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BSBSTR501 Management

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BSBSTR501 Management



This project is about establishing an innovative work environment. You need to demonstrate that you can implement at least two different procedures and practices that foster innovation within your chosen organisation. You are required to lead or manage a workplace team, cross-organisation team or a self-formed team of individuals to enable and support innovation across all areas of work practice within the organisation. You will also need to team up with people who work for, or are involved, in this organisation as you need to collaborate with the stakeholders on more than one occasion. Fellow students can be involved in these meetings and play the roles of stakeholders as relevant. You will be collecting evidence for this unit in a Project Portfolio. The steps you need to take are outlined below. Complete Page 1 of your Project Portfolio. 2. Carefully read through the relevant documents, policies and procedures. Use Section 1 of your Project Portfolio, to record the following information:  List at least two stakeholders, by considering those within the organisation who will be impacted by innovation and those who could play a role in conceptualising and supporting innovation.  Identify and outline at least two organisational objectives.  Use the internet to find and outline industry relevant legislation and codes of practice – this may include legislation relating to work conditions, etc.  List at least three current organisational practices (behaviours and actions).Describe the current work conditions of the staff (consider space, lighting, access to facilities, flexible work arrangements, etc.), and how it supports or inhibits innovation. Research and outline at least three working conditions that support innovative practices in the workplace in general.Identify a working condition in your organisation and for which a policy or procedure can be modified in order to foster innovation. Update any existing policy or procedure to ensure the successful implementation of a work practice that fosters innovation. Attach evidence of the updated policy or procedure to Section 1 of your Project Portfolio. Clearly indicate where you made changes (add a separate heading, section or add changes to text in another colour).  Describe any risks involved in changing this policy or procedure to accommodate innovation.  Identify at least two resources available for establishing an innovative environment by considering human resources, financial resources and physical resources. Make sure you have answered all questions in Section 1. Submit to your assessor for review. You are also required to attach certain documents as part of your evidence – review the documents you need to attach as outlined in Section 1 of the Project Portfolio and make sure you attach these upon submission.

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