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BU7406 Preparing For Research Consultancy

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BU7406 Preparing for Research Consultancy


1.Select and justify an appropriate project for management research, including its context and significance in management praxis

2.Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to plan a substantial research based project

3.Assess and evaluate potential ethical and practical challenges to conducting a research-based project

C: Assessment Task

Students are required to produce an individually-assessed research proposal which develops a strong research scope, justification and methodology to the management research in action project (3,000 +/- 10%)

The proposal should include the following;

Project scope, justification and impact factor (35% weight of the marks)
Initial literature review (25%)
Outlined methodology (25%)
Proposed plan of work, via a Gantt Chart, resource and risk assessment and ethics form signed and approved prior to submission (15%)

D: Specific Criteria/Guidance

Please see Pg. 5-6 for full marking criteria.

Section 1 (35%)

Project scope, justification and impact factor – critical commentary about the context about the researcher, career aspirations, relevant personal work experience.
Title of the proposed dissertation
Background context
Research question
Research aim(s) and typically 4 x objectives of the study
Research justification – why is this management research worth doing? Using the 5 x important criteria (focus, scope, access, impact for business, impact for yourself)

Section 2 (25%)

Initial literature review – critical engagement and evidence of initial reading and the use of relevant literature to conceptualise the specific problem in the wider literature.  

Section 3 (25%

Outlined methodology –
Details of, and rationale for methodological paradigm & research design e.g. how you will design questions, pilot etc.
Critical analysis and decision of case-study site or research population & sampling method
Evaluation of specific empirical research methods with rationale
Alignment of the above with topic / question
Evaluation and consideration of methods of data analysis
Critical assessment and consideration of research standards (e.g. validity, reliability & generalizability / or equivalence of qualitative research standards)

F: Submission Guidance

You must submit assessments in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format.
The file must be no larger than 40MB.
Your writing is expected to conform to Standard English in terms of spelling, syntax and grammar.
You must include your Assessment Number (J Number) in the header or footer.
Include your word count at the end of the assignment or the front cover.
Set up your page for A4 paper in portrait style.
The font size must be a minimum of point 12 Calibri (or equivalent) for the body of the assessment and footnotes must be 2 points smaller.
Line spacing in the body of the assessment must be 1.5 lines.
Number the pages consecutively.
Students should submit work before 12 noon on the deadline date electronically via Moodle. Please follow the ‘Turnitin submission’ link on the module space and follow the on-screen instructions, paying particular attention to any specific instructions for each assignment.
You must submit your work with the following details written on the first page:

-Title of your work

-Module title and code

-Module Leader and Seminar Tutor (if relevant)

-Number of words

-Your student assessment number (J Number)

Student work that does not have this information on will not be identifiable after marking has taken place and risks being recorded as a non-submission.

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