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BUST10123 Strategic Leadership Development

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BUST10123 Strategic Leadership Development

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BUST10123 Strategic Leadership Development

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Course Code: BUST10123
University: The University Of Edinburgh

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Country: United Kingdom


Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:-
You are a senior manager in a business unit of a medium sized enterprise, with functional management and organisational leadership development responsibilities.
Please select and research an organisation of your choice to identify its vision, strategic goals and objectives, and welfare culture. Provide brief details of your research in a summary of between 200 and 250 words which are in addition to the suggested word counts. Use the results of your research to answer the tasks below.
Task 1
Analyse the vision and strategic objectives of your organisation or those of an organisation of your choice, and evaluate the managerial and leadership competencies required to deliver the strategic ambition over the period of the plan. Demonstrate that you have used one or more attributed skills analysis models from management theory. Present the conclusions of your analysis, identifying the four most significant skills the organisation needs to enhance in the next year to begin to deliver the strategic direction. In addition, identify at least three new skills the organisation will be likely to need to enhance in the next 3-5 years to achieve strategic ambitions. Discuss the implications of the skills gaps you have identified.
Task 2
In task 2, you are required to describe at least three different methods of developing strategic leadership skills and relate these to differing individual learning styles based on one of the well known models.
Using at least two different analysis frameworks, assess your own leadership skills against those required by the organisation now and in the future, and identify areas for development for the next three years.
Determine the methods most appropriate to meet each of these development needs, showing that you understand your personal learning style by the completion of an appropriate analysis exercise. Describe how and when you plan to meet these development needs over the next three years, and detail the outcomes you hope to achieve as a result of the development plan. Describe at least three actions you have taken to develop your leadership skills in the last six months, and analyse the progress you have made as a result. Review the impact of recent external influences on strategic goals and identify what new challenges these present for leadership skills development, updating the plan with new actions required.
You may complete this task by means of a comprehensive personal development plan with SMART objectives and tangible outcomes that has also been reviewed and updated, with the starting point taken as the commencement of your current studies.
Taking the results of the personal development plan you have produced above, analyse how your development has contributed to the performance of your own department and to the strategic ambitions of the wider organisation. Discuss where the development has made a greater contribution than originally envisaged, and where the contribution has been less than expected, giving reasons for the variances.  
Task 3
In this task, you are required to assess the impact of strategic leadership development on the success of international organisational strategy critically evaluating the extent to which the strategic needs of organisations involved in international organisational strategy are met from existing resources. Based on this you are required to formulate proposals to develop the strategic leadership resource for the organisation. You are also required to critically evaluate the effectiveness of strategic leadership development in achieving advancement of professional leadership practices in organisations


In the current business scenario, adopting the strategic leadership skills has become an important business component. By using the knowledge and experience, the business direction can be identified. Therefore, this can be said that by introducing the strategic leadership skills in an organization, the innovativeness and creativity can be introduced in the workplace. This will also be beneficial in the case of developing the organizational structure. In this study, the importance of the strategic leadership in order to deliver the strategic leadership ambitions have been discussed. On the other hand, the impact of personal leadership strategies in organizational ambitions have been highlighted.
Task 1
Goal and objective
In this study, the medium sized organization named Custom Ink has been mentioned. This is America based retail organization that works to works to provide custom Sweatshirt and T-shirt. The aim of the company is to bring the creativity through its products. Here the customers get the chance to upload their own creation and use their designing tools for creating their own products. By maintaining the innovation, the company is serving from the year 2000. Marc Katz, Dave Christensen and Mike Driscoll are the founders of Custom Ink. With the total number of 1500 employees, the company has increased its business revenue near about 300 million US dollar. In the customized accessories and apparel industry, it has become one of the popular business organization. A large number of people have involved themselves in designing the custom t-shirt and gear for their family reunions, club charities and other occasions. The strategic objective of the company is as follows

To involve a large number of people in the case of developing healthy relations with the customers.
To develop effective strategies in the case of improving organizational structure

