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BUS8570 E-Commerce

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BUS8570 E-commerce

You will select a product that you feel passionate about – it should be unique from everyone else in the class.  In the Proposed Approach Plan you will select one product (not a product line or an already branded product) and a second product as an alternate.  Remember you will be providing original branding for this product so do not choose a heavily branded product, i.e. Levis jeans would not be a good choice.  

  You will provide a Proposed Approach Plan on the Template provided and receive feedback from your Instructor. 

The categories for products include, but are not limited to:

 a. Art & Photography

b. Clothing & Fashion

c. Jewelry & Accessories

d. Electronics

e. Food & Drink

f. Home & Garden

g. Furniture

h. Health & Beauty

i. Sports & Recreation

j. Toys & Games

 Preparation for the Proposed Approach Plan will consist of preparing a document that contains the following:

k. Product Chosen- First Choice

l. Back up Product (in case your first choice is not viable)

m. Why did you Choose these Products?

n. What is the eCommerce Presence/Approach you Plan to take (Please refer to chapter 4- eCommerce Presence for more information)?

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