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BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities

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BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities

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BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities

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Course Code: BSBWOR404
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia


You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to seek and evaluate feedback on your own workplace performance as a HR General Manager in Australian Hardware.
Assessment description
After completing your project/task set out in Assessment Task 1, you are now required to gather feedback on the task from your manager/supervisor (in this case your trainer), colleagues and clients (in this case your classmates). This Assessment Task also requires you to evaluate your own performance and determine how the quality of your output can be improved.
If possible, you should relate your performance to the knowledge and skills you apply in your Management role. This assessment requires you to conduct a 360° evaluation – this means evaluating and seeking feedback from:

at least one team member
customers/clients (if possible).

You will then need to document an evaluation of your performance in a report.

Identify your work objectives and responsibilities as a HR General Manager at Australian Hardware Company and set performance benchmarks against which you can evaluate your performance. Use objectives and benchmarks from Assessment task 1.
Assess your own performance against the benchmarks you have set.
Using the evaluation survey in Appendix 1 as a guide, seek and gather feedback on your personal work performance to measure against the benchmarks you have set. Seek feedback from:
at least one team member from Assessment Task 1 (student)
your manager (assessor)
a customer/client (second student)
Gather a range of relevant feedback to enable you to determine whether you are meeting your work performance objectives and the organisational standards expected of you, showing your recognition and interpretation of textual information from relevant sources in understanding the organisation’s policies and procedures
Evaluate your findings and complete a report about work performance, under the five headings below.

Work objectives

What are your personal objective and targets for the work or task?
What are the additional work standards you must adhere to in Australian Hardware Company workplace?
Identify methods of feedback used to evaluate personal performance, such as performance data, observation, and 360° feedback?

Explain other possible methods of feedback?

Are you meeting your work objectives or targets? Explain your answer.
Are you complying with the standards expected in your work? Explain your answer.
Does the feedback reveal any issues or areas of concern?
In what areas of your work as a HR General Manager at Australian Hardware

Company could you improve your performance? Explain your answer.


