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BUENT3705 Work Integrated Learning: Industry Based Case Studies

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BUENT3705 Work Integrated Learning: Industry Based Case Studies




Case study – General concept
This University is fast paced and under a lot of competition from many other educational institutions in the same market and location. The University commenced operating in Sydney (and Melbourne) just over 15 years ago and today has expanded to three different locations around Australia with plans for further growth and development. They began with the several academics and only one program – they now have 16 academics and 9 administrative staff to support each location. The owners seek your professional consulting and guidance about their business in order to expand in a planned and sustainable way. The company needs to examine the following questions.
Your task is to systematically analyse the questions with appropriate business, industry and market research and prepare a professional consulting report for the owners’ consideration. How well you do this as an individual will determine your marks.
Steps to begin the project

Give your case study company a name – use the organisation where you study and identify its key products. The case study is about a small, local Australian business which has been successful and is now growing and needs a business development plan.
Write a coherent report which integrates the different questions below into one business report which the client case study company can use as a guide to develop their business.

Components to include in the analysis, and report:
1.PESTEL and SWOT analysis for the organisation: have specific information, find facts and figures to support your points.
2. Undertake a detailed competitor analysisof our competitors, recording and reporting findings with details on what are the other like-minded businesses doing. What is their point of difference, what is the company’s point of difference?
3. Identify the future trends – building, tech, materials, environmental, processes, IT etc. – in the local, national and global industry. Understand and analyse how does this can and will impact us, our competitors, current and future revenue streams and sustainability?
4. Provide recommendationsfor the business owners to consider.

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