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BUSN221 Organizational Behaviour

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BUSN221 Organizational Behaviour

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BUSN221 Organizational Behaviour

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Course Code: BUSN221
University: Centennial College

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Country: Canada

Imagine you are a newly hired CEO for a car company that operates in the U.S., Japan, and Germany. The governing board hired you because of your education and past track record as a successful business person. You have been asked by the governing board to double-spaced report. 
When you write your report, use concepts learned throughout the course. For example, consider the following:
Describe the cultural issues that affect the organization’s behavior Identify differences in work behavior in the 3 different countriesIdentify challenges and opportunities and provide solutions and/or actions to address challenges and opportunitiesAddress your plan to continuously improve the organizationIdentify major stakeholders Identify what you need to do to develop your personal leadership skillsWhat leadership style will you use to contribute to the overall organization? How will your leadership style influence the organization’s behavior (employees, stakeholders, society, government, etc.)
Please do not write your paper to simply answer the above questions.

A workplace is formed through components like leadership, culture and organizational behaviour. Organizational behaviour incorporates the aspects of leadership and culture. Conscious approach towards preservation of the cultural attitudes, values and beliefs is beneficial in terms of luring the attention of the stakeholders and shareholders (Miner, 2015). This assignment attempt to prepare a report on workplace behaviour, organizational culture and leadership styles of a car company, operating in the threshold of US, Japan and Germany.
Describe the cultural issues that affect the organization’s behaviour
According to the arguments of Pinder, (2014), concepts like globalization and regionalization have added to the cultural diversity in the workplace. In spite of this, there are many issues, which affect the organizational behavior. These issues are:
The operations of the company is conducted in an unknown country, where the social system is entirely different from that of the headquarters. This differentiation is bound to receive wide-ranging and conflicting responses from the employees. The representatives sent to the other countries, expose a different kind of behaviour, which might be acceptable to the inhabitants of the country. Luthans, Luthans and Luthans, (2015) feels that in this context, chances of failing to recognize the cultural differences are high. Insignificance predominates over the uncertainty regarding recognition of the differences between the native and the foreign cultural differences.
In the workplace, the employees belong to different socio-cultural backgrounds. Within this, some of the individuals prefer to be concerned only about their own welfare. This reflects the adherence towards the motto, “being concerned for self before being concerned about others”. Belief towards this motto contradicts the teamwork, which is needed in the workplace. According to Wagner and Hollenbeck, (2014), moreover, it leads to conflicts, discriminations and harassments, degrading the stability in the professional relationships.
This is a potential cultural issue, which aggravates the complexities for the employees in terms of adjusting with the other cultures. This is the condition, which arises when the employees prefer their native culture over the other cultures. This feeling is an obstacle towards expanding the scope and arena of their thought processes. This feeling aligns with the behavioural psychology of the employees. However, it hampers the productivity, which is expected from the employees (Robbin & Judge, 2014).
Identify differences in work behaviour in the 3 different countries
Every country possesses different workplace terms and conditions. In this segment, focus is placed on the countries of US, Japan and Germany.
In US, the employees are engaged in meetings for gaining an insight into their opinions regarding the workplace issues. The main aim of the meetings is to propose plans and small decisions. The managers are conscious towards the opinions of the employees. This consciousness reflects an alignment with the core organizational values. Greenberg, (2014) states that devoting more time to these meetings compel the personnel to encounter complexities in executing the business activities. There is a stipulated working time except for the IT field. Full time employees are expected to work for at least 40 hours per week. The employees are instructed not to use the company resources for personal use. The amenities differs for the employees belonging to the different levels. There is an allotted dress code, which the employees need to follow. This reflects the presence of ethical code of conduct. Organizing social events like birthday parties, picnics, farewell parties enhance the corporate social responsibility. The managers instruct the employees to take guidance and support from the right person. This is in terms of venturing into the path of professional development in a proper manner (Bolman & Deal, 2017).
Working overtime is not there in the Japanese working hours, which represents the conscious approach towards the health of the employees. One of the points, which can be mentioned here is that the workers need to take compulsory five days paid holiday a year. According to the current working conditions, the employees are provided with the facility of 18.5 days paid holiday a year. Mention needs to be made of the napping session provided to the employees. This facility has brought drastic change in the performance of the employees (Mun & Brinton, 2015).
The employees in Germany get the essence of the many cultures. The predominance of the councils and the governmental agencies arises confusion for the employees belonging to the foreign cultures. Target oriented is one of the essential attributes of German inhabitants. Firm establishment and implementation of the cultural values helps the managers in determining the response of the employees. Frenking, (2016) argues that the managers comply with the organizational structure. Typical evidence of this lies in the effective communication tools for indulging in contracts with the associate partners.
Identify challenges and opportunities and provide solutions and/or actions to address challenges and opportunities
Lack of adequate research about the culture of the neighboring countries is a challenge for XYZ Automobiles LTD. This is in terms of conducting the import and the export activities. Along with this, absence of ethical code of conduct is also a challenge in terms of making the employees aware of the workplace culture and values. This absence is striking for XYZ Automobiles LTD regarding enhancing the adjustability skills of the employees. One of the major challenge for XYZ Automobiles LTD is the conflicts, which arises due to the fact that employees belong to different socio-cultural background (Robbins & Judge, 2014). This conflicts contradict the aspect of teamwork. Regionalization is one of the other challenges towards collaborative productivity.
Group discussions can be effective for increasing the adjustability skills of the employees towards the other cultures. Along with this, the employees need to be made aware of the different cultures, so that they can respect other cultures, attitudes and beliefs. For practising transparent business, the managers of XYZ Automobiles LTD need to conduct open forums and discussions. Bolman and Deal, (2017) feels that interactive sessions would be effective in terms of gaining an insight into the issues, which the employees are facing in executing the workplace activities.
Address your plan to continuously improve the organization
I think Stewhart Cycle or PDCA is appropriate for XYZ Automobile LTD. This cycle involves the activities of planning, action, checking and final action. As per the arguments of Frenking, (2016), this is a framework, which assists in upgrading the standards and quality of the business activities. At the initial stage, assessment can be done for the current strategic condition. This assessment would help in making plans for undertaking challenging and enduring tasks for reaching to the benchmark level of performance. Within this, evaluation is the agent, which would help the personnel in assessing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the plans. This is in alignment with the identified and specified aims and objectives (Bolman & Deal, 2017).
Identify major stakeholders
The major stakeholders for XYZ Automobiles LTD would be the following:
Internal Stakeholders:


