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BUST08031 Business Simulation

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BUST08031 Business Simulation

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BUST08031 Business Simulation

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Course Code: BUST08031
University: The University Of Edinburgh

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Country: United Kingdom

The Global Business Simulation (CESIM Global Challenge Software) is designed for strategy and international business studies. It aims to develop students’ understanding of the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic, competitive environment.
 In critical Perspective you have to consider your feelings, your present, past and future learning during the module. In addition, by following the below instructions you have to consider some questions such as, what assumptions you have, what surprised you, what annoyed you, what’s your thinking ,  there are explanations of what’s going on and your perception about the events etc.
In weeks 2-9, the student will engage in the simulation exercises as follows:
Business decisions making:
Students will engage one another in teams, making business decisions using a case management with pre-determined market outlook/scenario. These decisions will cut across all departments of a manufacturing business.
There will be eight rounds of decisions and results giving the student the opportunity to reflect and re-strategize in-between rounds/sets of decisions.
Activity reporting:
Bi-weekly, individual activity and reflection will be presented by the students in a report that clearly demonstrates use of theories, concepts and various parameters they applied in decision making and also discuss their results. This will be done over eight weeks/rounds forming part of the final report.
This chapter presents the background information, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, research objectives, and questions, significance of the study, the assumption of the study, limitations, and delimitations of the study.
Background of the Study 
In this era technology has become an essential aspect of our daily lives, this technology assists us with very many elements that will enhance better decision making in a mobile technology company. This study was brought about when the USA directors though to stagnate the mobile technology industry and increase the prices of the available technology to maintain the operational and financial position of the company where it became an issue and was elected to view the nature of this case and the other markets using this product. I was elected to check on the operation of the handset in the research and development, production and marketing. The sales revenue under up to one billion studies hence they decide to develop the technology to increase the productivity in the area rather than to remain stagnant and increase the sales. This led to the development of cesim which is an online platform that will lead to students to understand the business world appropriately and assist them in the future decisions of a business this is understanding the global business market and also the competitive environment, marketing decision-making process and all the factors that leads to business success.  In this study, we were to use the cesim software challenge to give the best decision making.
Statement of the Problem
The teams representing the mobile telecommunication decided to stagnate the mobile technology to increase the prices of the artificial products and other matters that will bring about the same financial and operational position. This decision by the board directors was a primary concern since we understand the development of the evolution of the mobile assets brought about increase in sales, research and development that led to increasing profit of one billion dollars, so we encourage the development sector. How useful was the cesium module in operational and financial vital indicators
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this research is to help us students develop understand the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic, competitive environment. This we focus on the strategic management, international business and business policies.it is also to manage teams for global technology company through technological and market evolution. The Cesium software challenge was used to help in strategic thinking, decision making, problem-saving, financial analysis, operations, teamwork, and leadership.
Research Objective
The study aims to achieve the following objectives

To know more about Cesim either in general, its product and how can you access the company
To know on the features of the cesim product in the technology mobile industry and how it functions
To know how decisions are made in the online mobile telecommunication
To know how the market conditions and marketing affects the production and selling of the mobile telecommunication
To understand the production system of the mobile technology
To know the logistics, taxation and human resources needed in this mobile technology
To know the finance methods and the budget to undergo in the mobile telecommunication process
To improve on the research and development plan of the mobile technology
To know on my personal reflection of the business approach

Research Questions

What is cesim in general, what is its product and how can you access it?
What are the features of these products and how does it function?
How are decisions made in the mobile technology industry?
What is the production system of this mobile technology industry?
What are the market conditions of this application and how is marketing done using the mobile technology?
What is the taxation method used in this mobile technology, the logistics of sell and the human resource required?
What needs to be improved in this mobile technology?
What is the finance methods that we need to follow and how will we budget?
What is my reflection on this approach? 

