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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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Course Code: BUSN4100
University: The University Of Newcastle

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Country: Australia

1. How many times have you been to the destination, including this visit?2. What is your main purpose for visiting the destination? Visiting friends/relatives Cultural event Combination of business and leisure
3. Who are you travelling with?4. What luxury item have you bought or MOST likely to buy during this trip?5. Which of the following best describes your purchase/ or intention to purchase of this item? Solely purchased for myself Solely purchased on behalf of others Solely purchased as gifts for other All of the above6. What is your main reason for purchasing this item? For fun For belonging For prestige For respect For accomplishment For investment For self-fulfilment For friendship.7. What is your perception of a conspicuous/luxury item?.

This reflective report will illustrates the experience of conducting a survey taken from a small group of people, who love to travel and like the consumption of luxury goods consumption. This survey aims for finding the socio demographics, culture values and the aspects that influences them to buy luxury good while traveling to other places. This reflective report will demonstrate the reason for selecting the face to face survey, the advantages and disadvantages of using face to face survey method. The report will also followed by the success of the administration procedure, changes made in the questionnaire so that it can be represented to the larger group of people. Lastly, the key lesson from the survey administration process will be demonstrated.
Reasons for selecting the particular method of survey administration used and advantages and disadvantages of using this method 
All the survey questionnaires based on the trips of the customers, shopping activities, shopping motivations, cultural values, aspects of the future visits to the tourist’s destination and demographic questions is conducted through face-to-face survey. The main reason for selecting the face-to-face survey is that all the survey respondents can be collected directly with comprehensive understanding.
The main advantage of the face-to-face survey is that the facial expression and body language of the research respondents can be assessed properly (Veal, 2017). Bryman and Bell (2015) also stated that the survey conductor can also use stimulus material and visual aids, which can be used if any respondent cannot understand any questions. In this survey, the respondents are also assisted in case they do not understand any questions that cannot be obtained in case of online survey or telephonic interview. However, the problem that can be occurred due to this type of method is that this procedure is time consuming (Marcano-Belisario et al., 2014). In this survey also, I have faced the same difficulty and have to give effort to make every respondent understand the meaning of the research question. Another disadvantage of this type of research is that respondent might not get the courage to answer in negation even if they feel like that as the survey conductor is present in front of them. This approach thus results in biased answer.
Success of the administration procedure 
The survey outcome is a success overall but I have to face some problems like asking meaning of a research question, blank answers and improper answers. I have observed that most of the respondent asked the main idea of the research question “Some of the most impotent achievements in life include acquiring material possessions like luxury goods”. Thus, I came to know the language used in this research question is too difficult to understand. Another problem that gets highlighted throughout the survey is that some of the respondent hesitate to ask the meaning and hence gave no answer or mark an incorrect option. However, most of the respondent understands the question and gave genuine responses. Thus, it was easier for depicting the outcome of the research and identifying the socio demographics, culture values and the aspects that influences the tourists to buy luxury good while traveling to other places.
Suggestion for improving the administration procedure used
The problem of understanding the question in the survey is the problem that is identified. This problem can be solved by illustrating the question in simpler terms or present the same question in the local language where the study has been conducted. This decision is taken as not all people know English and they might not get the meaning of the questions. Another problem that is highly visible in the survey is that many research respondents left some of the question unanswered. As a result, I cannot consider those responses in count even if a single question remained unattended. This reduces the sample size that I have considered and diminishes the effectiveness of the research outcome. This problem can be resolved by formulating digital survey where all the questions remained mandatory so that of anyone skips any question or remained any question unanswered; the survey will not be submitted. This will allow all the response to be fully answered.    
Changes made in the questionnaire before administering it to a larger group of respondents 
In this existing face to face survey, there are 18 research questions among which some of the questions also have sub parts and some of the questions are subjective. Thus, the current survey questionnaire took at least of 1 hour which on present for larger group might results in dissatisfaction among many research respondents. Thus, the research question need to be focused on the main aspects through which the socio demographics, culture values and the aspects that influences them to buy luxury good while traveling to other places can be easily attained In addition to that, the language is a problem when a larger sample size will be considered. This will allow all the tourism from other geographic location to understand the question and they can easily answer all the research questions without skipping anything. Additionally, if larger group will be considered, presence of both the quantitative and qualitative response will be time consuming and need more effort to extract the research outcome. Thus, in case of larger sample size, only the objective questions should be present in the survey so that the evaluation can be easily attained. Moreover, the administrator needs to present the main research purpose so that research respondents can understand the benefit of the research. The guidelines related to the research should also be presented prior starting the survey so that the respondent can follow the rules while answering to the survey and can relate the research question with that of the research topic.
Key lessons learnt from the survey administration process 
The main lesson that I have gathered is that in order to identify the genuine result of a research, primary data collection is important. It is because, the primary data collection allow the research to present an unbiased outcome which will help to identify the main objectives of the research. In this research study, my aim is to identify the socio demographics, culture values and the different aspects that influence the travelers to buy luxury good while visiting other regions. I have learned the importance of the demographic question that comprises of the personal questions like age, gender, highest education and their income. This will help to identify the nature of the people or identify the group of respondent prefer to buy luxury things. Through this research I have also attained the importance of simplified respondent. I have faced problem during face to face survey as many people asked for the meaning of some research questions but I have learnt that when this survey is conducted for larger groups or conducted through other media like telephonic interviews and online surveys, they might not ask someone to clarify their doubts. Thus, it is better to use simplified language or make the questions available in the local language. In addition to that, I have also learnt that the research ethics need to be maintained. IN this survey I have followed the ethics that not to use the research data for other purpose and all the data will be protected and remain anonymous.
Thus, it can be stated that the survey is related to find the preferences and motive of buying luxury items while they are travelling to other places. The research question is designed for pilot study, where only smaller number of respondents is considered. The survey question comprised of different demographic questions, their preference to travel and the reason why they like to buy luxury things However, this the survey suffers from some drawback that language of some questions are not simple and hence create confusion. Another thing that has been found is that the questioned designed for the survey is applicable for pilot study only. This is because, face to face survey take much time and presence of both objective as well as subjective type questions makes the entire face to face survey procedure more time consuming. Thus, in order to present this survey to larger group, it is better to formulate only objective type questions so that less time will be taken by a respondent to answer all the questions. It is also found that the problem of skipping answers to some questions can be overcome by conducting the survey on digital media and make all the questions mandatory. This approach will not allow the respondent to submit the questionnaire until they answer all the research questions. This incorporation of thee digital technique also helps in evaluating the research data more easily. Additionally, it has been also found that the research ethics need to be maintained and all the respondents should be make aware of the purpose and guidelines of the research. In this survey also, all the research ethics is followed.
Reference List and Bibliography 
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