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BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priroties And Professional Development

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BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priroties And Professional Development

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BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priroties And Professional Development

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Course Code: BSBWOR501
University: Australian Catholic University

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Country: Australia


The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.Performance objective
The candidate will demonstrate the ability to establish personal work goals. The candidate will also demonstrate the ability to set and meet work priorities.
Assessment description
Using a position/Job description, you will set work goals and prioritise work goals. You will then develop two work plans to achieve two work goals. You are required to keep a journal containing your reflections on and explanation of the process of managing work priorities.

Review your job description and your organisation’s business plans, business goals, policies and procedures. In your journal, provide a list of the organisation’s policies, procedures and plans that will inform team and personal goal setting.
Based on your job description (and following your organisation’s business plans, goals, and applicable policies and procedures), establish four to five goals (including both personal and team goals).

In your journal, describe how and why you established goals. Explain the value of personal and team goal-setting in an organisation.

Develop KPIs to measure performance related to work goals.

In your journal, describe:

How the KPIs will be used to measure goal-related performance.
How you will maintain performance under varying conditions and contingencies. Give specific examples.
How, given your own personal strengths and weaknesses, you will capitalise on or minimise the effect of these personal traits in your work plans.

Consider a range of activities to advance work goals. Prioritise possible activities. Choose two work goals to develop work plans for.

In your journal, describe the process you undertook to prioritise activities. Describe competing demands and how you plan to manage these to achieve goals.

Referring to the template provided in Appendix 1 as an example, use Microsoft Word to develop two work plans to achieve the two goals you have prioritized.

In your journal, describe the process of developing your plans to manage work priorities. Describe how you have used the plans to manage time efficiently.

In your journal, describe:

How you will ensure you serve as a positive role model through work planning and organisation. Give examples. Describe how your work plans serve as examples to follow in your workplace.
How you will maintain appropriate work–life balance, manage stress and maintain health.

Submit your position description, work plans and journal to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.

You must provide:

a position description
two work plans produced using Microsoft Word
a journal.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

use of literacy skills to interpret written job descriptions, business plans, policies and procedures, etc.
use of organisational skills to set and achieve priorities
application of principles and techniques of performance measurement:

identification of personal behaviour to assist in managing work priorities and work–life balance
goal setting
time management

application of organisational policy, plans or procedures to setting or planning the achievement of work goals
application of knowledge of work practices to improve personal performance.
Adjustment for distance-based learners:no variation of the task is requireda follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor)documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.


