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BSBHRM506 : Manage Recruitment Selection And Induction Processes

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BSBHRM506 : Manage Recruitment Selection And Induction Processes

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BSBHRM506 : Manage Recruitment Selection And Induction Processes

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Course Code: BSBHRM506
University: Vocational Training Institute

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Country: Australia

TASK pm. the mse studv on Vri emu,’ thoroughly an given in Appendix A. You have been AMC. by Me Boa. of Directors (assume your assessor as Board of Direetors)Mat during an annual policy review meet, they have reviewed the NR manual and are Mama to have a better one with some changes: mating it mace ernMoyee and employer. ..1y. You have hewn asked to pedomMhe MhOwtnItmaara and submit a wAtten report, • Critimlly analyse strategic and operational plan and policies to 1..4 relevant Aft policies and objectives.
• TATTl.a a…Ts and  cover all relevant egIOnodut. rKT he  Mp A.Tr.nlarnent, ,Tle.lnls and nduslon.Tm Mu.
• Camel,. a AM h
• stoprmed… he …wed Mr reamItMent. MM.., and a…on oms,
• Identity need Mr recruitment.
• Once policies and procedures are developed. In a simulated work environment, obtain support on these mimes and procedures from your senior manage. Moor assessor or colleague can act ma senior manager/
• M a Annulated wora environment, perform trial of the brew and policies devetoped am identity and maim anv necessary adjustments.
• Develop Position Descruation to be umd for Me advertising porpose for the following positions in Val Group. Administration Manager. MarketIng Manager and Training Manager and Mance Manager.
• Develop an advemsement each for the above mentioned position…inn are to Be posted on Ph WM.
• Ust the smvalists you can consult in 1111 processes
• In a simulated watt environment, advertise you to two other mileagues.
• VAtat Arm of training and ongoing support you will provide to all Individuals imolved In recruitment, selection and induction processes) qu
• Deming a set Mat least 10 estions vou would be asking In an Interview from each candidate Mr above mentioned positions. Please note that the questions must he psalm ‘Beadle and no more than general questions.
• Prepare a set of at least S questions you would he asking In conducting reference checks.
• Develop a template for an unsuccessful letter which you are required to send to all unsuccessful candidate.
• Develop a template for successful letter whi. you are required to send Mall successful candidate The successful leKer Mould include but not limited to,
o Teams and conditions and its importance
o Date of gaming
o Positron and roles and responsibilities
0 Reporting Person
• Develop matt mcluction AMP,
• cevelop ban i.uction and …atm chedd. and follow tteareeess. mammal tmirnmastuvre aro ann.cracosOnearc
• In a slinulated work endronment, obtain feedback from at least a partdmants about induction process meeting Its objealves
• Reline induction policies and OnKedureS, rm.,. 

Task 1
Strategic and operational plan and policies to identify relevant HR policies and objectives
The primary objective of the operational planning is to plan the day-by-day and month by month operations of the organization and along with the strategic planning,  an organization can determine the direction and figure out what an organization is not doing which must be undertaken. The operational and strategic planning at VTI Group must be integrated with each other. The General Manager of the company must play his role as a strategic leader for the long-range planning by focusing on the visions and objectives of the organizations by clarifying them and ensure that the employees are working toward the same goals (Tracy, 2017; Doyle, 2017). Being a strategic leader, Yong Fu can ensure the full potential of VTI Group by integrating daily operational planning and decisions with the strategic process. Through the effective strategic management and leadership at the VTI, the behaviors of all the staff members can be monitored and their potentials can effectively be utilized.
Through proper documentation of actions taken by the staff members, the management can take decisions about the performance of the company in regard to  what they are doing and why and how they are performing their tasks. To achieve its goals, the company will re-examine their current situation and directions to determine their relevance with company’s objectives. Moreover, the mission statement of the Company must be clarified and communicated to the staff members. In order to achieve the organization’s goal, the management of VTI Group must perform the following tasks:

Environmental scanning and Analysis

The management must review the organization’s current local, political, social and economic environment in order to identify the needs, foresee challenges and threats and explore opportunities for business growth (Meisler and Vigoda-Gadot, 2014). A SWOT analysis must be done to deal with the future challenges and threats and how effectively the company can avail and utilize its strengths and opportunities.

Strategic Direction

After the detailed SWOT analysis and environmental scan, the management of the organization must take appropriate decisions to overcome the threats and challenges and to respond to the issues and opportunities (Reh, 2017; Raišien?, 2014).

