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BSB61015 Leadership And Management

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BSB61015 Leadership And Management

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BSB61015 Leadership And Management

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Course Code: BSB61015
University: Academies Australian

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Country: Australia


The tasks in this Practical Work require you to research, analyse, plan and interpret information to demonstrate your ability to apply the skills in the unit. You are permitted to work collaboratively in small groups with your peers to complete each task; however, you must document your own responses. You must attempt all activities.  You will need access to the following resources: BSBMGT608 Learner Guide.
For this task, you are required to choose a hypothetical workplace (or use your own real workplace) and develop an innovation and continuous improvement plan for an area of the business.


3 Completing the following ‘Innovation and Continuous Improvement Plan’ template to help you to plan for the implementation of your new innovation.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement Plan

Innovative process, program or system:
(This should be consistent with task 1.1. What is the new innovative continuous improvement will you introduce? This could be a program, process or system improvement)

The restaurant group have planned an innovative improvement plan. They have decided that the nutritional values of every dish would be highlighted with the menu cards as well in the bills served. The emphasis is on highlighting the gastronomy facts of the food served in the restaurant. This initiative is an endeavour to break the myth that small restaurant joints serve foods that bears high level of cholesterol and trans fat along with low nutritive value (Näslund, 2016).

Specific Objectives:
(Identify the specific objectives to be achieved)

The objectives are as follows:
·         Making the customers aware of the calorific value of the foods.
·         Creating a conception that South Asian foods are tasty as well as healthy.
·         This initiative can be projected as an extra opportunity for projecting the brand name of the restaurant.

Knowledge management system: (What are the knowledge management systems that could be used and their purpose)

Three knowledge management systems are implemented by the company. They are:
i) Incident Reporting-Malfunctions reported by the customers or the errors in service are to be conveyed to the management
ii) Expertise locator systems- The servers and waiters in the restaurants are to be trained about the nutritive value of the items so that they can suggest the customers according to their gastronomic choices.

Other resources:
(Include references to relevant organisations, government bodies and supporting resources)

Other famous restaurant groups have adapted to these policies successfully. In this context the reference of Restaurant Australia can be mentioned. They followed the policy of highlighting the nutritional value of their products and attracted tourist groups from Asia who visited Australia for vacations or on purpose.

Plan innovative and continuous improvement processes 
1.4 List and describe three (3) strategies to actively encourage and support team members to share innovative and creative ideas and participate in decision making processes for continuous improvements.

Staff Management program: The employees should be awarded incentives based on the customer feedbacks provided.

Customer assistance policy: A team of specialist including dieticians, paediatricians and the nutritionists have to be formed who would profess the nutritive qualities in the food items of the restaurant. This would be an innovative approach of adding value to the business activities of t5he restaurant.

Criticism Policy: The company arranges informal criticism sessions, where the employees participate in order to reflect the issues that they face ot suggest some major and/or organisational changes that they might feel impending to the company’s success or failure.

1.5 List two (2) strategies you can implement to recognise the success of the team?

One critical policy that have been undertaken to recognise the success of the work teams in the restaurant is stopping the old culture of Micro managing the employees (Näslund, 2016). The management have realised that in order to create an effective and superfluous work group, the employees have to take up added responsibilities and take decisions to suit the immediate needs of the organisation.

The second policy is gathering service feedbacks from the customers. The customers are requested from the reception counters to rate and evaluate the servers and other factors like food quality and freshness of the food. This is a credible way to recognise the success rate of the employees of various sector of the restaurant.

1.6 List and describe each member of the continuous improvement team (create hypothetical names), their position and their roles and responsibilities in implementing the innovative continuous improvements.

Team Member’s Name


Roles and Responsibilities


Reception manager

·         Emphasizes that each adult customer gives feedback.
·         Customer appraisal: engages in  informal discussion with the customers to ensure their goodwill and engagement
·         Enquires the purpose of visit of the customers (whether on any special occasion like anniversary, birthday or so on)


Head of the Customer Service team

·         Takes charge to manage that each table is served promptly and the customers at the counters do not6 have to queue up for long waiting for their orders.
·         Customers can also launch their grievances with her.


Food Grade Expert

·         Ensures the food quality is maintained and the culinary team makes use of the right ingredients to prepare food so that the taste, texture and freshness of every dish is appropriate


Branch Manager

·         Rebecca is liable to overall management
·         She basically performs the role of communicating the issues that the employees or customers faces in this outlet to the higher management. For example, in the last week, the customers complained that the ambience during the peak hours in the restaurant becomes claustrophobic and suffocating. Hence the management committee under Rebecca pitied the upper management for installation of a new air conditioning system.