Significance of the Research
The research seeks to establish the impact of improving the mobile technology systems as time goes by. This study will expose how this growth will bring about profitability and increased production. This research also will enable us as students to learn the global decision making as well as the decision processes needed in the marketing of the products required. The research will lead to a better understanding of the complexity of global business operations in a competitive world and used the cesim software method to analyses it
Assumption of the Study
The study will assume that the decision is made by the team and not the individual to get the best decision and assumes that you follow the decision on the tool provided and you follow it for the first time, but decisions will be made later as you understand the model. The study assumes that all the technology systems follow the mobile application in their business and all its running of the business operations and marketing strategies. The study assumes that it will offer powerful user-level customizability and modularity options that will be adjusted to different target groups and experience level.
Limitations of the Study
The cesim global is likely to have challenges in the future that are the mobile industry is likely to develop new applications and services. The cooperation in the industries will have intensified hence this will need a technology company that will facilitate the adoption of the changing market faster than those companies that will enhance change. Not everything will be provided in-house hence it will need to increase the technology partnership due to increased global markets hence we will need to create more production areas. The mobile handsets evolution changes and this will require an increase in the research and development investments
Delimitation of the Study
This study does not recognize the other businesses that do not use the mobile technology in the computing world. It also does not consider other technologies that are coming up in the industry, but their primary focus is on the mobile technology. This study only focuses on three global markets and does not consider other places.
Organisation of the Study
Chapter one will contain the introduction of my work that is the background of the study, the statement problem, purpose, objectives, the questions asked during the study, the significance of the study, assumptions of the study, limitations, and delimitations of the work. Chapter two will contain the literature review of the report that is it will explain the modules found in the cesim global in decision making and their effectiveness during this study. Chapter three will be the analysis considering, my reflection on the work done. Chapter four will be the conclusion while chapter five will be the recommendations and chapter six will be references and appendices
Chapter 2
Literature Review
This chapter reviews the existing literature. In this chapter, we are going to view some concepts from various management related- disciplines: economic,  political,  financial,  human resources, accounting, procurement, production, logistics, taxation, research and development, budgeting and marketing.
Cesim generally provides corporations, universities and other learning institutions an easy way to use their simulations in the business courses. This software operates globally and their products the global challenge that helps the students to understand the complexity of the global operations of a business in the competitive world. The sim brand helps the student to understand the marketing decision processes which emphasizes profitability. On services that help students to learn on the success factors of a business .hospitality of businesses and the simfirm that is designed to understand that decision made in an organization of different functions will bring to the success in a competitive business world. This cesim software has the numbers that you can use in case you want to use this is their email, contact number and the box number where you can get them.
Features of the Product
This cesim software has a general user interface options this is where you put your information, the support team in case of any problems and the language you would like to use. Has the home page  which shows the details of those who are in the player information, the email function, the team decision log that will show all the decision that has been made by the team  where the decision team log is modified to decision checklist which is divided into the student decision area and the team decision area . The decision areas this is divided into categories to determine what decision should be made first in which might affect the overall decision. The area of the results which is calculated immediately after the deadline. The schedule is also in place to show how many rounds took place. The team area is the details about the players in the team. The material on how the decision will be made. The forums this is the place that where is divided in the team forum and the course forum, the course forum is where all the people in the business can access what is going on while team forum is only the participated members can view whatever is going on in the game. 
The goal of the stimulation of this cesim in the mobile manufactures brought other restructured companies to see this deskin of deliberately stagnating the technology development plans, and pricing the handset artificially high, and another key that will set the companies to bring the same financial and operational position. This decision was made due to sales revenue increased by more than one billion dollar. The company only enhanced the profitability that they used the misbranding of the cesim products and did not consider other factors that would bring about the dynamic competition of the business. The decision was to lessen the own capital to make the profit and increase the share price with, to have a longer time for them to accumulate interest. The strong decision flow for as to make the decision we should follow the operations to the market conditions of the mobile technology this is the market outlook., the demand of the mobile technology which includes the total market demand, the growth of the market the shares and product selections. The production this is you check the [production capacity, allocation and the inventories. The investments this is what the future will demand and the investment in the new production technology. The human resource which is optional and this mostly includes the employees. The research and development this is how we will develop new features purchase the licenses and the technology. The marketing decisions for the product and the market, the pricing decisions, and promotion investments. The logistics that is the delivery priorities and the prices. The finances and the budgets to be done in the mobile technology industry.
Market Conditions
