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BUS204 Business Excellence

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BUS204 Business Excellence



Use DBS Bank to answer this question. In the BE Framework, there is a subcategory or sub-criterion; “4.3 Employee Engagement and Well-Being.” In this sub-category, the Requirements are: a. Supports individual and team participation to achieve organisational goals; b. Develops a work environment that enhances employee health and well-being. To fulfill Requirement (a) and Requirement (b), discuss one (1) Approach for each Requirement that you would recommend to the management of DBS Bank. Your recommended Approaches should take into account of the new “normal” in the near future after Covide-19 has subsided and where “work-from-home” will become a norm. In addition, you should also recommend how your suggested Approaches have to be deployed so as to ensure they will reach all relevant areas in the organisation and are consistently practised. For each of your suggested Approaches, relate it to one (1) or more of Deming’s 14 Points on Quality Management. Note, do not exceed three (3) Deming’s Points for each Approach. Note: An Approach is a plan/programme that could be implemented by the organisation to help it achieves the Requirement.

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