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BUS8590 The Business Of Social Media

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BUS8590 The Business of Social Media



Research Free Blog sites.Select one that works best for you.  Do not pay for any blog site, they must be free.  Some suggestions are free versions on Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, WordPress and there are many others (Do not make any accounts, I will do it myself just write the material). Create a blogon any topic or subject that is of interest to you.   Create two relevant and creative blog posts. Each blog post should be at least . A strong blog post has substance, creativity, and personality.  It recognizes that writing for the web is different than writing a homework assignment to submit in writing for your teacher. In addition to the  in the posts, you can use visuals. Some tips in writing your blog posts – see the Rubric for more information: Your writing should inform, interest, or prompt thinking in a reader. Has the entry engaged directly and fully with the topic? Does it address the topic in a thoughtful, probing way? Does it explore fully enough and dig deep enough to get to engaging insights? Does it demonstrate critical thinking and analysis? Does it employ examples and details to enliven the post and support/illustrate claims? Does it link with other conversations going on out in the world, encourage interactivity? (For instance, reference other blogs, other informational sites, other articles.) Is there a useful title to guide the reader? Is the language clear, concise, and easy to understand? Does it avoid pointless repetition? Does the post-strike an appropriate tone (exploratory but not rambling, with a voice that reflects the writer’s personality)? Is the writing chunked up into small, accessible, and coherent paragraphs (or is it a long series of sentences that may not follow from one another)? Are creative and useful design features included (e.g., headings, pictures, links)? Are sentences well-crafted and the writing proofread?

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