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BUS332 Strategic Management

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BUS332 Strategic Management



It is suggested that each you submit a list of three firms (ranked highest to lowest) so that the instructor has some latitude. Please note that firm selection is on a first come first serve basis (no duplications of assignments).
1. Introduction  a background to the firm in question including the “who, what, where, when, why and how”
2. Mission/Vision/Objectives of the firm
3. The firm’s generic strategy What does the company do? How is the company doing (sales/profits)? What goods and services does it produce and/or sell? Who are its target customers? Who are its main competitors? If Brick & Mortar and e-commerce, consider if your answers should differ for each go-to-market strategy. Who are its top three competitors?
4. What challenges confront the company today – for example, in its efforts to attract customers, to lower costs, to maintain its competitive edge, security, etc.? Include a SWOT analysis to help describe this – keep it simple to cover main points. a. Environmental/Industry Analyses (PESTI/Five Forces) = O/T b. Internal Analyses – VIRO/Value Chain/Functional = S/W c. Result of SWOT analyses – does the firm’s strategy seem to work? Why or Why not? (Is there an alignment between the firm’s strategy/environment/internal operations?)
5. Suggestions for “realigning” the firm, its strategy, and its market.
6. Describe the ways in which the company has changed and developed its e-commerce strategy over time. Explain the rationale behind these changes.
7. What types of electronic marketing and social media tactics does the company employ? How effective do you believe these tactics are? Why? How do you rate the site’s usability?
8. What is the company doing in the area of m-commerce? As a member of the Marketing e-Commerce (not IT) team of this company:
a. What initiatives would you introduce to address the challenges that you have identified?
b. What steps would you take to implement these initiatives/changes?
c. What steps would you take to monitor the effectiveness of these initiatives/changes? Conclusions – what did you learn from this exercise?

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