By involving people in different functions the consumer relationship can be maintained properly. In order to achieve the goals and objectives, the company needs to focus on developing the strategic leadership skills in the workplace. This will be helping in the case of bringing the internal and external changes in the organization. it has been analysed that the for involving a large number of people for achieving the organizational aspiration, the mission, vision and values of an organization is needed to be developed properly. Developing the effective communication is an important business element. If the relation between the employees and customers can be developed, it will be helping in the case of bringing the professional improvement. By applying the highest standard of intelligence the organization wants to bring the improvement in the rate of profitability. Positive contribution in the community can play an effective role in developing the leadership skills. By providing the existing working environment, the organization wants to increase its rate of productivity.
Strategic skills
Strategic leadership planning is an important role in every business organization. In order to develop the effective strategic management practices, the strategic skills are very important to get adopted. The manager of the company needs to be passionate towards the job. By developing a friendly atmosphere in the organization, the challenges faced by the employees can be analysed. This can be said that the company needs to focus on developing the emotional intelligence skills among the employees. It will be effective for managing and controlling others emotion. On the other hand, developing the effective leadership strategy, the culture and values of the consumers needed to be respected. On the other hand, advanced technologies also needed to be introduced to the organization so that the performance of the employees can be analysed. By using the motivational skill, the overall productivity can be improved. Positivity towards the responsibility is also a very important skill, which is required for achieving the strategic ambitions. By adopting the emotional intelligence, motivational and leadership strategic skills, the interpersonal skills of the employees can be improved. It will directly impact on their professional as well as performance development. Another way, this can be said that in the current competitive business market, such personal and professional skills will help the employees to grab large number of customers’ attention within 3 to 4 years.
Relationship between existing, required and future skills 
In the current scenario, if the internal relationship between the employees and employers is being analysed, it will be identified due to some reward and employee wages related issues. Due to this reason lack of motivation has influenced the organizational culture.  On the other hand, lack of efficiency has increased the growth issue. In order to deal with the situation the company need to adopt the scientific management theory by Frederick Taylor. As per this theory, the main objective of the organization focuses in the case of improving the speciality and efficiency of the labour force. Another way this can be said that the scientific management theory plays an important role in synthesizing the workflow. By following this theory, the company will get the chance to bring the economic growth (Waring 2016). These strategy will help the company to increase its rate of productivity. It has been analysed that although the company has taken various initiatives in order to develop the strategic leadership, it needs to focus on bringing the positivity in the workplace. By motivating the employees towards their work, the rate of productivity can be increased (Brammer, He and Mellahi 2015). In order to reduce the skill gaps, different seminars and campaigns can be introduced. This will help the employees to communicate with others.  By communicating with each other’s the relationship can be developed (Amabile and Pratt 2016). Therefore, this can be said that the by improving the communicational skill of the employees, the strategic leadership planning can be developed in an effective manner. As the study has mentioned that due to lack of motivation the business organizations organization is dealing with financial challenges, due to this reason it needs to focus on adopting the Taylor’s scientific theory in the organization. On the other hand, this can be said that if interpersonal skills will be adopted, it can be effective for grabbing the attention of large number of customers.
Task 2
Opportunities to achieve strategic leadership development 
As the study has already discussed that the company named Custom Ink is needed to focus on the methods for developing the strategic leadership strategies in the organization. Communication, creativity and motivation are the three important skills. Those are needed to be developed in the workplace. For developing the communicational skill of the employees, different workshop, as well as seminars, can be introduced. If the employees involve themselves in such practices, this will increase their interactive power (Belias et al. 2017). Proper motivation is also very important in the case of engaging a large number of employees in the organization. By providing different compensation and reward offers to the employees they can be motivated. On the other hand, appreciation can be considered as the important motivational technique. If people are appreciated for their work, they will give their full effort for achieving the goals and objectives (Boies, Fiset and Gill 2015). In order to increase the skill of creativity, people needed to get involved in different challenges. Depending on the techniques that they have used to deal with the situation can measure their skill of creativity (Stam et al. 2016). If these techniques can be followed properly, this will be helping in the case of bringing the development in strategic leadership practices.
Personal development plan to achieve strategic leadership development 
The strategic leadership practices interconnected with the personal development skills (Sosik and Jung 2018). In this study, two strategic leadership framework has been discussed by which both the personal and professional development can be introduced. The behavioural theory has been introduced in the study for bringing the psychological changes (Resnick 2017). By developing the behavioural model, the psychological problems can be solved. This skill can be considered as an important skill that helps to control and to manage the emotions. By using this skill, the person gets the chance to deal with different situations (Dong et al. 2017). 
Implementation process for the development plan 
In this study, the Cognitive model of behaviour has been highlighted. In this theory, the thinking process of a person has been highlighted. In this model, the behavioural therapy is practicing that influence the psychopathy (Bandura 2014). Individuals’ perception, as well as situational influences on their personality, is being analysed. On the other hand, the study has also mentioned the transformational leadership practices (Storey 2016). The transitional leadership focus on the development of leadership style that helps to promote both the punishments and reward to the employees. Therefore, this encourages the employees towards improving their skills. By following this leadership practices, creativity and innovation skills get influenced. If the organization will adopt this model, it will be helping in the case of motivating the employees. Both of these practices are very effective in increasing the level of motivation as well as morality. Hence, this can be said that for bringing the communicational and motivational development, these leadership models are very important to be introduced. If these practices can be followed properly in the organization in the near future employees can be involved in the decision making process. This will encourage them towards bringing creativity in their work.
In order to adopt these leadership practices, personal learning styles such as Visual, Verbal, Physical, logical, social, aural and solitary learning styles needed to be adopted properly. Therefore, the leadership models should be developed on the basis of personal needs. In order to implement the behavioural action, interaction can be considered as the effective plan. Through involving in different seminars, the emotional intelligence skills will be developed. In order to develop the personal skills, involving myself in a different situation I have got the chance to deal with the strange situation. This has increased my creativity skills. This has also helped in the case of achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. In this case, the man-machine interaction tools can be used as the effective practice (Dempster 2014). Human root interaction and robot interaction systems can also effective initiative taken by the organization. In order to introduce the leadership development plan, self-assessment is very important (Suñol et al. 2016). Therefore, for bringing the changes strength and weakness of individuals are being analysed. On the other hand, planning is another important action in leadership development process. After identifying the strength and weakness of individuals, proper planning regarding the personal development is being introduced. During this leadership development practices, the study has identified few challenges such as lack of support from the higher authority, identifying the potential employees and lack of formal structure. In this situation, it has become very difficult for the manager to introduce leadership development practices effectively.
Achievement of outcomes of the plan 
In order to deal with the situation, proper organizational structure needed to be introduced in the workplace. Introduction of effective leadership management strategies needed to be developed. By arranging different meetings with the higher authority, this will be helping in the case of increasing the involvement of the higher authority in the process. In this study, it has been analysed that the company has focused on bringing the strategic leadership skills in the workplace by highlighting the personal skills.
Goal: To improve interpersonal communicational skill


