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BUSN-1053 Intro to Entrepreneurship

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BUSN-1053 Intro to Entrepreneurship



Entrepreneur Practicum Assignment is worth 25 percent of your grade. Do a search for the word “Practicum” in the the course PowerPoint Slides located in the “Content” tab for instructions. The main slides are #377 and #415-432. Submit your Practicum by clicking on the Practicum header above. The Practicum Assignment is a PowerPoint presentation only. Create the 10 slides for the PowerPoint and add your 4-minute audio presentation to the PowerPoint slides. Blended section students will present their PowerPoint presentations in class as noted in the syllabus. Online sections will submit their PowerPoint and 4-minute presentation in Blackboard. Practicum work allows you to put knowledge you are learning from the course into practice. Practicums allow you to practice what you have learned. This course practicum is designed to help you with the business organization, market validation and partnership portions in your business plan. The practicum will help you as the first step to writing your business plan from the business idea you selected in the Introduction to Your Company section of Assignment One. In a rare occasion, some students decide to change their business idea after Assignment One. Let me know if you do this. Your business plan will be due soon, so you have to lock in your business idea for the practicum assignment. Your practicum should have 5 sections (10 slides total/no more and no less than 10 slides). The 5 Sections are: 1. Branding and Company positioning statement. 2. Partner/learning contact. Due to COVID, follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. You may do this step via phone interview or attend an online workshop. There are several options at the US Small Business Administration website, for example. Go to www.sba.gov and click on Learning Center tab. Another option would be to listen to a TED Talk from an entrepreneur. 3. Organization paperwork which includes any licensure your company may require. 4. Market Validation/Primary research. Due to COVID, make sure to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. Also, you may do this research via phone interviews or online surveys. 5. Serduct Integration: Integrating Services and Products

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