This is the market outlook that one has to consider while looking at the demand, total market size, and the market share. In this we have to look for the market growth for each market area, then you give the market shares for all of the products being sold .the demand is strongly affected by the price level, the number of companies offering products in the technology and the marketing efforts. In the USA the demand of the mobile is higher than in the Europe and Asia continents, due to the high-tech industries. Improved technology in the area is likely is likely to increase the demand to 15-20% per annum. In Europe, the production cost will not be established due to high labor costs, but they export this mobile technology, the demand is likely to grow as time goes by and also the improvement in the technology. In Asia, the long-term growth is not highly considered since they are receptive to the new features and improvement of technology. This company had the same market share but as time goes by the USA is likely to have the most shares since they are increased market demands due to the high technology systems, they promote technology and are attracted to the new methods of technology. They prefer improved features in the mobile technology. 
In the production areas, we will only consider the production areas which is USA and Asia that will be used to supply to the three market areas. There is also the production cost of the high-tech production companies such as the USA had high costs at the beginning of the production of the new models. As the company adapts to producing new features the production cost is likely to undergo low costs. As the company becomes used to the same technology, the production cost per unit will drop, and this will bring about the learning curve. Building a plant in the mobile industry takes two rounds which will make the demand to be higher than the production capabilities, and the company will be forced to subcontract the production hence the learning curve will be forgone. The company is still using the in-house method it will be a benefit to outsourcing production as the unit cost of the outsourced goods also the unit cost of production will depend on the technology. The Asia country the cost of production is meager since they still depend on the old technology and they do not appreciate new technology and new features. The demand is also not high as in the USA hence the production rate will not accumulate than the demand for the goods. The unit cost of production of Asia is higher compared to the unit cost of USA.
In production, we should also consider the fact of using the inventory. The inventory shows the beginning and end of the inventory figures that are presented in the production plan. The beginning inventory will consist of the products that were not sold in the previous rounds and remain to be sold in the subsequent rounds. Ending inventory highlights the number of products that would remain in the inventory after the current round has taken place and if estimates would end up the same and accurate. If the demand is unsatisfied, this is because of the excess demand in the mobile applications. Both USA and Asia have their inventories and products, and they never ship in the areas unless there is market demand. The value of the inventory values fluctuates as a result of production decisions and the sales outcome. If this be done correctly, it will also help to manage the capital of these two areas
 It estimates global demand for the next two rounds. The year demand is estimated by the demand page; this will assist you with future projections of your product. Based on your expectations you can then decide to invest in new production in USA and Asia which will help in production for more than two rounds. In investment, you should consider a long-term investment, and you can pay it with the revenue you get.
In the procurement page you get to decide which component suppliers you want to subcontract and the option to order a study of any suppliers.in these areas you decide which suppliers to contract and the conditions on the suppliers. The decision will be showed by the supplier information: how the suppliers treat their employees and the sustainability value on the environmental responsibility. If you use socially responsible suppliers this is likely to affect the USA and Asia image. Each supplier has the unit cost that you will have to pay for every product manufactured. If the procurement is outsourced your production efficiency will not affect the unit cost.
We consider the marketing mix known as the product, price, and promotion.in this study we have only one product that is the mobile technology productions. The success of this market mix will be determined by the markets. The customers will consider the following features when buying the product, and that is the number of features of the mobiles, the price and the promotion that has been made. After you are done with the product, pricing, and promotion you can do your budgeting too here. Adding different features also increases this will also increase the cost. In this area also consider the advertising cost, you can overspend in launching the product but reduce the price of advertising as soon as the product has been marketed. The company traditionally was only operating in the US market than established in Europe and Asia. Marketing will play a role in promoting the brand and communicating to the consumers about the product. Marketing is essential in the US and Europe. In Asia the promotion is still less but still should be considered, marketing spending in this area is 3-5% of sales revenue.
Logistics and Transportation
In this module, you are to choose which order will satisfy your demand in the markets for both production areas and all the relevant technologies. If the tech production is in the USA made tech you will first deliver to the US then to Asia and finally to Europe this is if your global supply is not enough to the global demand. The supply will be cut in Europe, then Asia and lastly the USA. Transportation to export markets is handled by an independent freight company, and the cost of the service cannot be influenced by the teams. The total logistics cost per unit is transportation cost +tariff. There is no logistics cost involved when the good is produced and sold in the area.
In this area, you consider the transfer pricing to benefit from different tax rates between counties. In the transfer pricing, you adjust your profits between different units and make other business units participate in the research and development and other fixed costs. Taxes are paid locally, the taxation and transfer pricing is a sensitive issue in this mobile production industry. The companies have created a system that will allow flexibility and the cost impact of the research and development expenditure. The research and development functions are connected in production facilities and the cost allocated in the profit and loss statements.
Human Resources
