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BUS301: Human Resource Management

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BUS301: Human Resource Management

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BUS301: Human Resource Management

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Course Code: BUS301
University: Saylor Academy

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Thank you for submitting your 1st attempt assignment (3RAI – Recording, Analyzing and Using HR Information). Your assessor has reviewed your assignment and found that; the following assessment criteria are not achieved;AC 1.1 – Explain why an organisation needs to collect and record HR data.AC 1.2 – Identify the range of HR data that organisations collect and how this supports HR practice.
AC 2.1 – Describe different systems for recording and storing HR data and the benefits of each.AC 2.2 – Explain legal requirements relating to the recording, storage and accessibility of HR data.AC 3.1 – Analyse and interpret HR data.AC 3.2 – Present findings in a clear, concise and meaningful manner to inform decision-making within an organisation.

Activity 1
According to the New HR Director, the briefing reviews on Gulf Consolidated Contractors’ approach are to collect, store and use the HR data. The findings and the result of the briefing help in developing the reasons for collecting HR data. In addition to this, the findings will also explain the type of data that an organization collects, and how these data support the HR practices. The briefing also describes the method of storing the records, including the benefits of these methods. This will also include explaining two essential items of UK legislation that relates to the collection and storage of the HR data.
1.1. Organization needs HR data
Organization needs HR data because each system impacts the record keeping of the laws. The component of the enterprise resource planning adopts the recruiting software of human capital information management tools. There are multiple reasons why HR information and data should be gathered and recorded in an organization. The other reason for gathering data is to meet the legal needs (Leatherbarow & Fletcher, 2013).
These are segmented into the length of service as well as the responsibility. To develop the organizations against the general labor, it can deal with the turnover rates with different organizations.
The law requires all organizations, either small or large, to keep record of certain information. This organization needs data because it helps in showing whether the company employees work the number of hours required by the law such as the minimum wage act. Recording and storing of certain personal data help the employing organization monitor the legislation compliance. Another reason for collecting data is to manage sickness and absence. This is one of the major challenges for a manager. When an organization has many unapproved absences, it causes major challenges for the manager, which involves running the company at an extra cost (Leatherbarow & Fletcher, 2013). As such, keeping the absence and lateness records of the employees can help the company to monitor the individual performance of the employees, which can help in identifying the major areas with problems and the necessary action to address the problem.
The data collected by an organization may differ. One type of data that an organization can collect is statutory regulation (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2012). This type of data ensures that the organization has fair and consistent practices and that it can monitor whether all the employees are treated in a standardized method. Another type of data is organization data (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2012). This data helps an organization make informed decisions. The organization records are important as it can help the HR monitor the absence and performance levels of the employees, which can help in more recruits to ensure that the company has effective productivity.
1.2. Range of HR data and support of HR practices
Paper records – l. There are legal needs that employees are needed to meet the amount of time that the specific information needs to be retained and assessed. (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2012).
Sickness and absence management – It is the long run cause of serious issue to manager. The unapproved leaves with absence with respect to the problems to managers and includes the workplace in high cost. With respect to the records of absence, it is sickness and absence to monitor the individual performance and help to deal with the problems and deal with the necessary steps. Data collection helps to manage the employee’s records and this also helps at the time of recognition and performance.
It supports HR Practices by meeting the legal needs. With the laws of the workplace, the large and small should develop the records of important information. Ex-record hours help to meet the needs of the work time laws and it ensures the needs of minimum wage act 1998 and recording the personal data help employers to monitor the laws and compliance. This is important for the company to remain successful for the continuous manner. (Martin & Whiting 2016)
Activity 2
2.1. Different Systems to record and store HR data and benefits
The organization needs to gather HR information for a number of reasons that involve –
Legal needs – The organization hires at an equal opportunity and high standards to meet the equal opportunity.
Information on supply management – This helps to develop the strategies with respect to the human resource planning and training and it is focused on the perfect requirements. It is important to deal with the supply chain so the organization cannot face any kind of challenge.
The different methods of storing records in the organization includes –
Paper files – The HR information and data are gathered in the folders and are locked. HR is important to ensure that the records are sorted in alphabetical manner. Paper management is cheap and important to develop the HR information and records. Files always are stored in the drawers and cupboards. Most of the information is effective and safe approach of gathering, recording, storing and managing HR data. Data can be processed quickly and has strong level of safety that eliminates challenges of misfiling. This also protects the money.
Technical management of files – With the help of soft copy of file management, data can be protected. The data will be safe with technical maintenance of files through soft copy in drives. It will be password protected and could never be lost.
2.2. Legal requirements
Different types of data protecting support HR practices such as –
The legal needs, tax and sickness and hours worked as well as books for accident are the major laws that help in the HR practices. This information helps the HR department to remain compliant to all the regulatory needs.
To involve the recruitment, records of absenteeism, staff turnover and learning and development help in meeting the laws and needs. These records are important to the HR departments and it helps to measure the human resources and recruit and it monitors to help with productivity and these help to manage the effectiveness. This way, the company can enhance the performance level and meet the goals.
