strong capital base with a market capitalization of more than four billion Euros as well as a strong position on liquidity. The company’s aircrafts are modern airbus and fleet with a maximum capacity of 186 seat. The company has a dedicated workforce of more than 10,000 personnel including pilots and cabin crew members. With regards to technology, Easyjet leverages on customer relationship management capabilities to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue through their digital strategy. EasyJet relies on big data to understand the needs of their market in order to facilitate easy and affordable travel (Halpern 2016). Easyjet thrives through its relationship with stakeholders in implementing its operations such as customers, supplier’s regulators and government. The company has several values that mimic the organizations culture such as safety simplicity and togetherness.
This report focuses on how Easyjet airline attracts new customers through examining and evaluating the company’s strategy. The report will also provide a conclusion and recommendation on how Easyjet will improve its strategy in attracting new customers in the future.
There are a number of marketing concepts that can be used to explain how a business can easily attract new customers. This report will focus on essential concepts that will provide concrete data on how Easyjet can attract new customers. Among the concepts include product market fit, customer acquisition cost and customer service and support.
Product/market fit
This concept in business is used to attract customers by suggesting that a product should be able to match the needs of the consumers in the market. This implies that a business should be able to attract new customers by directly solving the needs of the market through introducing a product that meets their needs (Sheth 2017). For instance, Easyjet offers services that are needed in the market since consumers need to move from one point to another. As a result, Easyjet has made its strategy to offer cheaper cost and reliable services that guarantees them new customers.
Customer acquisition cost
Customer acquisition cost is the average cost that a business takes to generate new customer. Poorly managed acquisition strategy may lead to acquisition cost being higher than revenue generated. However, a well-managed customer acquisition strategy will ensure that the marketing campaign targets specific users to reduce acquisition cost and increase profitability for the company (Alon et al 2016).
Customer service & support
An organization is expected to ensure that it has the ability to address the concerns brought about by products or services which contributes to helping the company modify its products for the right target market to reduce acquisition cost (Hapsari et al 2016).
Research Findings
The first article selected for this report is titled How to attract new customers. This research plays a significant role in this report because it discusses various aspects that are related to attracting new customers and can be used in evaluating recommendations for EasyJet to attract new customers (Petrovskaya 2014). The article focuses in customer relationship marketing and marketing communication methods that are commonly used in attracting new customers. The article suggests that customer relationship management refers to a strategy that is structured to promote customer communications, actions and loyalty. This marketing approach by involving customer relationships tends to relate more to retention as opposed to acquisition. The primary objective of the strategy is to develop long term connection between customers and organization through the provision of information that helps to address their concerns with respect to a particular product or service. There are several principles that guide customer relationship management such as the needs and wants of the customers as the beginning point of all the activities (Kauppinen-Räisänen and Grönroos 2015).
More so, a company will always seek feedback from the customers which becomes a priority in customer relationship. The products or services that are offered by a company should directly match the needs of the customers. All the competitors’ information should be easily accessed by an organization to determine the level of competition and how it translates to acquisition of new customers. Other characteristics that encourage a warm relationship between a customer and an organization include valuing the customer, treating them with respect and increasing loyalty through after sales services. Customers have different tastes and preferences including educational background, occupation and income. For this reason, it is significant for an organization to rely on a customer relationship model that targets customers who have never heard of a particular product or service (Palmer and Bejou 2016).
In essence, a business has two types of customers which include potential and existing customers. The approach used in potential customers is establishing customer relationship while the approach used in existing customers include the developing customer relationship. Therefore, an organization will devote its resources in different marketing approaches aimed at achieving specific goals. Among the common operations include internal marketing, mass marketing and interactive marketing. Internal marketing comprises the activities a company engages in to offer better services (Huang and Rundle-Thiele 2014). It focuses on how an organization improves working environment, training and communication. This implies that organizations that are weak internally cannot be strong externally. Mass marketing is another operation form that targets large groups that are new to a company’s product or services. Mass marketing relies on the 4Ps of traditional mass marketing which factors price, product, promotion and place. Additionally, interactive marketing can also be used to establish customer relationship with an aim of attracting potential customers, converting customers to loyal customers and increasing engagement with customers so as to increase awareness about an organizations service or product to a customer.
How Easyjet Targets business travelers 
This article is relevant for this research as it is centered on how the company targets its customers. The article is also relevant because it focuses specifically on how Easyjet implements its strategy in attracting new customers. The airline primarily focuses in differentiation strategy through low cost framework (Morlotti et al 2017). Besides, the company distributes frequent flyers to their existing customers and potential customers to learn more about the company’s services so as to attract new customers as well as increasing their market share in the European market.
