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BUMGT1501 Management Principles

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BUMGT1501 Management Principles

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BUMGT1501 Management Principles

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Course Code: BUMGT1501
University: Federation University

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Country: Australia


Based on this case study, you are now required to identify, discuss and evaluate a range of selected management theories and concepts from management that managers and organisations can use to operates efficiently and effectively.Although this is a report based on the real world (case study), you are still required to use academic sources including the textbook and journal articles as well as use academic citation and referencing conventions. A good analysis (in the discussion section) will include consideration of the factors that support and constrain the management and/or organisation’s response to the ensuring efficient and effective operations.
Details of task:Read and analyse the *case study “Abraham’s Grocery” and answer the three questions provided here. Present your answer in a report format. The report should be 1500 words with appropriate APA referencing citing a minimum of four academic references. * the case study here provides background for this report In your report you should consider the following: Preliminaries (10%): These are the title page, table of contents, and full executive summary. Note that these are NOT included in the word count.
Introduction (20%): This? indicates the purpose of your report? identifies the plan of the report.Discussion (40%): This is the main part of your report. Here you will identify, discuss and evaluate case study based on the questions provided. You can have three separate subheadings addressing each aspect of the questions in this section.  CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 4 of 8Conclusion (10%): This is where you draw your conclusion from the discussion basedon the purpose of this report. Recommendations (10%): Finally, based on your discussion, make somerecommendations that you suggest the organisation/manager should do to achieve their purpose.Quality (10%): You must use academic journal resources and suitable language and grammar.
References: appropriate APA referencing citing a minimum of four academic references. Note that the reference list is NOT included in the word count. Your main aim in this report is to show your reader that you can apply some of the management theories and concepts you are studying to address real-life problems faced by managers in organisations and that you can present these ideas. Chapter 7 in the Student Q Manual provides a detailed outline for report writing. Online Submission is required for all students Please submit your assignment online by the due date. Word limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%). Excluding preliminaries and references Weighting/Value: 30% Estimated return date: Three weeks after assignment submission Criteria for marking: Please see the marking guide. 
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 5 of 8Case Study for Assignment 2Abraham’s GroceryThe first Abraham’s Grocery Store was started in 1967 by Bill Abraham and his sister Doris. They used a small inheritance to start a small grocery store, and it was immediately successful. The location was good, and both Bill and Doris had winning personalities and a ‘serve the customer’ attitude. Abraham’s rapidly growing number of customers enjoyed an abundance of good meats and produce, for which Abraham’s became well known. By 2007, Abraham’s had over 200 stores. There were four regional managers responsible for about 50 stores each. Within each region, there were four districts of 12 to 13 stores each. Because the stores specialised in excellent meats and produce, there was a separate meat department manager, grocery department manager and produce department manager within each store.
The grocery department manager also served as the store manager, but this person did not have direct authority over the meat department or the produce department. The store meat department manager reported directly to a district meat manager specialist, and the store produce department manager reported directly to a district produce manager specialist. The store manager (who is also the grocery department manager) reported directly to a district store supervisor. This direct line of authority for each store department provided excellent quality control over the meat, produce and grocery epartments within individual stores. However, there was growing dissatisfaction within the stores. The turnover of store managers was high, mostly because they had no control over the meat and producedepartments within their stores.
Coordination within stores was terrible, such as when a store manager decided to promote a sale on Coke products as a loss leader. Hundreds of cases of Coke were brought into the store for the big sale, but the meat and produce department managers would not give up floor space to display Coke cases. The frustrated store manager insisted that this was no way to run a business and quit on the spot. Many stores experienced conflict rather than cooperation among the meat, produce and store managers because each was very protective of their separate responsibilities. Doris Abraham asked a consultant for advice. The consultant recommended a reorganisation within each store so that the meat, grocery and produce departments would all report to the store manager.
The store manager thus would have complete control over store activities and would be responsible for coordinating across the meat, produce and grocery departments. The meat department manager in each store would report to the store manager and would also have a dashed-line relationship (communication, coordination) with the district meat specialist. Likewise, each store produce department manager would have a dashed-line relationship with the district produce specialist. The 
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 6 of 8 store manager would report directly to the district store supervisor. The district meat and produce specialists would visit individual stores periodically to provide advice and help the store department heads to ensure top quality in the meat, produce and grocery areas.
The consultant was enthusiastic about the proposed structure. Store managers would have more freedom and responsibility. By assigning responsibility for all store departments to the store manager, the new structure would encourage coordination within stores and give managers the ability to adapt to local tastes and customer needs. The dashed- line relationships would ensure excellent meat, grocery and produce departments across all stores.
Source: Samson, D. & Daft, R. L. (2015). Management (5th Asia Pacific Ed.). South Melbourne, VIC:Cengage Learning Australia. Page 428. Case Questions for Report: 1) Identify and describe how the four management functions contributed to improve the business in the case study, using relevant examples to reinforce your answer. 2) What one (1) management approach (eg. scientific, administrative, etc.) best suits this organisation or could be adopted by this organisation? Please elaborate. 3) Explain how the efficiency and effectiveness in managing the enterprise can be improved. 


