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BM632 Managing And Developing Innovation And Creativity

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BM632 Managing and Developing Innovation and Creativity


Apply an evaluative approach to a range of business data, sources of information and appropriate methodologies in identifying drivers of innovation within a business and its environments.

Analyse and illustrate how organisations can successfully plan, prepare and manage innovation and creative activities.

Critically discuss the importance of organisational knowledge, knowledge transfer and cross functional co-operation in order to analyse and assess innovation capability and blockages.

Actively engage in the identification of an innovative and/or creative solution for an identified business or organizational need.

Conduct an innovation development audit appropriate for the introduction of the new product/service.

Identify a specific need/problem that exists within a firm, industry, market or operational functional area such as Accounting, Marketing, HRM, Operations.
Apply creative and or innovation methodologies to the production of possible solutions. Note, these solutions can be process driven or product driven, physical, virtual or online and is open to new developments and markets that have not yet been identified or presently exist.
Select a solution and construct a plan for implementation.
Applying an innovation audit methodology, you are to identify any potential issues that their solution may encounter and produce recommendations for overcoming these.

Your filmed report should include yourself as part of the content and not simply voice over content. We expect to see creativity and imagination in the film in order to heighten viewer engagement. Our expectation will be to see a junior executive presenting to a board of directors or venture capitalists/investors.

The supporting portfolio will provide evidence in the form of reports, research, secondary and primary where applicable, mind-maps, rich picture diagrams, photographs and images, notes and vignettes, links to external sources such as YouTube, podcasts, blogs and vlogs etc. that aid in the support of your work. Note there must be a clear link between the portfolio and the filmed report.

Portfolios are to be submitted together on the same submission date and you must share the link to one drive folder for filmed presentation. Further guidelines are provided in the lecture material folder on VLE.

NOTE: Your work will be marked individually with 10% of marks allocated for team working where required.

Further Support
This assessment takes the format of: A Film Presentation/report: Individual film presentation with individual supporting portfolio of evidence. You are to complete the task set. The filmed report must apply models and theoretical concepts and be supported by evidence, with references, from reputable sources throughout.
Note we do not expect to see any Wikipedia, Investopedia, Business Balls, Slide Share, and Essays4U, Term Papers or other spurious non-academic non-reputable sources within your work or in the reference list. Font size should be 11 with single line spacing. Reference list should be presented in the Harvard format along with in text referencing.

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