This report is totally focused on improving the process of the company with the help of HR general manager capability to handle. This report is also focused on the feedback section related to 360 degree performance appraisal system implementation.
Objective and responsibility of HR general manager and bench mark to evaluate performance
Being a HR general manager of Austrian Hardware Company, one of the main objectives must be to building quality employees for the organization in order to achieve growth in both aspects financially as well as operationally (Hutchinson & Purcell, 2010). Another object of the HR general manager must be to develop policies which are in favor of both employees as well as employers. Here, the company will make use of 360 performance appraisal systems to monitor the performance of General HR manager which will include feedback from peers, subordinates, employees as well as customers (Guest & Conway, 2011).
Performance from Bench mark
After assessing myself on this 360 degree performance appraisal, I came to known about my various strength and weakness related to competency (Espinilla, de Andrés, Martínez & Martínez, 2013). I came to know that I am above average in team work and even my adopting skill related to changing environment is also above average. I came to know that I am good in decision making and even leadership skills are well organize and many more (Maylett, 2009). But when it comes to weakness, I also came to know that I am weak in analytical thinking as well as relationship building.
Feedback from team member, client and manager on 360 degree performance appraisal
Team member- As per team member’s feedback, I am extremely good in leadership skill and is able to distribute work among all the team members in organized way. I am good in motivating my team members.
Manager- As per manager’s feedback, I am able to take proper decisions but I have to work hard on my analytical skills. I am good in adopting changes with high ethical moral values for work and organization.
Client – As per client feedback, I am able to communicate my message clearly and is able to convey all the required information as per the demand. But in relationship building I am able to connect the client only for short time.
Meeting work performance and organize standard performance
Australian Hardware Company is a manufacture of metal products like hardware, so the objective of the company is mainly related to the sales of the company (Christian, Garza & Slaughter, 2011). From the related feedback, I am able to understand that I am actually working on the track of meeting all the objectives of the company by supporting team work, creative decision making, developing staff and introducing leadership sense but still there are few thing on which I have to work hard so that I can convert them in to opportunity which will help the organization to achieve growth such as relationship building with clients.
Work objective
Being the HR general manager of Australian Hardware Company, my main objective is to keep my employees motivate by offering them equal opportunity to prove their efficiency because these are the assets which everyone cannot buy and set long in the form of mission as well as short term goal in the form of targets which will be related with the companies goal.
The Australian Hardware Company must focus on the lean work standards in order to create a work environment which is full of innovation, creativity and supports resource optimization so that waste reduction can be applied in the form of Poke Yoke along with continuous improvement which means continuous small improvement in order to create safe work conditions for employees.
Feed back
Methods used to evaluate personal performance
Performance data – It is actually data which provides required statistics which is used to measure main performance indicators that helps in managing information which are extremely helpful in decision making related to improvement.
Observation – It is a tool in the hands of the manager by which a close monitoring can done on the performance of the employees.
360 degrees feedback – It is a process of analyzing the performance of the person through feedback from his/her colleagues, subordinates and peers as well.
Other methods of feedback
There are various types of feedback, one of them is constructive feedback in which all the information is specifies, focused and organized in the form of positive or negative feedback (Suarez, Kravtsov & Prucnal, 2011). Another is praise in which the person is being motivate with positive triggers related to self-esteem and confidence. Another is criticism in which the person is made feel low through negative statements about their opinion, behaviour or their actions.
Self- assessment
Yes, I am able to meet all the objectives of my work because i have suggest for implementing the lean process in the business process which will help the company to achieve effectiveness in their operation by optimizing the available resources in more effective way (Sundström, 2008). Yes, I have maintain all the standard which are important from work point of view because standard decides the quality of the product. The feedback has revel two areas of concerns which are actually my weak zones. One is analytical thinking and other is relationship building. In order to improve myself I have to work hard on both these weakness and will convert in to my future strengths.
Area of improvement
Being an HR general manager of Australian Hardware company, I have to main focus on my relationship building part in order to form a strong bond not only with my employees but also with the suppliers, shareholders as well as client of the company and try to convert it in one cluster group in which each participant will support each other towards lean process with the help of effective communication among all the members. I also have to focus on my analytical skills in order to understand the risk related to the new markets relate to our products in terms of numbers because in present time every single aspects if related to numbers which acts as answer for each question.
Organization requirement
Australian Hardware Company follows a procedure in order to identify and report area of improvement by first conducting a general meeting in which management discuss on the data which is being collected at the end of the year and try to find out the relevance issues (Garvin, Edmondson & Gino, 2008). Then it discuss these issues with the managers in order to find out the team who has the capability of solving these issue and after that a monitoring team is involve to ensure that these issue will not occur again with the help of performance check system. To monitor and plan task in future company will use program management software as well as Resource management software.
We cannot bring any improvement in any company until we are not aware about the area of improvement in that particular company. As per study we cannot improve if we cannot measure and hence 360 degree performance appraisal system will act as standard for measuring performance of employees, suppliers as well as managers.
Guest, D., & Conway, N. (2011). The impact of HR practices, HR effectiveness and a ‘strong HR system’on organisational outcomes: a stakeholder perspective. The international journal of human resource management, 22(8), 1686-1702.
Hutchinson, S., & Purcell, J. (2010). Managing ward managers for roles in HRM in the NHS: overworked and under?resourced. Human Resource Management Journal, 20(4), 357-374.
Espinilla, M., de Andrés, R., Martínez, F. J., & Martínez, L. (2013). A 360-degree performance appraisal model dealing with heterogeneous information and dependent criteria. Information Sciences, 222, 459-471.
Maylett, T. (2009). 360-degree feedback revisited: The transition from development to appraisal. Compensation & Benefits Review, 41(5), 52-59.
Christian, M. S., Garza, A. S., & Slaughter, J. E. (2011). Work engagement: A quantitative review and test of its relations with task and contextual performance. Personnel psychology, 64(1), 89-136.
Suarez, J., Kravtsov, K., & Prucnal, P. R. (2011). Methods of feedback control for adaptive counter-phase optical interference cancellation. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 60(2), 598-607.
Sundström, A. (2008). Self-assessment of driving skill–A review from a measurement perspective. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 11(1), 1-9.
Garvin, D. A., Edmondson, A. C., & Gino, F. (2008). Is yours a learning organization?. Harvard business review, 86(3), 109.

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