The management of the stores by the leaders is an important function that will help in increasing the level of profit, as more customers can be attracted towards the company. The employees need to be motivated in a proper manner so that it can result in providing better services to the customers. The managers of the respective departments have to understand the needs and preferences of the employees so that it can result in providing the services in a efficient way.
Answer 1
            The important functions of management starts from planning, which helps the organization in planning the course of action that needs to be taken up so that the organization can work in an efficient manner. The challenges that are present in business needs to be understood so that it can result in predicting the future of the economy for the business. The objectives of the organization needs to be reassessed so that it can help in formulating the strategies in a better way, which will lead to an increased sales in the company (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014).
The planning has to be done efficiently, which will help in reducing the wastage of resources as well. Referring to the case study, it can be seen that the planning of the grocery store was not done in a proper manner. This was evident from the case that the company was expanding due to the better quality of products, which led to the appointment of managers in each department such as meat, grocery and produce department. The manager of the grocery department also served as the store manager but had no control over the other managers (Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes, 2015).
            Another function is known as organizing where the resources with respect to financial and humans are collaborated together so that the objectives of the company can be achieved. It can be done by delegating the activities in to various authorities so that the responsibilities of the people can be shared within the organization. This will also result in sharing the work pressure among the employees in an equal manner. The responsibilities of the people needs to be coordinated so that it can help in achieving greater rate of turnover within the company (Dumas et al., 2013).
            Leading is yet another management function that helps the employees in being motivated within the organization. A good leader will be able to communicate with the employees in a proper way so that it can make them understand the objectives and goals of the organization. They need to understand the personalities of the humans so that the best employees can be put in-charge of the various functions within the organization (Chang, 2016).
            Controlling is an important function, as it helps the organization in measuring the achievements in a proper way. The managers need to identify the deviation sources so that correct actions can be taken up in the organization. This helps the organization in meeting the goals and objectives in a proper way and decrease the rate of complaints that are done by the customers (Armstrong et al., 2015).
            From the case study, it can be seen that the managers of the stories reported directly to the district specialist for the raw materials that were sourced within the organization. This led to rise in the level of dissatisfaction among the employees of the stores. This led to a problem in the coordination among the employees, as the Coke products that were bought in the store were not displayed by the meat and produce department managers, as it would lead to a decrease in their floor space. This resulted in the loss of the company, as the managers lacked the coordination among themselves.
            The business started to improve after the store manager was made responsible for taking the reports from the managers of the three departments. This resulted in increasing the level of coordination among the store employees, as the store manager was responsible in communicating with the district specialist for the raw materials that were present in the organization.
Answer 2
            The organization needs to take up the administrative type of management approach, as it will help them in distributing the products within the store in an efficient way. The work needs to be divided in a proper way within the store by delegating the responsibilities on the employees who can handle the pressure. This will help in increasing the output due to the efficiency and the skills of the employees. The authority also needs to be strong so that they can be able to command over the operations, which will result in increasing the level of efficiency within the grocery store (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2014).
The managers of the different departments in the store needs to have a better level of communication power so that they can be able to work together and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. With reference to the case study, it can be seen that the store manager has the responsibility in collecting the reports from the managers of the different departments so that the grievances of the departments can be taken in to account and the plans within the organization can be done with coordination (Osborne, Radnor & Nasi, 2013).
            The remuneration of the managers is high within the grocery store, which needs to act as a motivator for them so that they can perform their duties in a proper way. The store manager needs to act as a centralized figure, as he will have to look after the grievances that are being put forward the managers of the department (Edward, 2017).
The store manager also needs to give freedom to the employees in each department to carry out the activities so that it can help them in using their necessary skills and knowledge in attracting more number of customers (Wisner, Tan & Leong, 2014). The manager will also be responsible for the level of equity that is provided to the employees. The employees need to be approached with kindness and in a humble manner so that they can be able to provide better feedbacks regarding the changes that needs to be done within the organization. The manager will also be responsible for increasing the level of spirit among the employees so that they can achieve the goals in a united manner (Moran & Morner, 2017).
Answer 3
            The efficiency and the effectiveness of the enterprise can be improved by providing better access to the store manager and the district specialists. The store manager will be responsible for communicating with them regarding the amount of raw materials that is required within the organization. It will result in better coordination between the produce, grocery and the meat departments, as the managers of these respective departments will have to report to the store manager on a daily manner (Osborne, Radnor & Nasi, 2013).
This will result in increasing the level of efficiency of the enterprise, as the daily interactions with these managers will help in understanding the needs and preferences of the organization. The store manager will also be responsible in inviting the district specialists to the store so that it can help in providing better advice to the respective departments so that it can ensure that the quality of the products can be maintained within the store. This will result in serving the fresh produce to the customers so that the satisfaction level among the customers can be increased that will result in increasing the level of profit as well for the grocery store (Armstrong et al., 2015).
            Therefore it can be recommended that the grocery store needs to take up the administrative approach of management so that it can increase the level of efficiency among the employees. It will result in better operations of the company so that the company can earn a better rate of return. The store manager needs to identify the gaps that are present in the department so that the manager of each department can report to him regarding the problems that are faced by their employees. It will also result in having a transparent team of workers who will work in a coordinated manner.
            It can therefore be concluded that the grocery store has been able to take up the advice that has been given by the consultant so that it can help in increasing the level of efficiency of the store. The clear communication pattern of the managers of different departments with the store manager will result in understanding the problems that are being faced by the employees so that corrective actions can be taken up in improving the level of efficiency among the employees. The store manager will also be responsible in inviting the district specialists so that they can provide better insights regarding the quality of the products to be maintained in a proper way within the store. 
Reference List
Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., & Brennan, R. (2015). Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education.
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