1.7 Imagine that your new innovative change is very different and imposes huge changes to the role and responsibilities of the people in your team. What are three (3) change management strategies you can implement to ensure the team are all on board?

 After receiving a series of negative reviews from the customers, the manager arranges for a closed door meeting with the service and culinary employees only. No leader class employ6ee is involved in the meeting. The manager never despises the performance of the employees. Rather, by means of a conversational discussion, they attempt to bring out the cause.

On the contrary, if more than 70% of the customers’ reviews receive a rating of more than 8 out of 10 on the liker scale, the employees receive an appraisal incentive with their monthly salaries.

An open HR meeting is also conducted every month with the executive employees inviting views about the issues and odds that they are facing in the course of their service. The views provided by the employees are considered with utmost importance by the management and the main change activities that take placed in the company rests on the feedback provided in this face off. According to Brown (2014), this helps in integration of the workforce.

1.8 What are three (3) strategies you can implement to promote continuous improvement, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurial behaviour as key to developing a quality business and an essential element of competition?

Strategy for viewing continuous improvements as key to developing a successful business?

There is competitive sales recording on every weekend. The restaurants that are in vogue for their food or innovative service are crowded every weekend. The crowd strength is the chief parameter for realising the improvements brought about by the continuous change activities.

Strategy for viewing innovation as key to developing a successful business?

The small restaurants associated with the hospitality industry do not possess high brand fame. Hence innovation and innovation management are a key strategy of attracting customers for them.

Strategy for viewing sustainability as key to developing a successful business?

The restaurant aims to establish sustainability in the contexts of quality of odd served and the service offered to the customers. The customers at Burma Lane get a flavour of typical food joints at a street side in Burma ort anywhere in South Asia.

Strategy for viewing entrepreneurial behaviour as a key to developing a successful business?

The restaurant invites celebrity chefs and food experts and releases a press expert or magazine with exclusive views about what the celebrities comment about the entrepreneur management in Burma Lane. The opinion of the experts help them to identify how far their entrepreneurial behaviour are sustainable or successful in the face of the Australian customer market (Näslund, 2016).

1.9 In order to implement new innovations, you will need to communicate the plan to the team.
Develop a communication plan to ensure that the continuous improvement strategies are communicated to all stakeholders. Include the stakeholder, communication strategy (e.g. newsletter, email, meeting etc.) and then describe what you will include in the strategy.

Communication Plan

e.g. staff, general manager, team leader, project manager etc.  

Communication Strategy
e.g. email, training, meeting, newsletter,

What information will you include in the strategy?

Staff General manager

Meeting with staff before shop opening everyday

What sales strategies are to be undertaken on that day and what are the individual areas that each employees should development for betterment of their performance should be communicated.

Reception manager

Informal meetings during the lean hours

In one on one meetings the reception managers should convey to the service team leaders the recent customer trends and demands. Based on that the service teams manages or modifies their sales strategy.

Culinary Manager

In command of direction to the culinary team and in continuous communication with the service manager

The service manager keeps track of the trend of the ordered dishes and also collects customer reviews about what in particular they like or dislikes about a dish. The feedback is then sent to the culinary manager who directs the culinary team accordingly.

1.10 In order to implement new innovations, you will need to develop an Action Plan for the team. Develop an Action Plan to ensure that all stakeholders are clear about their roles and responsibilities. Use the following template to document your plan.

Action Plan

New Innovation:
(This should be consistent with 1.1)


Process or Strategy (This should be consistent with task 1.1. What is the new innovative continuous improvement will you introduce? This could be a program, process or system improvement)

(This is what you want to achieve)

Success Measures
(what will help to measure and evaluate the success of the new innovation process or strategy?) 

Who’s responsible?
(Who is responsible for implementing the processes or strategies?)  

(When would you like to achieve the new process or strategy?) 

Process or Strategy
Communication with the customers regarding their dietary choices

The restaurant wants to introduce signature fusion Asian dishes based on the taste of the customers

Success Measures
The popularity of the major number of signature dishes have prompted the company to introduce this strategy.

Who’s responsible?
The team of culinary experts is mainly responsible for this change

The timeframe for the change is 2 months.

Process or Strategy
Customer Appraisal policy

Welcoming guests who visit the restaurant with a special purpose like birthday or anniversaries.

Success Measures
Customer retention.

Who’s responsible?
Customer management staff.

This is constant plan

Process or Strategy
Quality maintenance

Maintaining the quality and texture of the food that is served.

Success Measures
Similar reviews from the customers about the quality of the food.