Based on the article, the airline targets business travelers as new customers through offering them flexible tickets, seat allocation and increased frequency of travel between different points in the Europe market. This strategy to attract new customers is pegged on re-targeting existing customers as an advertisement campaign. It takes into consideration the people who have flown using the airline in more than 20 times I a given year. The company increases its ability to attract new customers by offering several benefits such as free change of names during the process of altering a ticket. Easyjet also differentiates itself from its direct competitors in the industry through offering frequent flyers with an intention of increasing awareness of the services the company offers (Kim and Kim, 2018).
Further, the article indicates that competition between the airlines contributes to the method that Easyjet uses in reaching out to new clients. Since the customers in the UK market offer almost the same travelling packages, the company is forced to adopt to new ways of marketing the airline services. The most efficient and reliable means to promote the airline services is through enhancing customer experience. The company achieves this by constantly engaging their customers and modifying their services to suit the needs and demands of their potential target customers. Moreover, the article suggests that differentiation strategy plays a crucial role in attracting new customers as it focuses on aspects that are beneficial to the customers and are not offered by other company’s
The new trend in strategic airline marketing 
This article focuses on marketing practices that are carried out by various airlines in the modern setting. Traditionally, marketing activities in airlines have been focused on proven methods in relation to products and services, routes, seat allocation, price and in-flight and ground-based services (O’Connell and Williams 2016). However, increased competition has since disrupted the airline market and airlines are looking to become profitable in the long-run. Recent developments in the airline industry are encouraged through technology. This has since increased the carrying capacity, reduced process and improved various aspects of user experience. The article indicates that computer aided reservations have simplified bookings and punctuality. The airline industry is a complex market characterized by monopolistic practices and increased regulation. For this reason, market plays a vital role in reducing the competitive nature of the industry. As a result, the paper forces on various marketing activities that contribute in developing branding strategies, building identities and reputation of bot the company and customers (Knoblich et al 2017). The findings focus on emerging opportunities of the internet, computerized reservation systems, segmentation strategies and communication among others.
Taking the research materials into perspective, it is evident that the airline industry is characterized with stiff competition and challenging operating environment. The airlines attracted new customers buy promoting the services they offered in the past. However, this method is not sufficient to attract new customers because of increased competition. As a result, airlines are becoming dependent on other marketing practices that enhance user experience to gain competitive edge in the market and operate favorably. The evidence provided by the research material indicate that incorporation of technological aspects along with Easyjet services is significant in attracting new customers for the business.
Based on the evidence of information collected from the research materials, several recommendations are suggested to be presented to EasyJet airline. The recommendations include maximizing use of technology and improving management aspects of the business. In order to effectively attract new customers, Easyjet has to implement a computerized reservation system (Sheth 2015).
Normally, such a system would depend on investment channeled in development of a reservation system. This is because the charges from subscription and bookings are reflected in the ticket prices as a distribution cost attached to promoting the number of seats. There are several challenges associated to bookings of airline due to the difference in the nature of customers. Therefore, Easyjet requires a system that would not only solve booking and ticketing issues but also address other services such as car hire and hotel bookings among other services. Through adopting to a better computerized reservation system, Easyjet airline will be able to attract new customers as well as retaining existing customers based on its ability to enhance user experience (Kaynak and Kucukemiroglu 2015).
Another recommendation that can attract new customers for the airline is frequent flyer programs. Customers need to be constantly engaged to understand various aspects of the services or products that they use. Constant communication through distributed flyers helps to share information to the potential customers (Halpern and Graham 2015). Consequently, conversation surrounding the product are encouraged and promoted thereby attracting new customers to the business. For instance, the company should improve services for regular customers who will share the benefits with potential customers of the business with an aim of acquiring new customers. Attractive benefits to the client can be used as a differentiation strategy to attract new customers for EasyJet.
Corporate image and communication is also a crucial aspect in attracting new customers. Branding and track record of Easyjet speaks a clear message to the consumers that can be understood without an overview of the company’s background information (Lin and Ryan, 2016). The way people associate the airline with its activities plays an important role in how customers perceive the image of the airline. A positive image is likely to attract more customers while a poor image is likely to push away customers. For this reason, Easyjet is recommended to carry out PR campaigns to improve the public image of the company in order to attract new customer.
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