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BSBADV604 Executing Advertising Campaign

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BSBADV604 Executing Advertising Campaign

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BSBADV604 Executing Advertising Campaign

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Course Code: BSBADV604
University: University Of New England

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Country: Australia

Project Work Execute an Advertisement Campaign: As a Senior Advertising Manager of the TWOSHOT Media, negotiate a Media Contract for producing a Marketing Video for Tweedle Deedle Group. The aim of the video would be to attract investors to the Group, with particular consideration being paid to the new developments in property and hospitality that the group have been undertaking. At an initial meeting, representatives of the Tweedle Deedle Dum Group and Two shot media discussed the making of a marketing video for use by the Group for in-house promotion only.
The video has to be 15 minutes long and would be used in Australia, USA and UK.
In this Media Contract, you need to keep in mind the following aspects: 

Negotiate Advertisement positions and price for the media vehicle chosen.
Break up of costs that needs to be charged at the time of Script Writing and Pre Production of Video .
The cost of Production and the Post Production of the Video. 
Negotiate and agree on contingency factors and solutions with the media representative.
Establish media contract that meet legal and ethical requirements and the requirements of the advertising campaign.


Creating a media contract for Tweedle Deedle Group
Project Description: 
The present age has comprised of various types of conventional and non-conventional marketing to promote services and products. Current marketing campaigns are an admixture of multiple media to communicate with a single message of companies. For executing marketing campaigns inappropriate way, a steady hand, constant evaluation and careful planning are needed for existing and potential marketing techniques. This is to analyze what has worked and what has not. This media contract is made to understand the ways to execute advertising campaigns for TWOSHOT Media (Lu et al. 2016).
The research is made to negotiate media contract to produce an effective marketing video for Tweedle Deedle Group. The objective of the video to attract investors of the group having specific consideration paid to new developments is hospitality and property undertaken by the group. Here, at first, different representatives of Tweedle Deedle Dum Group and various TWOSHOT media ate analyzed regarding developing of the marketing video. This is to be used by the Group for promotion in-house only.
The Tweedle group has been bundling a complete digital experience with various applications. This includes a touchscreen, online in an intelligent way and user guide and service to clients with different contextual awareness. They have been making the data of the owner an important part of their daily life. Tweedle group can be creating an effective understanding. They have been standing atop huge storehouse of technical data, that is compiled in due decades of service to serve clients and customers. This company has assimilated a daredevil spirit with a smart foresight. Lastly, it can be said that their clients have been able to create excellent products. Moreover, they have made their clients love their products.
Background to this agreement: 
Their account manager and a team have met the clients to determine the issues that are required to be resolved. Tweedle group’s account manager has been writing a creative brief from their issue. This has been involved in competitive analysis, the assistance of planner and research and creative director (Kerr et al. 2015). Thus, eventually, there have signed off from their clients. The media contract has briefed the creative team and included budget, timeline, suggested media and various factors. Their creative team has worked on the project on multiple days and must bring the initial round of concepts to creative directors. In the media contract, the creative directors would be culminating the thoughts that must not work and direct the team for exploring good ideas. Further, the media contract would be helpful to continue to work on ideas that should be bringing the production department as needed, account managers and additional managers of Tweedle to assure that the task is on track (Miller 2016). As there are printed pieces, or any shoot is required this is when the department of production must start to estimate. As the final idea is approved in the media contract, the creative team should be presenting them to the customers. Further the customers. As the client moves away and analyzes the concepts before providing feedback to Tweedle, this results in various ideas of reworking or green light to move into executing the plans. In this situation and timeline and budget also gets approved (Moriarty et al. 2014). Moreover, this media contract must mention how the creative team should be working closely with account teams, production, media buying and creative directors and create advertising in whatever form it might be taking.
Firstly, the ultimate advertising is to be placed in front of different clients to get approved. As the client approves that, the advertisements are published. This should be irrespective of the fact that it is online, outdoor, on air, print or any other media channel (Schuster, Shmatikov and Tromer 2017). Further, the agency must be monitoring the ROI, success and provide feedback to clients. Lastly, the client pays the agency, and the overall process must be repeated.
Additionally, the media contract must highlight how self-promotion and awards the primary ways to survive. As. Tweedle group works for the client. They must conduct sufficient promotion. However, the company for the sake of success and survival should be getting out there for winning more business and possess their clients to come to them for work (Zhang et al. 2017). Moreover, Tweedle group must enter the most effective task in their awards shows. This would only garner attention from clients worth having. Further, they should also be developing websites and various formats of self-promotion for getting clients to look at proper direction.
Contract terms and conditions: 

