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CPST1103 Technology Report Assignment

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CPST1103 Technology Report Assignment

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CPST1103 Technology Report Assignment

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Course Code: CPST1103
University: Dalhousie University

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Country: Canada

How will the technology in question be used? What benefits or risks does the technology’s application pose for society?

The proposal of the start-up project is presented in this report. The console based text dragon adventure games application is presented here. The main aim of this report is to analyze the application part which is first used for analyzing the game, to design the platform tools and to display the output on the console of the application. The adventure game offers different skills levels. The level 1 is the easiest game to play, because it uses the simplified room layout which misses just castle and maze. On the other hand, it hardly contains bats and dragons. The level 2 represents the game’s full version which has several defined objects to appear in the set of positions, when the game starts. The level 3 represents the same level 2, but the dragon can be moved on the object’s location which is randomized for delivering a game that is highly challenging. In addition to the dragon adventure games, the players can used for difficulty switches on the control of the games it will difficultly by affecting the behaviours of the dragons and the players: it will switch controls of the dragon speed, and it also lets to fly, while the players are wielding when clicking on the continue button of the game application interfaces (Farrell, 2018).
The specification of the games application is used for various kind of steps it will be followed on the gaming application, which includes developing the specified functional systems, performance of dragon in terms of speed, and to know the requirements for the development of dragon adventure game software application’s release 1.
Step1: Start the game and enter the unique ID and password.
Step2: Continue to the interface game.
Step3: In order to run the game, press the command line on the top on the start pages of the game.
Step4: Once entering the room is completed successful, then go to the next room of the interface using the textual adventure command line of the application.
Step5: The resetting of the game to go back to the press on the compile button. The player is each room successful completes and collects the items like weapons on the interface system.
Step 6: The player can win the game, where the command lines can be used for some secret words and to execute it successfully.
Step7: Stop or exit the adventure game software.
Overall project description
System perspective
The designing of this software can be used in the earlier days for the  popular user interfaces, where various text based games were popular to develop which were present in the Unix operating systems. In gaming, the role system will proceed serious interconnection of rooms which can be used with the rooms organized by the textual dialogue, within the system. The system described player can see various commands and follow the instruction of the gaming section along with the object or direction of the instructions. During the game, the player is encountered. The particular game will be entered in a sequence of the command lines to be encountered. This particular game used by the players would be collecting various artefacts like, weapons, magical potions, treasure and fighting the encountered monsters. The gaming process is visually impossible to escape the application. It is beneficial if you draw your map, however it is not simple to do it, because there is complication with the rooms’ interconnectivity (Pandey, 2012).
System function
The system is used for the simple command line interfaces, which uses the simplified natural language interface. Only restricted vocabulary is utilized, however beforehand the vocabulary is said to be defined. The interaction carries out among the user and the game will move on like a dialogue, where the player can enter the command, and system will describe the command’s response, on the code line. player can used for the simple code line of the commands and may trying on the creating of the further command of the guessing vocabulary of the gaming application software system interface.
Overview of the dragon games
User interfaces
All the system interface, which handles the interaction of the player is based on the command line interfaces. As the adventure game starts, the player will be prompted about the command line application. The gaming prints out the response and prompts the next command code line. Once it enters the command which is formed badly, the system reports that the player side interface was unable to understand the command (The Java Programming Language, 2012).
Software interfaces
The main application system is able to run the system on the version of java development system and UNIX system. The file management system can use the operating system that can be called on the store and retrieve the game’s state.
Function requirements
They are using four ways of functional requirements of the application which includes, (DM) Dialogue management, (AM) artefacts management, mapping (MP) and the (CFM) Creature fight management.
Gaming of data management where the responsibility to represent the information of the objects during the games distributed among AM, MP and CFM. The mapping has been used for storing all the information of the fixed objects that includes the location of the movable objects which specifies the allocated rooms, at the initialization time. AM is used for the description and for the usage of the responsible artefacts. CFM is used for storing the data of the creature instead of the player and thus CFM is held responsible to keep track of the players’ information (i.e. the left out strength, and the accumulated points in the application system interface.) (Harold, 2014).
Dm internal data

Movement words: They have specified the used direction among the rooms. The direction should be considered as the valid portal which is supplied to the current state.
Fight-words –The fight words are utilized for attacking the monster with the help of the currently available weapon. In case, where the player currently holds the weapon, but initially his/ her hands might be bare, which contains player’s strength. If in the state, many monsters are available then the fight word should utilize the monster’s short name. If not, the fight word could be continued on its own or by using “it”.

