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BSBWRT501 Diploma Of Business Management

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BSBWRT501 Diploma of Business Management

Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to:
•  Analyse and evaluate a design brief including:
Check information for accuracy
Work to schedule
Work to budgetary requirements
Locate and adhere to organisation’s legal and ethical constraints

• Produce persuasive copy with high impact, surpassing competitor’s promotional material
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, you must:

• Discuss ethical requirements which may impact production and delivery of creative copy
• Explain relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice affecting production and delivery of copy
• Outline constraints to be considered during analysis, evaluation and preparation of copy
• Explain organisational policies and procedures relevant to writing copy
• Describe persuasive writing techniques
• Explain structure of persuasive copy

Task A – Demonstrate knowledge of persuasive copy

1. Identify and describe two ethical requirements that may affect the production and delivery of a creative copy.   
2. Identify and describe at least three legislation, standards and codes of practice affecting production and delivery of copy.    

3. Identify and describe three ways to confirm the accuracy of the information from a design brief.

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