Activity 3
3.1. Analyse and interpret HR data
Qualitative analysis
The research philosophy is the approach that helps the researcher to develop different tools and techniques based on the practice as well as the process to analyze the HR information. This philosophy helps to develop the needs in terms of outcomes from the research. This supports to define the methodology and the research philosophy deals into positivism, realism as well as interpretivism. It also develops the method and focus on the important facts based on the research. It helps to develop the information of HR and is dependent on the observation. (Dave et al 2016)
Research approach – with the important concept, the research is categorized into inductive and deductive research approach. The research has the purpose to get the reasoning behind the conduct research that supports in developing the outcomes and meet the elements of the research. It is based on the testing and inductive approach is dependent on the theory. (Welman et al 2005)
Inductive approach
The inductive approach is based on the new generation theory and it is developed from the information as well as observations, with this approach, the research identify from the data collection as well as the design of the explanation and it applies the points with respect to the descriptions.
Deductive approach is useful to develop the hypothesis and to gather the feedback accordingly.
These inputs will be measured with the help of theory in terms of research. The concept of deductive research helps to create the hypothesis and to measure the data, it involves mathematical tools. The data collection will be completed after the final summary. The quantitative research will be defined into different parameters that involve data collection through questionnaires and to conclude, this will follow the statistical methodologies.
Research design
Research design is systematic and structured process through which the data could be gathered with regards to the research goals. This is important with the help of information and it is important to deal with the HR information. The research involved primary as well as secondary research methodologies. The research involves explorative research, descriptive as well as explanatory research.
Exploratory research
The research focus on the design of exploratory research which is new for the researcher and it helps in less knowledge and it involves interviews as well as secondary method to understand the information about the subject and conclude the research. To deal with the descriptive information, the information on HR will be recorded. Through this research, the problems will be discussed in a detailed manner. *(Dave et al 2016).  Thus to collect the information on HR involves literature, case study as well as experiments method.
Descriptive research
The research involves information in a quantifiable manner. It uses research to collect the information on HR records and it is conclusive in nature. The researcher focuses on the descriptive approach to collect information with the help of recruitment as well as selection of the impacts of HR records. Thus, it supports to define the characteristics of the problem.
Explanatory research
This is based on the case study and with the help of the methodology, the researcher focus on the collection, testing and observation with respect to the needed information. This task is applicable for the case researcher about the task with respect to the growth and development for the research. It helps to define and explain the research. Qualitative and quantitative research methodology was useful to attain strong knowledge of research through the descriptive methodology.
Research strategy
It is an approach that involves the importance of systematic and structured approach to complete the process of HR data. This is important to achieve as well as to develop the objective. There are multiple strategies that involve the experiment and surveys and case studies. In this research, qualitative as well as quantitative research methodology used to answer the questions. The purpose of the research is to gather the information about the research.
Sampling is the tool which is used for the types of probability as well as non-probability sampling. The sampling is used to enhance the accuracy for the data collection. Thus, it is useful to design and develop the research as well as objectives. The research is useful for the non-probability sampling methodology.
The non-probability theory provides easy approach to the respondents for responding in terms of worthy and important responses. With sampling, the respondents are collected for surveys with the valuable responses. With respect to the respondents, the alternative methods are important. With the research, the questions are based on the importance of the recording of HR data and collection. (Saunders et al, 2009)
Data collection steps
There are multiple steps to focus on the data information depending on the primary and secondary research to deal with the research. (Zikmund et al 2010). With the help of primary method, interviews, questionnaires, online surveys and observations help to create the trust worthy as well as fast information.
Questionnaire is the vital way to deal with the information as it helps to meet the information to meet the research goals and objectives. The research focuses on the questions as well as the responses depending on the respondents’ skills. This way, it organizes the research to collect the reliable as well as fast data. Respondents were able to define their feedbacks and responses through the research techniques. This way, the organization can understand the view points of the chosen respondents successfully. It also helps to deal with the better performance and success in long run.
Interviews are important to deal with the data analysis depending on the face to face interviews and interviews work to meet the research goals as well as objectives. The research focus on the exact and reliable analysis of HR information and data as it helps to meet the success as well as performance. Interviews will help to deal with the face to face interaction that will to define the perception and feedback. (Wilson 2010)
Observation helps to create actions based on the analysis as well as actions. The HR data and information are difficult to deal with the effectiveness of information and it is important to record. The data collection is important to deal with the effectiveness of information and it is important to record. The action of responses is vital and it helps to deal in a logical manner.
Data analysis is vital to deal with the policies of HR practices as well as support and it is important to deal with the statistics. It helps to develop the importance in terms of charts, tables and graphs for the fast development of information. The results are collected with the help of conclusion.
Armstrong, M., & Armstrong, M. (2012).Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. [Place of publication not identified] Kogan Page 2009
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Zikmund, W. G., Bablin, B. J., Carr, J. C. and Griffin, M. (2010) Business Research Methods.8th Ed. Hampshire: Cengage Learning. pp. 336-337.

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