The global challenge can be used with or without resources. This company needs to hire research and development personnel to handle the research and development function in addition to buying technology and design licenses. This human resource consists of three decisions that are the number of employees, monthly salary, and monthly training budget. The number of employees will determine the workforce in the area. Apart from the salary, you should also consider the employment costs, training, recruitment, layoff and the research and development costs. The human resource includes employee turnover and efficiency. The production of Europe was not possible due to the complicated and inflexible labor laws that make expensive and difficult to operate.
Research and Development
There are two ways to improve your company’s technological capabilities: own R&D and license purchase. Both substitutable and complementary ways of building competence, which means you can invest in your research and development then decide to buy a license and then improve the technology by your R&D again. Research development is an essential tool for information technology and other high tech companies. Consumers will demand new products, and the margin of from old products decline rapidly due to tight competition. The first step to consider in the R&D process to develop the bases of technology that will promote ten new features in the technology systems. The difference between in-house technology and licensed is that when the research and development are done the benefits internally will be in the next period, but when it is outsourced, the technology feature is immediately available. If the change is gradual, the cost of in-house will be lower considered to change taking place slowly. Technology licensing is only paid once, and it will decrease as the technology ages. The research and development expenditure is not capitalized in the balance sheet and is considered as operating expenses and research and development investments may cause substantial fluctuations to the company’s loss and profit.
The companies have been manufacturing technology1 mobile handsets. New mobile networks are, and they will require new technology handsets and steps should be taken to begin developing new technologies. New technologies in the research and development will require significant investments but will prosper the future of that company. The technologies are dependent on the networks in which they operate in. Thus a technology two cannot operate in technology one network infrastructure. The network coverage should be an essential factor in the research and development
The mobile handsets are not different in all the companies, and the product differentiation is done with the product features. This may be the design, cover, color screens, polyphonic ringtone, multimedia; mobile games, etc. product features have different effects on demand in different market areas. The European consumers are the most appreciative of product features whereas the Asian consumers are more sensitive to the price. 
Financial decisions are mostly the last decision you are making. All the financial markets actions are managed through the parent company that is in the USA. They decide on the increases and decreases in long-term loans, share issues and buybacks, dividends payment and treasury management .the companies can obtain financing from equity investors and lending institutions. These companies are listed on the stock exchange that will enable effective equating financing by issuing shares. The shareholders expect a return on the equity invested I the form of dividends and capital gains. Over the past few years, the industry has had a rapid growth phase, and shareholders haven’t enjoyed their dividends as required. The increase in the share price has been a significant impact and outperformed the Nasdaq Composite Index over the last couple of years. The investors can be rewarded in the form of dividends or share repurchases. Share issues and buybacks are made according to the market valuation of the beginning of the round. Lending institutions provide short and long-term loans with an interest rate depending on the company’s financial condition. The short-term loan will only be used when cash is not reachable. You can also transfer funds between different countries by private loans(international treasury management )if you have accumulated more cash reserves in Asia and Europe can be repatriated and distributed to the owners, or you can finance some plant investments in Asia.
Chapter 3
Measures of Performance 
Company performance can be measured both by the qualitative and quantitative indicators. The quantitative indicators can be divided into the company’s financial situation and those that portray market positions. The primary objective of a firm is to maximize the value to its shareholders, where the returns are measured by total shareholder return. This will ensure that the dividends are paid as well as the capital appreciation of the shares over time. This will analyze the performance of the company.
Chapter 4
During stimulation, I realized that it is complicated to run a mobile technology industry. Every decision you make affects something that you don’t expect. All the decisions are interconnected, interlinked and you have to find a way to generate higher returns for the shareholders and those that will generate the highest shareholder are the wieners
This cesim stimulation gives you an overview of what products offered by the mobile technology. This shows what products are offered and how the industry runs. The different departments such as marketing, finance, human resource and many more that will help me remember rather than reading a book, it gave me a great foundation, and it was fun since we are engaged in whatever we are doing.
The cesim software connection shows us how the team manages the strategy and the decisions for their full service. We learn that all teams start from the same position and they compete against each other for market share and profits. Participants manage the consumers mobile, the distribution channels, corporate solutions, financial decisions. During the stimulations round, we are faced with changing o the customers’ preference, technological revolution, different economic conditions and the unanticipated competitors which makes to decide on a decision making that will help the team
The outcome of using the cesim global software in decision making was to provide me an idea about the mobile technology industry. Also, this programme helped me develop the participants intercultural and teamwork skills
The cesim software products offered to implement a case and a storyline that were relevant aspects in a dynamic, competitive and fun environment.
Using this stimulation method helps me to work more. This is because the stimulation makes it looks more tangible through repeating the number of concepts, setting the stage We have all the tools that we require in the module   and put it in real life which will help us to apply in the future days since it’s easy to recall what I did practically