Who’s responsible?
The entire culinary team is responsible.

The timeframe to achieve this change is 6 months.

1.11 List and describe two (2) ways you could you record work team performance to assist in identifying opportunities for further improvement.

One major way to record team performance in a Burma Lane is by gathering feedback about the employees who caters to them. The customers rate the individual servers who attend them.

Another way is establishment of a self-monitoring tool. The employees maintain a spreadsheet that they fill up regularly. In that spreadsheet they indicate the daily list of deliverables that they have executed and also mention the extra initiatives that they have taken for that very day.

1.12 List and describe two (2) processes you would create to ensure that team members are informed of the outcomes of continuous improvement efforts.

In the appraisal meetings and the success celebration events, the managers of the individual outlets discus the achievements that every outlet have accomplished. In that context the continuous improvements outcomes are also mentioned in accordance to the initiatives taken.

The individual feedbacks that the employees submit reflects their daily achievements in fulfilling the objectives of the continuous improvement efforts of the company. These strategies help the company to be aware of the success rate of the various endeavours undertaken by the organisation.

.13 Develop a flow chart for the team to show the process of implementing your new innovation.
1.14 What are two ways that you can use the flow chart to help monitor and evaluate the performance and sustainability of the new key systems and processes? 

The flowchart indicate two aspects of active participation and evaluation. There is scope of communication of the strategies prior to the enactment. At the end of the day, the employees are liable to fill out the feedbacks form wherein they indicate the key incidents and achievements of the day (Brown, 2014). This helps in understanding the rate of success of the implemented customer retention and sales strategies.

Another way in which the flowchart can help in monitoring and performance evaluation is that the employees and the other concerned business personals can be alerted regarding the latest progress of business operations and by virtue of this they would be able to set their future list of deliverance for the upcoming week. 

1.15 Describe two (2) other types of reporting or evaluation techniques you can use to analyse the performance of your continuous improvement plans.

The first is the filling of the feedback form by the employees. This helps to reflect the proficiency level of the employees in fulfilling organisational goals.

The second is the liker scale ratings that are given by the customers.

Develop risk management and cost-analysis for your innovation and continuous improvement plan
1.16 Complete a SWOT analysis on the continuous improvement plan you have developed to identify the potential risks. This includes looking at all areas of the plan, including operations (such as under-performance) and outcomes.

What are the strengths of your continuous improvement plan?

The major strengths of the plan is that the individual capacities of the workers is delivering the goals of the company are identified

What are the weaknesses of the continuous improvement plan?

One major weakness is that the competency strategy is open to the other small restaurant groups operating in the same locality. Influenced from the views of Boer et al. (2017), it can be opined that in case if they adapt the same strategies, the rate of customer retention as an impact of those strategies would fall.

What are some ideas you could implement to make improvements continuous improvement plan?

There are ample opportunities. The primary is the selection of food menu based on the appetite of the potential customers. The second is that the gastronomic campaigns would make the customers more health conscious. This would give the restaurant a competitive advantage over the other restaurants groups operating in the same area.

What are the threats and risks continuous improvement plan?

The strategic management plan undertaken by the company is critical and complicated. In case if there is a shuffle among the employees or a certain percentage of employees leave their jobs, then the infrastructure of continuous improvement management would be at stake.

1.17 List each of the risks identified in the SWOT analysis on the Risk Management tool below. Then, assess the level of risk by assessing the likelihood and the possible consequence by using the Matrix below. Once you have assessed the level of risk, suggest one control measure you could implement to help manage the risks. 


Likelihood (out of 5)


Control Measure

Resignation of Employees


The infrastructure of the continuous improvement plan would be disrupted.

Various appraisal policies and talent recognition plan can be implemented.

Imitation of same strategies by the other restaurant chains


The impact of the strategies would reduce and as an outcome, the customer retention rate would also fall.

Different innovative methods for the same approach have to be identified if it is found that the similar companies are imitating the standards and reaching the same outcomes (Cohen-Vogel et al. 2015).

1.18a Develop a cost-analysis of your continuous improvement plan by completing the following tables. Include the cost of human resources, equipment etc.

Estimated costs of implementing the plan



Installation and maintenance of third party software for collecting online feedback from the customers

AUD $2500

Installation of feedback collection software for acquiring the employees’ feeds

AUD $1500

Charge of the celebrity guests and organisation of the appraisal sessions


Fees of the culinary experts


Cost expenses for the guest appraisal events


Training of the employees regarding gastronomic and nutritive values of the foods served


Employment of speciality chefs



$ 5,800

1.18(b) Justify the costs of your innovative continuous improvement to the hypothetical CEO of the organisation. You may do this in any format you choose, such as a table or chart.