As a marketing manager at XYZ organization, my role is to focus principally on the practical implementation and management of XYZ’s marketing operations. To ensure that I am productive and successful in executing my responsibilities, I am needed to possess’ perfect communication as well as logical skills. I am responsible for general marketing activities, and I am in charge of drawing up, directing and coordinating functions in marketing to persuade clients to choose the products and services offered by XYZ against their competitors (Bresler and Lubbe, 2014).
Executive Summary
Vision/Mission Statement and Goals
XYZ organization was founded by entrepreneurs who visualized an opportunity to create new product and services and followed that perspective in search of making profits and satisfying its customers. There is an undersupply of talent in the current market trend which makes it hard for small entrepreneurs to evoke and keep those skills (Burns, Bush, and Sinha, 2014).
Vision Statement
XYZ organizations are committed to providing perfect products and services to potential customers and leave a lasting impression on the consumers.
Goals and Objectives
XYZ  focuses on being more customers oriented as they operate in achieving objectives. The aim of XYZ is in providing what the customer wishes to have and satisfying the needs of customers. The organization has created a good relationship with the customers in that they listen to what the customer needs and adjusts by providing the preference of the majority of the customers. XYZ has created initiatives that assist the company employees to help them succeed and also improving the needy in the society by sponsoring them as well as offering essential services to the organization’s environments Bresler and Lubbe, 2014).
Organization’s policy
XYZ has policies and strategies establish the code of conduct in the organization. The policies outline the duties of the entire staffs in the organization. The organization’s policies and plans are set to secure the employees’ rights as well as the employee’s interest in the organization (Burns et al., 2014).
Employee conduct; this indicates the functions and responsibilities of every worker in the XYZ organization must consider as a condition of employment. It outlines the behavior of the employee and includes a decent dress code, procedures of ensuring a safe workplace, discrimination policies and usage of communication resources (Burns et al., 2014).
Equal opportunities; every XYZ staff is entitled to respect and fair treatment including promotions irrespective of the sex, race or religion. Discrimination is discouraged in XYZ, and anyone who practices this will face the law and their duties terminated in the organization (Burns et al., 2014).
Attendance and Time Off; XYZ workers are required to report to their work stations on time and should not fail to deliver their duties at any time. Anyone who intends not to publish to work or falls sick must report to the relevant department for consideration. Failure to adhere to this will lead to suspension and fines by the organization (Davari and Strutton, 2014).
Substance abuse; XYZ employees are prohibited from using drugs and alcohol during working hours and in the organization’s facilities.
Keys to Success
Unique products and services: The XYZ organization is focused on providing world-class products and services to its customers and offers the best performance to its customers. XYZ is distinctive in the following ways.
Segmentation: the different categories of customers are characterized by what they need. XYZ conducts research in the market and identifies what the customers want and caters for the requirements in a more successful manner than others in the same field (Arnett and Wittmann, 2014).
Targeting and positioning: XYZ has targeted the market that is highly profitable and will result in high profits for the organization. The marketing procedures in XYZ is more successful and is in alignment with the needs of the consumers targeted by the organization (Arnett and Wittmann, 2014).
Promotional tactics: XYZ has established marketing strategies that identify to customers the products and services provided by the organization and why the products and services offered by the organization are what the customers require (Arnett and Wittmann, 2014).
Monitoring and assessing: XYZ monitors and evaluates how effective the strategy used is practically successful. XYZ surveys several customs at random to know how they heard of the specific product and service of the organization (Arnett and Wittmann, 2014).
Marketing plan: XYZ has established a policy that shows how the organization aims to implement strategies and assess the organization’s performance. XYZ’s plan is continuously reviewed and modernized to ensure rapid response to the changes in the needs of the consumers (Burns et al., 2014).
Company Summary
Company Background
A group of entrepreneurs in 2000 founded XYZ; XYZ has continuously provided products and services to consumers in a more significant market since its establishment. The organization’s range of products and services has continually developed to match the needs of consumers over the years. XYZ started with phone call services, message, and data services. XYZ has resources and facilities that enable it to serve its potential customers favorably. Today XYZ provides a wide range of electronics used in communication in a substantial geographical basis (Fine, 2017).
Personal Career Goals
Specific; My career goal as a marketing manager is to advance further and be a competent marketing manager. I plan to improve my skills in the marketing field. I expect to attain a higher rank in the organization and be in charge of a broader market (McCabe, 2017).
Organizational goals
IT productivity; XYZ has invested in developing the IT department which will enable growth and enable the organization to grow economically. It has facilitated by increasing the number of employees and facilities (Cania, 2014).
Business innovation; this will ensure the attainment of objectives in XYZ. It will develop the current products and services that the organization offers in the current market (Cania, 2014).
