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BUSM1162 Managing People

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BUSM1162 Managing People

Description: Building Effective Workplace Communication

Bambacas and Patrickson (2009, p.109) state that “even though managerial tasks may have changed the challenge with advances in technology, workforce diversity, globalisation and the emphasis of working in teams accentuates managers’ need to communicate effectively”. This requires managers and employees knowing about the factors underpinning effective communication.
Refer to Topic – Managing Individuals | Managing Communication— Bringing It All Together—Class Folio exercise.

You have been hired as a communication expert to develop the communication skills in manager Mathias Mendez whose communications with his team is not effective. Drawing on the key learnings in the Topic and the scholarly and professional literature, write a report that contains the following elements. 

1. Literature review on effective communication in the contemporary workplace. You review should include the Required Readings listed below and consider these issues:

a. Influences and barriers to effective workplace communication
b. Communication tactics that are used to influence and persuade
c. Dominant communication styles and in what circumstances each style is most effective
d. Strategies for effective workplace communication

2. Analyse and identify Mathias Mendez approach to communication.

a. Draw on the Hartmann and Cambridge (2011) article to analyse Mendez’s communication style.
b. List what missteps in Mendez’s communication was made in his email
c. Consider if Mendez used the appropriate communication channel.

3. Drawing on the key learnings from the Topic and tutorial, write an alternative email to staff that Mendez can use as a template for future communications that will build staff morale and support for his performance

a. Draw on the Hartmann and Cambridge (2011) article when creating the email.
b. Discuss the elements of the email and justify how you think it will communicate more effectively than the email that Mendez wrote.
c. Discuss the elements in the communication that the original did not.

4. Explain how your email help will build staff morale and commitment.

5. Conclude your report with a summary of key communication insights that Mendez needs to consider when communicating with his employees.

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