The “agreement” must indicate the complete content of the primary terms and conditions documents.
The “client content” must indicate every creative content, writings, photography, information and materials as supplied by clients to use in preparing and including deliverables (Bradai, Ahmed and Benslimane 2014).
The “copyrights” must indicate various property rights in the main activities of authorship. This must be expressed in a tangible medium of expressions. Here, no copyright task must be undertaken regarding why media and the task is chargeable by hours and different costs of the third party.
The “deliverables: must indicate the work and services as specified in a proposal to get delivered regarding why media is limited to clients, in media and form specified in this proposal. It must be specific to digital, marketing and design activities only (Jobs and Gilfoil 2014).
The designer tools indicate that every design tools are used and developed by Tweedle group to perform services. This includes that instead of limitation, the pre-existing and advanced software includes web authoring tools, source codes, application tools, type fonts. This should be together with any software and other inventions as it has not been patentable and common copyrightable ideas. This indicates functions, navigational, architecture, layout and website designing elements.
The final art also indicates why every creative content is being created and developed by Tweedle group in an exclusive manner. This for the project and included o and provided as an element of final deliverables (Malar 2016). This should involve and the example and not limited, visual designs, graphic designs, visual elements, animation, sounds, photography, different typographic texts and treatments, changes in the content of clients. This should also involve why Tweedle group is selected, their arrangements and different coordination of various elements together with third party materials and content of clients.  
Further, the final deliverables indicate why the ultimate versions of deliverables given by Tweedle group and get accepted by clients.
Besides, the “preliminary works” indicates why artwork includes and not restricted to visual presentations, sketches, ideas, alternates and primary documents and designs that are developed by Tweedle groups (Moriarty et al. 2014). This must be shown and provided to clients to consider and has not been forming any part of the ultimate art.
Further, the project indicates the purpose and scopes of the usage of clients of task product as demonstrated in this proposal.
Besides, the “services” indicates every service like digital, marketing and design and tasks products are to be delivered by a client by Tweedle group. This is according to the description and defined in that proposal (Schuster, Shmatikov and Tromer 2017).
Additionally, the “third party materials” indicates proprietary third party materials to be included in the final deliverables. This must involve without limitation of illustration and stock photography.
The “trademarks” indicates trades names, symbols, designs, logos, words and various devices and models used for final deliverables. This is to designate the source and origin of services and goods for clients (Wang et al. 2017).

Client responsibilities: 
The client must acknowledge the media contract for performing various in a reasonable and timely way.

This should indicate coordination of decision-making with various parties under Tweedle group.
The provision of client contents must in a suitable form to reproduce and include deliverables instead of any further preparation. This should be till provided expressively.
The ultimate proofreading and the event that clients have been approving deliverables and not any mistakes are to be ensured. The errors should include by way of example, typographic mistakes and misspellings, not limitations, remains in the ultimate products. Further, the clients must also be incurring expense o0f correcting those errors (Pontes et al. 2015).
Every products and production for marketing are to be developed by clients and Tweedle group must not be liable for further delays.
To raise queries and issues to write a review in advance and while branding, designing, programming and marketing go on should be part of this project.