Information-words- These words are utilized for getting the detailed description. Generally, it is applicable on the room, when used on their own. Whereas, when mixed with the direction, it provides the portal’s description with direction. If the moveable objects are utilized, it delivers the object’s complete description.

Inventory-words- Such words are utilized for manipulating the artefacts. In the current state, the players could pick any type of artefacts, by providing the verb which is appropriate with short name artefacts. Artefacts picked are discarded from the state and are further included into the artefact list of the player. Same items might put down the artefacts which are picked up and used for the weapon, with the help of the artefacts times of the games application.

Dialogue management control structure
Once the state is initialized, the program will describe the first state and next it enters in to the main loop, which executes the below listed steps:

System will prompt the user to give the input.
User will type the command.
The commands of the user will be parsed, and completed checking the verb and the object, to confirm they are present on the master list.

From the current state, if the word movement and the direction refers to a valid portal, then it will move the player to the new state. The user will be provided with a complete state portal description and mentions the short name of the movable object of the state.
In the current state, if the fight-word and the named monster is present, then the monster will be attacked. Whereas, if the monster is not mentioned and just one monster is present in the room in such case the present monster will be attacked. The fighting is handled by CFM.

If there is information-word, in such case the output will be the description. If only the word is utilized, then along with the room’s description its existing location is provided. In case, if it utilizes the portal direction then its direction will be described. Whereas, if it utilizes the artefact, then the artefact’s complete description will be provided.

Inventory word is used for performed action, then the added named artefacts is removed from the player’s artefact list or else it will be wielded as the weapons of the investor list.
Action word that has used for the artefacts is checked on the valid action that can perform on the artefacts. The user will be described the result of the commands, with respect to the strength of the artefacts and the player’s strength.

Mapping CSCI (MP)
The mapping of the CSCI that can used for the that has connection of the list of rooms that can maintained, and then keeps track of the objects that contain each room. It even gives the used textual description of each room’s action, to be used whenever needed.
MP internal data
Each room represents the below listed information.

Unique ID:Every single room is provided with a unique number or ID, which is never revealed to the user. Every time the player will begin with room 0.
Description:The description refers to a textual description which will be provided to the user, when the room is enter by the player. It is suggested that the description must never disclose the information related to exit, monster or any removable objects. Because, all these are addressed separately. Instead, it is required to deliver the furniture information which is mapped on the fixed objects.  
Portal list:Every single room’s exit will be represented with the help of a unique ID, direction description and successor room’s number which connects to the adjacent room. The direction will permit the users to mention which exit they would wish to opt and provide the mapping object’s description.

Successor functions:  That has used for the unique room id of the director.
Room initialize: With the provided set of moveable objects, the rooms contain a list of unique IDs, the things in the room are placed randomly and will return an ordered list of room’s unique IDs where the moveable objects are placed.
Add moveable object function: With the provided object’s unique ID, its class (creature or artefact) and room’s unique ID, this function will add the object to the respective thing’s list of the room.
Remove moveable object function: With the provided object’s unique ID, its class (creature or artefact) and room’s unique ID, this function will remove the object from the respective thing’s list of the room.
Mapping the room which has the following players who own the user name and password and enter the initial stages are used for the command line. Then goes to the next stage of the interface of mountains or landslides and those pages can be used for the weapon’s action and once it is successful, we can move on to the next stage of the interface system.
Farrell, J. (2018). Java programming. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Harold, E. (2014). Java network programming. Cambridge: O’Reilly.
Pandey, H. (2012). Java programming. New Delhi: Dorling Kindersley (India)/Pearson.
Prentice Hall. (2012). The Java Programming Language.

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