Mission Statement

The management of the company must review the Mission Statement which is the foundation of an organization and policies and guidelines must be made in accordance with the mission statement for the inspiration of staff.

The Objectives & Goals

It is essential for VTI Group to set its goals and objectives on the basis of mission statement and set priorities. The goals and objectives must be designed on reality basis and must be measureable and specific.
Policies and procedures
The procedures of recruitment are the following:

The first step in the recruitment process is the planning for the recruitment including preparation of the plan with job specification for the vacant places, responsibilities of the specific job, skills required and qualification in respect to the particular position of the job(Adams,2017;Tom?íková,2016).
Then the strategy will be developed for recruiting the suitable candidates.
The searching for the candidates will take place. There are two major sources of attracting candidates. The internal source where the employees from within the organization will be recruited. The external sources include the candidates who respond to the advertisements, work force resourcing agencies and third party consultancies.
Then the step of screening will take place where the resume of the applicants will be screened and will be shortlisted.
The evaluation and control of the cost of recruitment will take place.

The procedures of selection are as follow:

The candidates’ who will send their applications will be received and reviewed by the authorities of the organization.
The reviewed candidates will be called for a first round of interview.
The candidates will be made to attend a psychometric test.
The psychometric tests will be collected and all the results will be evaluated.
The candidates will be able to get through the test and will the pass marks must be called for the next round.
Then there will be a personal round of interview when the candidate will be interviewed by the respective seniors that shall be the HR Manager.
The shortlisted candidates will be then interviewed by the head of the organization.
Finally, the selected candidate will be offered the job position after undergoing the required formalities of documentation.
The selected candidates will be provided appointment letters and they will be given induction program.

The procedures of induction are explained in the following:

The induction process has to be conducted with utmost care by the managers of the company.
The new employees will be given information about the organizational discipline.
They will be provides the knowledge about the harassment policies of the company.
The description of the roles will be provided.
The handbooks will be given so that the employees can note down the important information.
The organizational chart will be provided to the employees.
The schedules of meetings and calendar will be given to the employees.
The managers will ask the employees about the areas where they find it difficult to understand and they will be given the scope to clarify their doubts.

Need for recruitment
The organizational strategies of the company will influence the performance management, relations in the industry, management of remuneration and finally recruitment and selection. The HRP or the human resource planning is done to analyze the current and future needs of for staffing (Usher, 2017; Slezak, 2016)). The operational plan of the organization is formulated to meet the short-term objectives of goals of the company and the strategic plan is prepared to meet the long-term objectives of the organization. The company needs passionate employees who are comfortable in sales jobs and in team works. The employees must be able to pitch the products and the services and can do cold calling. The employees must be having minimum of 2 years’ experience in sales of financial products and services. The policies are developed to provide a structure where the employees and the members of the organization will operate and perform.
Position description to be used for advertising of
Administration Manager

Organize, plan, manage and direct the managerial functions.
Supervise staff performing personnel, time and attendance and general administrative support work.
Serve as a member of the regional office management team providing advice and guidance on different administrative issues.
Ensure the training and salaries are within budget.

Marketing Manager

Strategic marketing
Marketing team management and coordination.
Publicity creation.
Establish and train the marketing team.
Planning andimplementing promotional, online and print marketing campaigns.

Training Manager
Roles and Responsibilities:

Facilitate identification, review of training needs for individuals and organizations to come up with the latest training trends in the market.
Market open and in house training programs to inform clients of the upcoming programs and events in the institute.
Develop strategic alliances with partners and other institutions as appropriate to help in facilitation of the institute programs and marketing.
Co-ordinate both local and international trainings.
Review, present and follow up on proposals and tenders to bring new businesses in the institution.
Coordinate training programs including venues, materials and resource requirements.
Ensure preparation of training materials and reports to enhance smooth training of the programs. Prepare facilitator’s payment for approval after every training has been completed.

Finance Manager
The Finance Manager is responsible for managing and providing leadership to the finance department, ensuring that all financial systems and reporting, internal controls, budgeting, analysis and customer service (underwriting) are conducted and delivered in an accurate and timely manner. Finance Manager Job Responsibilities

Formulate annual budget and plans including forecasts and/or projections
Provide accurate and timely financial and management reports where appropriate;
Manage company books of account.

. • Oversee the audit of company financial records.