            Figure 1: “Highlighting various contingency factors for the current project.”
                                            (Source: Jugenheimer, Sheehan and Kelley 2015)
The contingency factors can be eradicated by constructing an effective payment module, loading and insurances that are demonstrated hereafter.
Payment module:
Payment processing service must indicate the services delivered by Tweedle group to provide merchants with various abilities. This is to accept credit cards, debit cards and additional payment methods over websites and mobile applications. It must involve gateway services, fraud protection tools, bank-sponsored merchant accounts, recurring billing functionalities, storage of payment cards, accepting foreign currency, support of white glove clients and additional software, services and APIs.
The gate services indicated gateway services and offered through Tweedle group. This must provide merchants without any connectivity and adequate needed to allow the actual real-time secured data transmission. This is to process debit and credit card payments over mobile applications and websites (Danaher 2017). The gateway services must include forwarding services, grant services and ACH services. These are the PayPal products and services. Additionally, the gateway services include particular payment technology services as provided by third parties used for facilitating processing debit and credit cards. This falls underpayment technology services.
Here, the “fraud protection” tools must indicate the optional tools. This must be available as an effective part of payment processing service.  As enabled this must include managing of fraudulent transactions elements for detecting various fraudulent transactions. This is regarded as a “fraud protection tool”.

Video production costs forTWOSHOT Media

Production equipment



Pre-Production support


Production cost of editorial


Video finishing


Pre-production script writing or turning the message into script


Post production cost for editing




Table 1: “The costs of video pre-production from TWOSHOT Media for Tweedle group”
                                                               (Source: Created by Author)
Payment of payouts, fees, and proper set-offs: 
This subject to the terms of an agreement, Tweedle group must be sent all the money to the bank account of clients. This creates transactions, reversals, refunds, misusing any fees, chargebacks and invalidated payments. Here the payouts are not enough to cover the due amounts. One can agree what they have debited to the bank accounts for applicable various quantities. The customer must decide to provide Tweedle group with all needed accounting of bank routing and related data and grant Braintree permission for debiting money from bank accounts (Dahlen and Rosengren 2016).
Loading and insurances:
Understanding the process of loading:
The contract must include the loading of contracts that must consist of various employees, customers, partners and vendors. This has been most basic and the filling must be done with effective contract management software. This is defined as the electronic version to fill the cabinet. Thus must support the complete customer and overall lifecycle. This must enclose the process contributing, creating and using the contract data. They need an understanding of all the steps in the process of contracts. This must involve the contributing, creating and using information (Li et al. 2015). Further, Tweedle group must remind that the current world of business is changing. There is a various method of driving the revenue that has been forcing them to reimagine the way they must consider the loading of the customer lifecycle. This should make the media contract more significant than before.
Various stages of loading for this contract are demonstrated hereafter. The first one is requesting. As the quoting process goes on, the users of Tweedle group’s business must express their necessity to legal for the contract. This must include the standard licensing agreement and service agreement. The contract repository is filed with cabinet, shared server and computer desktop. This can be disorganized having no templates for developing constant contracts (Moriarty et al. 2014). This is often disorganized having no templates for creating continuous contracts and outdated contracts used for ad-hoc model this leads to potential financial and compliance risks. Then there are generations with legal necessities to get included to generate all the single contracts. This is standard and specific.
Discussion on insurances: 
First of all, there should be professional liability insurance. This is also known as omissions insurances and errors protecting customers and business. This is from negligence and claims or failure to do professional services.  Then there is general liability insurance. This should protect a business from different claims of third-party. Here, the other kinds of contract-related coverage must include that the clients have needed property insurances and liability insurances. Then there is business owner policy referred to as BOP. This has combined common liability insurance (Dahlen and Rosengren 2016).
Besides, there is an extra insured endorsement. This is the client included as insured within the policy. This has protected them from liability as these actions result as the claims against them.  Besides, extra insured applies to common liability and insurance of properties. Here, the most insurers never included the endorsements in the policy of professional responsibility.
Then there is a certificate of insurance. This provides proofs to the third party that any insurance policy us placed for the business. This presents kinds of insurance purchased, deductible and limits of procedures, which it has covered, a name of the company of coverage who have issued the policy and expiration and effective dates (Jugenheimer, Sheehan and Kelley 2015). Apart from this, the accord certificate for protection is a widely accepted certificate of insurance. Here the brokers and agents face common issues.
However, it must be reminded that Tweedle group might ask the attorney for reviewing the contract to assure that this is under legal bounds.  At the bottom line as the client of Tweedle group needs contract insurance, they should ensure that everything required to protect the business is against liability.
Bradai, A., Ahmed, T. and Benslimane, A., 2014. ViCoV: Efficient video streaming for cognitive radio VANET. Vehicular Communications, 1(3), pp.105-122.
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