External Stakeholders

Government agencies (Greenberg, 2014)

Identify what you need to do to develop your personal leadership skills
Firstly, I need to enhance my awareness about the qualities, which makes an individual a great leader. After this, conducting self-assessment would be my priority. This assessment would provide me with an insight into the core values. Identification of the core values would help me to produce my vision statement, helping me to venture into the path of personal development. Within this, analysing the opinion of others is crucial, as it would help in formation of my identity. Evaluation of the personal strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats would be effective in terms of gaining an awareness about the lacking leadership skills (Khan, Khan & Chaudhry, 2015). This lacuna would be a further assistance in terms of identifying goals, which, further, would support in preparing action plans.
What leadership style will you use to contribute to the overall organization?
I think transformational leadership style is appropriate for altering the workplace dynamics of XYZ Automobiles LTD. This is in terms of the evaluation, which the managers would conduct before implementation of the Shewart Cycle. After the implementation of the Cycle, the managers need to conduct meetings for proposing plans about improving the business activities. Schnurr et al., (2017) states that taking initiatives for contacting with the research and development team would reflect the urge towards adding innovation into the design of the vehicles.
How will your leadership style influence the organization’s behavior?
I think transformational leadership would reflect the urge towards altering the business scenario of XYZ Automobiles LTD. As a matter of specification, conducting offshore management would stabilize the supply chain network of the company. Along with this, it would improve the stability in the public relationship of the company. Catering to the cultures of the employees would be a conscious approach towards improving the leadership skills (Harold & Holtz, 2015).
XYZ Automobiles LTD needs to incorporate Ethical Code of Conduct within the workplace. This is in terms of maintaining the workplace integrity, culture and values. Conducting self assessment and the assessment of the current workplace condition would be beneficial for the personnel in terms of improving the public relations. Offshore management is an efficient and effective means for expanding the scope and arena of the supply chain network and corporate social responsibility.
Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2017). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership. John Wiley & Sons.
Frenking, S. (2016). Feel good management as valuable tool to shape workplace culture and drive employee happiness. Strategic HR Review, 15(1), 14-19.
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Wagner III, J. A., & Hollenbeck, J. R. (2014). Organizational behavior: Securing competitive advantage. Routledge.

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