The maximum charges are to be incurred by the software installation program. This requires purchase of facilities like satellite, sever and service monitors. This also requires hiring of the quality control experts staff who would maintain the software.
Other than this the employee feedback collection software and database is also required to be managed. This is crucial for the measurement of the quality and development measurement of the employee base (Näslund, 2016). Hence this expense is justified.
The employment of speciality chefs from various regions of South Asia is another potential costs. This is essential for preparation of the signature dishes of Burma Lane. This charge (AUD $1000) involves the cost of training that the culinary team would receive.

1.19 If you were to really implement this plan, who would you need to seek approval from? When seeking approval, how would you go about presenting the continuous improvement plan to management?

Seeking approval from deputy manager, an IT experts Team would have to be hired. They would handle the expenses of installation of software and other technical facilities. They would also conduct maintenance of the Wi-Fi service that the customers enjoy in the restaurant.
The Operations Manager of the Restaurant Group would grant the permission to hire the celebrity chefs or the speciality chefs who would train the workforce.
The service manager and the HR manager would grant permission for the employee training campaigns.

1.20 List three (3) major benefits of the innovations and improvements you have come up with that you can communicate to the relevant stakeholders.

The first group of stakeholders are the customers. The facilities like highlighting the nutritive values of various categories of foods and also the supply of free advice regarding what type of food suits their gastronomic needs would benefit them in the long run. This would be beneficial to them while choosing their menu not only in this restaurant but also in other food joints where they would visit.

The second group is the culinary team. They are receiving training from international chefs and celebrity culinary experts. The international speciality chefs would train them how to prepare various authentic Asian and signature dishes and the celebrity experts would groom them regarding presentation of dishes.

The business owners of the company are other group that would be benefited from this campaign. The various strategies implemented by them would result in customer retention. This would increase the sales and the revenue collection of the company.

The activities and questions in this PART 2 Knowledge test require short answers either in point form or short paragraphs. Please use your own words to answer the questions and avoid directly copying your responses from your learning resources. You must attempt all activities.  
You will need access to the following resources:

BSBMGT608 Learner Guide
Technology Innovation Management Review, 2016, ‘Creativity, Linking Theory to Practice for Entrepreneurs’, retrieved from:

TASK 1: Refer to your Learning Guide and complete the following:

Describe the following methods of analysing and evaluating programs, systems and processes in an organisation to ensure sustainability.


Benchmarking involves learning from exponents in various business fields. Acquiring knowledge about the best practices in the market and then implementing the strategies to gain business value in the corporate operations is an integral part of Benchmarking.

Financial Analysis

The process by means of which various business processes, budgets and other financial endeavours are determined as well as evaluated is termed as Financial analysis (Brown, 2014). Financial analysts are efficient at making income statements, balance statements and cash flow spreadsheets also.

Questionnaires and interviews

Interview is a conceptualisation of the various patterns of data collection depending on the aims of the researcher. The researcher aims at a small sample size while conducting an interview. Questionnaire is a data collection medium that can be administered in multitudinous ways. The sample audience gives them opinion on a selected set of topics indicated in the questionnaires. 

Mystery shopping visits

Mystery shopping is an instrumentation that is put to use externally by companies that conduct market research or various watchdog organisations. Often this metric is internally implemented in a company also for measuring the service quality or check the employees’ compliance to the business regulations. Often, Cohen-Vogel et al. (2015), this is also conducted for procuring information about the4 goods and/or services. 

Social media monitoring

This is a famous strategy of computing the popularity of an organisation. The program is conducted by collecting information about any particular entity from various online sources like blogs, wiki, Twitter, Facebook or online message boards.

Business Meetings

Business meetings are basically the follow up of a definite business agenda (Yang, Lee & Cheng, 2016). The meeting involves the discussion of various issues which are difficult to be addressed through simple memo or the departmental emails. Attending such meetings are a must for the employees.

Quantitative employee analysis

This involves an overviewing of the HR data and metrics and their business implementation involves the measurement of the inner working methodologies of the various companies.

Outline the services that each of the digital specialists provide by completing the table below:

Business strategy consultants –

They provide a company with valuable market based advice aligned to the business goals set by them and in that context the future decision that they are going to undertake (Yang, Lee & Cheng, 2016). They have significant role in helping the companies to expand their business value.

Information technology consultants

The IT consultants generally work in unison with the client base of the company and thereby providing advice regarding providing advice for using the IT facilities so that the business objectives of the clientele can be met or some impending issues can be resolved.