Implement and continuously update departmental workflows for Finance and Underwriting in order to strengthen internal controls
Provide guidance and direction to staff in accordance with the company policies, procedures, processes and systems in place.
Review and submit financial records, receipts, payables and cash flows in a timely manner

Specialists I can consult in HR process

Remedy Intelligent Staffing
Skye Team

Interview Questions
Administration Manager

What can you tell us about yourself?
Can you tell us about a time when you disagreed with your supervisor?
What do you feel like you could bring to the company?
Professionally speaking, what is the biggest challenge you have faced?
How would you handle insubordination within your department?
Why here? Why this company?
What is your ideal job/position?
During your last performance review, what areas of improvement had been identified for you to work on?
Where do your passions lay?
In what way do you measure success?

Marketing Manager

What value will I add to the position if given a chance?
Describe a challenging situation you have had to face in a previous role, and how you overcame it?
Why this company?
What benefit will you bring to the company?
What do you read, and how do you consume information?
What’s an example of a lead-generating campaign you’d be excited to work on here?”
What are three components of a successful inbound or digital marketing strategy?”
Why do you love marketing?”
What would you do to launch a new product?
What’s the main relationship between marketing and sales?

Training Manager

What is your strategy for settling for a training program?
How do you stay updated on employee training?
What have you done to improve your skills lately?
Have you ever dealt with a difficult scenario in the training program and what did you do to address it?
How do you establish the effectiveness of a training program?
How do you deal with negative response to your training program?
What is the most unique strategy you have ever used in the training program?
How do you establish the need for training?
Why did you chose this company?
What input will you bring to this company?

Finance Manager

How did you learn about this company?
What input would you bring to the current workforce in the company?
Tell us more about yourself.
How do you establish product value?
Are you good at multitasking?
How do you deal with employees who commit errors on financial records?
What is your best conflict resolution strategy?
How do you ensure proper use of financial resources?
Are you good in embracing change?
Why this company?

Reference check questions

Confirm what the candidate has stated on their resume, and what duties they performed in their position.
What strengths and weakness did the candidate display?
How did they perform under pressure?
Would the referee ever consider hiring the candidate in the future?
Why the candidate left their previous position?

Letter to unsuccessful candidates
Mike Wilcox,
Human Resource Manager,
VTI Group,
4553 Melbourne
Dear Applicant,
Re: Unsuccessful for Your Application
Dear “Insert Name of Applicant” We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a position at this time. Another candidate has more closely met the essential criteria that our hiring panel had specified. Thank you so much for your interest and for setting aside the time to come in and meet with us. If any positions become available in the future that we feel that you would be suited for, we will contact you immediately. Thank you again, and best wishes in all your future endeavors.
Mike Wilcox,
HR Department
Letter to Successful Candidates
Mike Wilcox,
Human Resource Manager,
VTI Group,
4553 Melbourne
Dear Applicant,
Re: Offer of Employment
Dear “Insert Name of Successful Applicant” In regards to the “Insert Position”, we are pleased to present you with a formal offer of employment. Please be advised that the terms of employment will be as agreed upon when first we discussed during your interview process. Your start date will be 03/06/18. Please bring in all relevant banking details as well as the details for your superannuation fund. Also enclosed is the employment contract that you will need to sign and bring in with you on your first day of work. We very much look forward to working with you.
Mike Wilcox,
HR Department
Staff induction policy
This policy and procedure ensures that all staff is introduced into VTI Group and is aware of their role and responsibilities when beginning employment. The induction process is overseen by the CEO/Training Manager who will ensure the following procedures are followed when a staff member is employed in a Management, Administration or Trainer / Assessor role (or promoted from within the RTO).This procedure ensures the effective introduction into the RTO and the staff members obligations are completed efficiently and effectively(Darcy,2013). Staff Induction is only to occur after the confirmation of employment has occurred.
Staff induction and orientation checklist

   Evaluate their induction form to see what comments were made by the
   Employee to gain an insight as to their induction experience
   One on one meeting to discuss any information the employee included on their induction form, as well as any other comments they may have.
   On-going ‘check in’ emails to see how the employee is settling in, especially during their first few weeks after beginning
   On-going meetings with the employee including staff meetings in a group forum.

Induction process feedback
Most of the employees felt that the induction process was effective and was highly likely to be successful in creating a better working environment for all employees.
Adams, D. (2017) Recruitment, Selection & Induction Policies [Online]. Available at https://smallbusiness.chron.com/recruitment-selection-induction-policies-18493.ht [Accessed on 23 May 2018]
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Usher, A. (2017) The benefits of Internal vs. External recruitment [Online]. Available at https://recruiter.fish4.co.uk/news/benefits-internal-vs-external-hiring/ [Accessed on 23 May 2018]

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