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BSB51915 Diploma Of Leadership And Management

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BSB51915 Diploma Of Leadership And Management

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BSB51915 Diploma Of Leadership And Management

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Course Code: BSB51915
University: Central Collage

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Country: United States


For this assessment task, you will read and respond to a scenario by answering a set of written questions.

Read the scenario in Appendix 1. Pay particular attention to diversity and networking issues and information about your role as Brisbane Branch Manager.
Review the JKL Industries simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures.
Read the questions in Appendix 2 related to the scenario.
Create a document with written answers to the questions.
Submit a print or electronic version of your document containing answers to the questions in accordance with the specifications set out below.

You must submit:
a print or electronic document containing answers to the case-study-based questions.
Your assessor will be looking for evidence of your ability to:

apply policies to ensure that the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to
provide leadership through your own behaviour, including:

professional conduct that promotes trust with internal and external contacts
adjusting your own interpersonal communication style to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment

plan for and manage the use of networks to support identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation
explain how systems, policies and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships, focusing on interpersonal styles, cultural and social sensitivity and networking.
explain the relevance of legislation for managing effective workplace relationships
interact with others through adapting your personal communication style to build trust and positive working relationships, and to support others’ adjustments in practice and culture
get the work done through:

taking personal responsibility for planning networking activities for yourself and others, taking into account capabilities, efficiencies and effectiveness
developing plans for networking activities with strategic importance.

JKL Industries overview
JKL Industries is an Australian-owned company, selling forklifts, small trucks and spare parts to industry. They also have a division that leases forklifts and small trucks.
The company’s head office is in Sydney and has branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.
After 12 years in business, focusing on forklifts and small trucks, JKL Industries has negotiated the sales rights to a range of medium and large trucks from an overseas supplier. This opportunity will provide JKL Industries with an advantage in range over its competitors.
Sales results over the past five years have indicated strong growth in forklift and truck sales, which have averaged 10% sales growth per annum. The rental market has been in decline for the past three years due to the reduced costs of these vehicles and some taxation benefits to industries who purchase these vehicles.
Taking the sales rights opportunity will, however, entail some significant changes, including significant changes to the current organisational structure. The company will reposition itself to focus solely on retail sales and service and exit the rentals market, in which forces such as competition and consumer choice reduce potential profitability.
In accordance with the organisation’s values, JKL Industries intends (to the extent feasible) to recruit from within the company and up-skill or re-skill existing employees presently working in rentals who wish to remain with the company.
Given the company’s previous history of employee grievances over pay and conditions and current plans to restructure, JKL Industries has identified poor communications and an organisational climate of conflict as a risk to business goals.
Moving forward, the organisation intends to build and maintain a positive organisational culture, reduce risk and achieve organisational goals through:

developing an effective policy framework for managing internal communications and consultation, in accordance with organisational objectives, business ethics, and compliance requirements
communicating and building support for organisational initiatives and objectives
managing information flow to:

provide managers and employees with at-hand information to perform their work responsibilities
communicate ideas for improvement (top-down and bottom-up)
facilitate feedback both to and from employees and management on relevant work performance and outcomes of consultation.

Diversity issues
An internal management review of the organisation has uncovered the following issues:

Poor leadership on the part of managers and low accountability and sense of personal responsibility for results on the part of both managers and employees.
A lack of interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence among managers and employees.
A lack of trust.
A lack of awareness of relevant policy and legislative requirements for diversity and business ethics.
A culture of chronic conflict, characterised by:

resistance to change
passive aggression
avoidance of conflict, while leaving issues unresolved
issues that are apparently resolved and agreed flaring up repeatedly.

Networking issues
As a manager, you have noted:

A lack of awareness of internal and external networking opportunities.
A lack of understanding of the purpose/s of networking and its relation to individual, team and organisation-wide goals.
A lack of understanding of how to take advantage of networking opportunities through use of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
No internal communities or social platforms through which functional or cross-functional teams can discuss professional issues, and share insights and perspectives.

Brisbane Branch Manager
You are the new manager of the Brisbane branch. Over the last two weeks you have familiarised yourself with the organisational environment and the characteristics and needs of your team.
You have read the consultant’s report on proposed communication and consultation strategies and are 100 per cent behind the approach. The strategy will need to be applied to supporting diversity and facilitating better networking.The JKL Industries Brisbane Branch Manager reports to the Operations General Manager.


Apply policies to ensure that the organization’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to
JKL Industry has made a lot of policies to ensure that the organizations cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to. Due to interactions of many people from different backgrounds and age meet, a backlash always occurs. The organization recognizes, respects, celebrates and promotes the culture of diversity. Living as a community is paramount (Chen, 2016).
The subject of social psychology is socio-psychological phenomena and processes that are the result of human interaction. This interaction is built on the basis of public and interpersonal relations. Both series of relations
Describe at least two pieces of JKL Industries’ policy or procedure that conflict with the team’s behavior towards the employee
There are several conflicting policies, they include;

Pay conditions that are in conflict with the organization
Poor Communications and organizational climate