Corporate social responsibility; XYZ is developing programs which will be beneficial to the community and the environment. It will be useful for the community where the organization operates as well as improving the public image of the organization (Lazaroiu, 2015).
Setting Goals
Personal goals give an individual sense of self-satisfaction. It enables one to respect and value your abilities and provides the notion of what you are capable of achieving at large. Before setting a goal, one needs to understand the needs of the organization and where there is a need for refinement. One should analyze to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Set goals provide direction for the organization to realize where the team is heading and put in efforts that will make them achieve the desired targets (Shamir and Howell, 2018).
Through setting the goals of the organization, it will motivate employees. The employees will establish short-term goals, and in the process, they will have the belief in achieving the ultimate goal (Shamir and Howell, 2018).
KPI’s to measure goals
KPI’s are used to assess the purpose related performance of an organization. KPI’s use performance management as a method to realize matters make resolutions as well as track methods of solving the issues. There is a need for a continuous category of facts to measure success related to goals. The organization can create scorecards for the key performance indicators. The strategic objectives and goals can be traced and achieved by use of the KPI’s (Haryadi, 2014).
Maintaining Performance
To maintain performance in marketing it needs some specific sacrifices and activities in the organization. The organization is required to perform and seek continuous refinement consistently and to establish the dynamism trend in the organization. The organization is expected to give support to employees and consumers (Haryadi, 2018).
Capitalizing on Strengths and weaknesses
As a marketing manager, I am needed to understand that some strengths and weaknesses are likely to be experienced in the organization. The strengths opportunities should be used as an advantage to enable a manager to be more productive. The strengths are required to be used to decrease hazards that are likely to occur. The weaknesses should be refined and use them as advantages to develop a career.  I am expected to get rid of defects to prevent hazards that are likely to be experienced (Jefferson and Tanton, 2015).
Advancing Work Goals
Embrace empathy; as a marketing manager, I am required to understand distinct ideas which as a result give a capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the marketing field (Jefferson and Tanton, 2015).
Listen actively; a marketing manager should know how to listen to other employees and show them that you value what they think. It is advisable that one acquires a good listening skill (Jefferson and Tanton, 2015).
Prioritizing activities needs one to collect the entire list of tasks. As a professional one can identify the urgent and important goals that should be settled. Evaluation of value for activities is necessary to know which one is more worthy than others (Haryadi, 2014).
Positive Role Model through a Work Plan
Creates a sense of direction; a work plan will ensure that my duties as a marketing manager will have a sense of leadership in the organization. The work plan enables an employee not to deviate from the normal responsibilities and in the process achieve the set goals (Haryadi, 2018).
Focus attention on goals and outcomes; the plan will enable employees to be goal oriented on the required result. By the employees having a center of attention on the target, they will feel motivated. XYZ team can focus their attention on goals and the outcomes (Foxall, 2014).
Develops teamwork; a universal plan creates collaboration among members of an organization in distinct departments. XYZ employees at various departments can function as a team despite their different lines of jobs (Foxall, 2014).
Enables an employ to expect for any challenge and deal with the change; when one plans effectively, it will allow them to predict future problems and help them adjust to changes and prevent them prior. XYZ employees have learned to adapt to changes and find ways to control dangers before they occur (Foxall, 2014).
A marketing manager should focus on the implementation and management of the organization’s operation. It should happen while considering the organizations’ objectives and putting into account the appropriate skills and a work plan.
Arnett, D. B., & Wittmann, C. M. (2014). Improving marketing success: The role of tacit knowledge exchange between sales and marketing. Journal of Business Research, 67(3), 324-331.
Bresler, M., & Lubbe, I. (2014). Marketing management.
Burns, A. C., Bush, R. F., & Sinha, N. (2014). Marketing research (Vol. 7). Harlow: Pearson.
Cania, L. (2014). The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance. Economia. Seria Management, 17(2), 373-383.
Davari, A., & Strutton, D. (2014). Marketing mix strategies for closing the gap between green consumers’ pro-environmental beliefs and behaviors. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 22(7), 563-586.
Fine, S. H. (2017). Marketing the public sector: Promoting the causes of public and nonprofit agencies. Routledge.
Foxall, G. (2014). Strategic Marketing Management (RLE Marketing). Routledge.
Haryadi, S. (2018). Chapter 2 of Network Performance and Quality of Service: Determination of Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Retrieved from osf. io/preprints/inarxiv/6gtnd
Jefferson, S., & Tanton, S. (2015). Valuable content marketing: how to make quality content your key to success. Kogan Page Publishers.
Lazaroiu, G. (2015). Work motivation and organizational behavior. Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, 7(2), 66
McCabe, M. B. (2017). Social media marketing strategies for career advancement: An analysis of LinkedIn. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 29(1), 85.
Shamir, B., & Howell, J. M. (2018). Organizational and contextual influences on the emergence and effectiveness of charismatic leadership. In Leadership Now: Reflections on the Legacy of Boas Shamir (pp. 255-281). Emerald Publishing Limited.

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