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BSS016-2 Work Placement And Work Management

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BSS016-2 Work Placement and Work Management


It needs to include MANY academic references and be written very professionally.

It is 3 parts and I will explain each one and provide material for all 3 BUT all 3 need to be enhanced and become more academic! I will provide the official brief.

I will also provide the presentation of my placement with the notes, so the expert can understand exactly the course of my placement. Needs to see it before he starts the solution.


A journal to document your experience and reflections on various tasks undertaken during your work placement with reference to academic literature as appropriate.

I will provide my notes on the weekly journal I was keeping but it really needs to get enhanced. To say what theories I used, what resources I used, etc. And everything needs up-to-date academic references. Please also use the presentation & it’s notes to define the journey as those have already been submitted.
The journal needs to remain weekly and keep the sections provided. Just enrich with more academic theories.


An individually developed defence of the creative ideas and suggestions proposed in response to your organisational brief. This is underpinned by theory where relevant and follows tutors feedback.

You must follow the presentation and its notes to understand my tasks in order to produce a defence. I imagine it will also be connected to the journals, so they need to be finished first.


A literature review which provides the academic under-pinning of your proposal, final report and defence of your creative proposals in response to the agreed tasks and your organisations brief.

I will provide you with a list of all the references used for the completion of the tasks. You will need to include the ones you will add for the above AND for the research in order to produce the asked tasks from the employer.

If for any reason you have changed focus from Assessment 1, please ensure that you address the significance and benefits of your new direction clearly. You must support your assertions by referencing appropriate and up to date literature. This is a requirement of academic work.

NOTE response from me: when Assignment 1 was conducted I had not begun the placement. I had only spoken with the HR dpt and had a rough idea of what I would be involved in. When I actually started, the project (Internal Mobility) was almost finished and all I did was a  presentation. This was due to University moving to slow but we cannot say that. The good thing is that I got to work on an entirely new project right from the beginning. Let’s emphasise on that.

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