The cesim software helps a business to stimulate on the right choices for improving their financial knowledge and how this will add value to the business because they do not work with data, is that the financial decisions are taken about a strategy that is not mathematical at all.
This cesim system is fascinating to me because there is no dealing with the financial data which is at times, difficult to analyze. Instead, we can use the profit and loss account and a balance sheet, which we can discuss as teammates all about management control and accounting since we have a real role to play to help the company into a thriving business
If someone comes to ask us about the mobile technology may be as human resource management we can quickly talk about facts and figures that we did not see the impact before using the cesim software method, and now we can go and tell the directors on what was the business strategy? What was the budget for the business? How do you want us to reduce the costs? How many investments should we add to the business?  What conditions are affecting our market? Do we need to improve the technology or let it stagnate? If we improve the technology how will be the new prices? The cesim software in the global decision will enable the directors to see the facts and figures developed by the teams, and this will also enhance good decision making since we all understand what the mobile business requires for the new changes.
This mobile technology operates through three global countries that are the USA, Europe and Asia using cesim the delivers customized hospitality stimulation in these three global countries which will ensure the success of the business since they relate very correctly.
The cesim software global goal in decision making helps to cultivate fact-based management culture that helps us to develop analytical skills and also create awareness of the mobile industry operating environment. This awareness is mostly enhanced through marketing and people can know what products weave, the prices of those products and also the features of the products we are selling to the market
The cesim global market aids in the training of people to understand the business. This is regarding how to use the cesim model. Participants can get the effectiveness of this training, with practice and also learn the skills which bring about cooperation that will not only meet the highest standards in the business training industry, but it also develops a best in- the class product which will meet and suit the customer’s needs.
The main aim of using this cesim method was to enhance business planning, strategy execution and also to deepen the business acumen of the mobile technology industry
Cesim also provides a whole package of services, that is stimulation, training facilitation, and training equipment’s to all the three mobile industry technology
Through using teamwork perspectives and giving the participant’s opportunities to network with their colleagues, it will not only give us the practical tools for managing the business but also we will develop the future executives in the industry.
The cesium software global use also has tried to meet customer’s high expectations throughout the cooperation by continuously delivering excellent services and demonstrating a strong commitment to all the customer’s specific needs.
This cesim also was an essential tool since it represents the challenges that we go through in our daily life in business decision making and it should be driven.
Chapter 5
Individual Reflection
Using the Cesim way to analyze this business matter in mobile technology was an excellent foundation for me.it was fun since we were fully engaged in all the activities, and did it practically. This work was done in groups, and each group had to give their decisions of what they will do to get enough share returns, and they will be the winning team. For you to be the winning team, you have to participate fully as group members for you to give the best decisions in what we are doing. This cesim is easy to remember, and you can give your facts and figures of what we have done since we apply it in real life situations and do not involve the books for research but actions which is easier for me to recall what I have done. The cesim enables me to acquire the following skills such as advertising skills, economic concepts required in business, communication skills since it’s a group work thing you have to listen to one another to come up with the best decision. Conflict resolution since work done as a team not everyone will agree to one another point, but through listening and more elaboration, you can resolve the conflict. Problem-solving skills using cesim is to want to solve a problem. Goal settings, report preparation, and overall employability. I encourage our organization and institutions to employ this cesim method since it is not only essential but lead to the best design making since you analyze all the works and see what will work for you. The only difficulty I experienced is not all group members can work with one another, and this could lead to failure of the group
Chapter 6
In conclusion, the board of management of the mobile tech industries should aim to perform well on the short term, without jeopardizing the long-term opportunities to the company the fluctuation of prices can be shown in changes in certain financial and operational indicators. This includes the research development, net profit, EPS, market shares in the different market areas and the rate of growth of sales revenue. Using this ceil into the school systems helps the students to develop the following outcomes hat is the advertising skills, essential financial skill, interpersonal skills, communication skill, problem-solving skills, forecasting, conflict resolution, group[ behavior skills, goal settings, report preparations, teamwork skills and the overall employability. In the institution, your Scholl will benefit from the following that is cooperation between institutions, student-faculty interaction, and student-student interaction. It will also help in improving academic achievements the school offering will be more versatile and will create an enjoyable school curriculum.
Chapter 7
I recommend all the business to consider their market conditions before starting to manufacture a product
I recommend all the business to know how a change in technology will influence their products
I recommend that all businesses to consider the cost of [production of an individual good or whether to export it which will be cheaper and save on cost
I recommend the use of the cesim method in all the businesses for decision making
All businesses should know their competitors and what they do to achieve or be successful in the industry
All businesses should have a profit and loss account to know the progress of their businesses and what leads to success and the loss of the business for future help and assistance.
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