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BMKT3003 Brand Management

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BMKT3003 Brand Management



1.Executive summary: A succinct summary of the entire assignment highlighting the chosen brandalong with main aims and outcomes.2.Introduction: A descriptionandbackground about thebrandand a general roadmap of the entire assignment flow.3.Theory and practice: highlightand explain some related branding concepts and theories. The explanation should be supported with references and links to theoretical principles and standards.4.Analysis: You may provide a thorough analysis of your brand based in your theoretical part. Analyze brand equity, positioning, extension and the role of technology or any other related topic. You may reflect your answers from theory and practice learnt previously from other related units.5.Recommendations: Recommend some appropriate branding approaches i.e. it could be new extension or new positioning or actions that the brand may embrace and critically examine their effectiveness.6.Conclusion: Summarize and evaluate your work. Assess your suggestions. Mention any limitation in your research. 7.References: refer to the AIH Style Guide and referencing method to correctly reference material in the body of your report (in-text citations) and in the alphabetical Reference List. References may include subject notes, text books, journal articles, interviews, research articles etc

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