SEO experts

SEO experts are knowledgeable about the 2 levels of optimisation, namely on Page and also Off page optimisation. They analyse the client’s goal and design the marketing plan for them (Dees, 2017). They also liable to protect the private information of the clientele.

Digital marketing specialists

These experts design, plan and also deliver marketing programs which provide for the growth and also support the business outcomes (services and/or products) of the company (Singh & Singh, 2015).

Define performance measures.

This is a measurement activity that is aimed at collecting, analysing as well as reporting of information related to various business group, or individual or any organisational system.

What are three (3) reasons for monitoring performance?

The first reason is the identification of various market trends

The second reason is boosting the market share.

The third reason is forecasting of the future.

.5 Describe each of the following evaluation tools which can be used to measure performance.

SWOT analysis

The implementation of this activity is primarily in the fields of business and marketing (Sanchez & Blanco, 2014). Individuals also have a chance of evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and business threats by means of implementing this tool.

Process mapping

Process mapping results in formation of one simple timeline emphasizing on specific parts within the process (Geissdoerfer, Bocken & Hultink, 2016).

Management by objectives

MBO is a technique related to personal management. The managers as well as the employees work in unison under this tool to set goals as well as monitor and record the outcomes for a certain time period (Dees, 2017).

Forced ranking

This is a controversial management tool making use of intense evaluation of yearly outcomes of the company. This is basically a person to person comparing parameter.


Brainstorming helps in improvement of the critical thinking skills  of the individual as well as the group employees and thus the employees tend to count more on seeking advice from colleagues.

Trent Analysis

Trend analysis allows the tradesmen to predict the consequences of a stock in the future (Dees, 2017). It basically counts on historical data regarding the stock performance.

TASK 2: Refer to your Learner Guide and complete the following:

What does ‘organisational learning’ refer to?

This is a process related to creation, retention and also knowledge transfer within the domain of an organisation (Näslund, 2016). Organisational learning helps in the qualitative development of c ompany67 over tome with gaining of knowledge.

What are six (6) areas that successful promotion of organisational learning lead to?

It increases knowledge, competence along with level of performance.

Enhances the way of an employee’s thinking

Enhances team building

Helps in understanding the organisational goals

Helps in increasing productivity.

Creates an environment of knowledge sharing.

Describe the following continuous improvement theories:


Kaizen basically refers to an implemented process of change. The implementations that bare applied are suggested by a team of internal experts (Sanchez & Blanco, 2014).

Six Sigma

This is an amalgamation of management philosophies which helps to improve business processes and thereby reduce the risk of an erroneous business operation (Brown, 2014).

3.1 According to Robert Sternberg, what is creativity most commonly described as?
3.2 What is the relationship between innovation and creativity?3.3 Do you think that you need to be creative to have sustainable practices? Explain your thoughts. 
3.4 Briefly explain Kirton’s theory about creative problem solving
Reference list
Boer, H., Berger, A., Chapman, R. and Gertsen, F., 2017. CI Changes from Suggestion Box to Organisational Learning: Continuous Improvement in Europe and Australia: Continuous Improvement in Europe and Australia. Routledge.
Brown, A., 2014. Organisational paradigms and sustainability in excellence: from mechanistic approaches to learning and innovation. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 6(2/3), pp.181-190.
Cohen-Vogel, L., Tichnor-Wagner, A., Allen, D., Harrison, C., Kainz, K., Socol, A.R. and Wang, Q., 2015. Implementing educational innovations at scale: Transforming researchers into continuous improvement scientists. Educational Policy, 29(1), pp.257-277.
Dees, J.G., 2017. 1 The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship. In Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability(pp. 34-42). Routledge.
Geissdoerfer, M., Bocken, N.M. and Hultink, E.J., 2016. Design thinking to enhance the sustainable business modelling process–A workshop based on a value mapping process. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, pp.1218-1232.
Näslund, J., 2016. A case study of how innovative companies manage and balance continuous innovation and continuous improvement in Sweden.
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Taneja, S., Pryor, M.G. and Hayek, M., 2016. Leaping innovation barriers to small business longevity. Journal of Business Strategy, 37(3), pp.44-51. Taneja, S., Pryor, M.G. and Hayek,
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Yang, Y., Lee, P.K. and Cheng, T.C.E., 2016. Continuous improvement competence, employee creativity, and new service development performance: A frontline employee perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 171, pp.275-288.
Zeng, J., Phan, C.A. and Matsui, Y., 2015. The impact of hard and soft quality management on quality and innovation performance: An empirical study. International journal of production economics, 162, pp.216-226.

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