Identify one piece of relevant legislation that has informed the JKL policies and reinforced the company’s commitment to becoming an industry leader in cultural diversity and ethical values
Change in business environment has allowed JKL to move from a small business to a leader in the industry with change in the truck size and folk lifts to be sold. Communication is a complex, multifaceted process of establishing and developing links between people, generated by the needs of joint activities and including the exchange of information and the development of a unified strategy of interaction (Colbert and Purvanova, 2016).
Describe how policies and processes can help to promote cultural diversity, ethical values and relationship-building
Some policies like restructuring and communication will help JKL in the following ways. Communication is possible only with the help of sign systems. There are verbal and non-verbal means of communication. Verbal means include oral and written language. For non-verbal – gestures, facial expressions, pitch and timbre of voice, speech pauses, etc. Communication is understood as the reality of human relations, assuming that any forms of communication are included in specific forms of joint activity: people do not simply communicate in the process of performing various functions, but they always communicate in some activity, “about” it (Karanges and Lings, 2015).
Describe any changes or additions you would make to JKL Industries’ policies or processes, including future communications intended
Communication has a function of influence, in which the “reverse effect of communication on activity” is manifested, that is, activity through communication is not simply organized, but it is enriched, new connections and relationships arise between people. In the structure of communication three interrelated parties are distinguished: communicative, interactive and perceptual.
Explain how you intend to approach the team to resolve this particular issue fairly and how that will be consistent
The set of information that people exchange among themselves can be viewed as information, and then the very process of communication can be understood as a process of information exchange. With every consideration of human communication from the point of view of information theory, only the formal side of the matter is fixed: how information is transmitted, while in the context of human communication, information is not only transmitted but also formed, refined, developed. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly place all the accents and identify specific features in the very process of information exchange, when it takes place in the case of communication between two people.
First, there must necessarily be two individuals in it, each of which is an active subject. At the same time, their mutual information implies the establishment of joint activities.the specificity of the human exchange of information lies in the special role for each participant in communicating this or that information, its significance. People do not just “exchange” values, but tend to work out a common meaning.
Secondly, there should be the possibility of mutual influence of partners on each other through a system of signs.Thirdly, influence in communication can be realized only if there is a single or similar codification system for the communicator (from the speaker) and the recipient (ie, the listener).
Fourth, communication barriers are always possible. In this case, clearly there is a connection existing between communication and attitude. Communication barriers can arise due to the lack of a common understanding of the situation of communication: linguistic, political, religious, professional, may be psychological in nature (Kick and Thomas, 2015,).
Question 2:

Use the following bullet points to plan how you will conduct the meeting. Consider a sensitive introduction to the matter that led to the need for this meeting

To preside over a meeting with sensitive information, the following should be done

Ensure that only the parties that are supposed to be there are there. Other employees example lower management maybe told that this meeting is private and has sensitive information
Ensure that trust is paramount and you will reveal that the information is sensitive.
Sometimes ensure that mobile phones are not carried to the meeting room to prevent recording
Ensure that you set the rules and consequences upon any leak of sensitive information.

Describe what potential problems may occur if the team ignores this matter and outline the benefits of arriving at a suitable resolution
When the team ignores

You may take disciplinary action on the person that released the sensitive information
Fines and penalties may also be used as tools to use against such people
Information sent may injure the reputation of the company and therefore should be closely guarded (Reina and Reina, 2006).
Take steps to ensure such will never happen again.

Consequences of unacceptable behavior while maintaining trust

The consequences include the loss of trust and confidence on a particular person. He or she may be fired or given warning. If there seem to be no trust at all, the person with unacceptable behavior will be kicked out of the meeting while disciplinary actions may be started.
In the event that the behavior continues, drastic actions such as dismissal, warnings, suspensions, fines and penalties may be imposed.
This will create trust when information is not released.

Question 3
Team building and seminars are good networking strategies for the company. In the end, social interaction changes the space in which we work. For generation Y, work is not automatically associated with one fixed address. What is important is getting the right results at the right time. A Cisco study shows that about 40 percent of Generation Y employees would agree to a lower salary if the employer provided them with a high degree of flexibility in relation to the workplace, as well as the corresponding devices and applications (Sias, 2014).
Information technology should support mobile collaboration in networking
Smartphones and Tablet PCs have long been a part of everyday work life. Generation Y wants to be able to access corporate IT systems on the go and at home as easily, and work as productive as in the office. Regardless of where the employees currently work, they should be able to organize videoconferences with customers, suppliers and project teams. To solve specific tasks and implement projects, companies form temporary groups with members who have never met personally and spread around the globe (Simmons, 2017).
How the article could assist managers with identifiable/measurable outcomes for their teams
When the team works well, there is greater productivity and efficiency. Team building creates a family like atmosphere where there is no toxic competition, rivalry and workplace politics. The measurable outcomes are always a better system to operate in and good working environment (Vassou and Theocharous, 2017).
Question 4
Prepare a plan to develop and maintain internal and external relationships, including a schedule for the next three months 

Networking Activity



Description/ rationale for networking

Date for follow up review


Staff- accountant


Enhance skills


Team building

General staff


Bonding and having social capital


Team building

General staff


Bonding and intermingling with other employees


 Provide a rationale for each activity
For seminars and conferences, the rationale of the activity is to provide enhanced skills to the employees. They are meant to add the level of employee competency through seminar skill and experience. This is one of the major networking activities by JKL industries where it is used to enhance employee competency and efficiency (Vogel and Kreysch, 2018).
Team building on the other hand is a networking activity which is internal in nature where employees are supposed to increase their level of interaction and having a day or two out of the workplace. 
Reference List
Chen, M.H., 2016. Construct development and testing of a measure of Guanxi quality: understanding workplace relationships from a cultural perspective (Doctoral dissertation).
Colbert, A.E., Bono, J.E. and Purvanova, R.K., 2016. Flourishing via workplace relationships: Moving beyond instrumental support. Academy of Management Journal, 59(4), pp.1199-1223.
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