The goal is specific as it focuses on improving my interpersonal skill with which I need to work on.


The goal is measurable as it would ensure I am able to communicate with others when it comes to face to face communication.


The goal is achievable as I would attend different workshop and seminars, where I will get the chance to interact with unknown people.


Interpersonal communicational skill development process is directly related to the leadership skill development practices.


I am planning to work on my goal from next month and achieving within 6 months

3.2 Impact of the achievement of objectives 
After completion of the smart objectives, it has been analysed that by improving the communication skill, it has become easier for interacting with people. This has also helped to understand the needs and demands of the people in the organization. By arranging different meetings, I have got the chance to motivate my employees in their work. On the other hand, it has been analysed that by involving the employees in the decision making process, creativity can be introduced in the workplace (Shepherd, Williams and Patzelt 2015). As its result, a rate of productivity has got influenced. This has improved the organizational performance as well as business revenue.  Due to the personal development practices, the internal structure of the organization has got improved. As the result of achieving the objectives, effective leadership practices have been introduced in the organization.
Leadership development plan
Self-assessment has been mentioned as the effective component in the leadership development practices. By introducing the self-development practices, personal skill development can be introduced in the better manner. For developing the further leadership skills, it can be suggested that the company should focus on introducing different presentation practices by the employees. This will help the management to analyse if the interaction tools will be used in the appropriate manner, it will be more beneficial. Therefore this can be said that in the leadership development plan, these devices can be used in the better manner.  On the other hand, if the effective trainer will be recruited in the organization, the internal culture can be improved, which will be helping in the case of bringing leadership development.
Task 3
Strategic needs of organisations 
The study has already mentioned that the aim of the organization is to increase the number of customers so that the business revenue can be increased. On the other hand, it has also decided to develop the organizational culture so that the leadership development can be introduced in the organization. In order to bring the changes in strategic leadership plan, the trustable advisors have brought the new idea that has helped in bringing the improvement in the current business scenario. Due to this initiatives, the internal culture of the organization has got developed. Hence, this can be said that in order to bring the organizational development proper leadership development plan is needed.
Proposals to develop the strategic leadership resource
Management techniques are very important for developing strategic leadership resources. In the management, effective leaders are needed to be appointed, who will be able to develop plan and face the challenges. Organizational strength, internal environment and training are required for developing the resources. I believe, by adopting the strategic leadership skills and strategic initiatives, the development program can be done. After analysing the organizational situation, I believe, in order to bring the noticeable changes in the organization, the advisors needed to be more active in developing the leadership development plan. By recruiting the professional advisors, the training and development process can be developed. This will be effective in supporting the team potentiality and business practices. By introducing the effective tools, the leadership practices can be developed.  
Effectiveness of strategic leadership development 
Leadership is being considered as the important function of management (Norris 2017). This plays an important role in helping the organization to fulfil its ambitions. By analysing the potentiality of the people who are connected with the organization, the leadership practices gives the effort to accomplish the business goals and objectives. Therefore, the effectiveness of leadership practices in an organization is the improved depending on the effective leader. The effective leadership practices in the organization, depending on the leadership qualities of the managers.
In the study, it can be concluded that the company named Custom Ink needs to focus on bringing the effective leadership development practices in the workplace. As the company has decided to develop its business in the international market, therefore, this can be said that by using the leadership resources in the proper manner, Custom Ink will be able to develop its business in international market.
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