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CX553001 Management

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CX553001 Management

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CX553001 Management

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Course Code: CX553001
University: Otago Polytechnic

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Country: New Zealand


Select two theories of motivation 
1a. Describe one motivation theory and discuss how this motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate.
1b. Describe your alternative motivation theory chosen and discuss how this second motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate.  
2a. Identify and apply the appropriate leadership style from the University of Iowa Studies to a leader of your chosen. 
2b. Discuss whether a leader from Simunovich Olive Estate might be termed a charismatic leader , justify your answer  with three examples from the organisation literature.
3a. Select a situation where delegation could be applied in the above organisation. Recommend to their senior executive team how they should manage this by applying the process of effective.
3b. Apply Lewin’s three step change process, described in your text, to an area where change can be perceived to have occurred in the organisation.  
3c. Discuss how the “white waters” metaphor for change applies to the above company.  
3d Explain what external forces necessitated innovation and change to their businesspractices. Give examples of the innovations made. 
3e. Discuss two strategies managers at Simunovich Olive Estate could use in their role as change agents to overcome barriers to change. Give an example of an action taken.
4a. Identify an area where planning is necessary for The Simunovich Olive  Use a planning process to demonstrate how the planning process could be applied in this area.
4b Discuss Operational and Strategic Planning in relation to Simunovich. Show and explain the differences between these types of plans and how they are applied at the company.
4c. Provide a brief summary of the strategic planning process and suggest how the Simunovich Olive Estate can use a SWOT analysis to aid this process. 
4d. Choose an area of The Simunovich Olive Estate where control is necessary and show how to apply the control cycle with regards to the chosen area.  
4e Outline one concurrent and one feedforward control type that could be used by The Simunovich Olive Estate.

Motivation and change management
Selection of two theories of motivation 
1a. Description of one motivation theory and its application in Simunovich Olive Estate
Motivation is considered to be a major concept which is able to play an important part in the proper growth of different organizational operations. The different activities which are performed by the motivation based theories are based on energizing, maintaining and further controlling the behaviour of employees who are an important of organizational operations. Motivated employees are thereby able to provide higher levels of value to the organization as compared to those who are not completely motivated (Barros, Hernangómez & Martin-Cruz, 2016).
The company which has been taken into concern for the analysis of motivation based activities is Simunovich Olive Estate. The motivation theory which is most suitable for motivating the employees in an effective manner is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The theory is mainly based on the methods by which the company is able to fulfil the needs of employees. The needs are divided into different stages which need to be fulfilled by the organization in order to ensure the highest levels of productivity (Simunovicholiveestate.com., 2018). The five stages of the needs which have been suggested by Maslow are as follows,
Physiological needs – These are related to the basic needs which need to be fulfilled by the organization including, air, food, water and sleep.
Safety or security needs – This is the next level of needs which can be fulfilled if the basic needs are met by the organization.
Social needs – These are based on the third stage of needs which are fulfilled with the help of proper satisfaction of basic and security based needs. The needs in this stage are related to the affection, love and urge of belonging of the employees.
Esteem needs – The needs are related to the levels of self-confidence which can be gained by the employees within the organization.
Self-actualization needs – This is considered to be the final stage of needs which needs to be fulfilled with respect to the maximum levels of potential which have been gained by the employees in the organization (Haque, Haque & Islam, 2014).
1b. Description of alternative motivation theory and its application in Simunovich Olive Estate 
An alternative motivation theory which can be implemented by the management of Simunovich Olive Estate is Adam’s Equity Theory which mainly states that people need to maintain fair levels of relationship between rewards and performance which is depicted by them. The employees thereby tend get de-motivated if the employer is not able to provide effective outputs based on the inputs which are provided by them. The contributions or inputs which are provided by the employees are based on their expectations related to effective rewards. The individuals compare the inputs which are provided by them to the outputs that are received in return (Demir, Wennberg & McKelvie, 2017). Three different types of relationships are developed based on performance levels and rewards of the employees which include, overpaid inequity, underpaid inequity and equity. The organization which has been taken into consideration for this analysis thereby needs to maintain the equity based relationship with the employees in order to maintain the effective motivation levels (Durand, Grant & Madsen, 2017).
2a. Identification and application of the appropriate style of leadership for leader of chosen organization 
Leadership style can be defined as a manner which is helpful in providing direction for the proper implementation of plans and further motivating people as well. The implicit as well as explicit actions are performed by the leader in an effective manner in order to manage the employees who are a part of the organizational operations. The leadership style is able to affect the means by which a company is able to function in the industry. Proper management of the employees is also considered to be an important part of the leadership based operations which are performed by the leaders or managers (Dyer et al., 2015). The leadership style which is considered to be most suitable for Simunovich Olive Estate is transformational leadership. The leader needs to play a significant part in the methods by which the company is able to manage the employees and increase the levels of production. Transformational leaders are capable of providing inspiration to the employees with the help of their personal achievements. The CEO of Simunovich Olive Estate can provide inspiration to employees so that they are able to perform in different areas of operations of the organization (Engert, Rauter & Baumgartner, 2016).
2b. Discussion based on the leadership style of a leader who belongs to Simunovich Olive Estate
The CEO or leader of Simunovich Olive Estate can be considered to be charismatic in nature. The charismatic leaders are mainly known for providing effective levels of inspirational motivation to the employees with the help of their work process. The leaders are considered to be effective communicators who are able to inspire the followers by communicating their vision and developing an emotional connection with them as well. The leaders are also capable to arousing strong levels of emotions among the followers with the help of their activities (Ethiraj, Gambardella & Helfat, 2018). The communication based process which is conducted by the leaders is mainly related to the proper identification of needs of the followers and further increasing their trust levels as well. The CEO of Simunovich Olive Estate, Donna Simunovich has also been able to communicate with the followers or the employees in an effective manner with the aim of increasing the profitability levels (Engert, Rauter & Baumgartner, 2016).
3a. Description of a situation where delegation is applied 
Delegation is considered to be a process which is related to the proper assignment of responsibilities or authorities to the concerned people so that they are able to perform certain activities as well. Delegation is able to empower the subordinates in order to make effective decisions. This can be considered to be a process of shifting the authorities from organizational level to the lower ones. The subordinates in the organization thereby become highly capable of making effective decisions based on different processes and issues (Frynas & Mellahi, 2015). The CEO of Simunovich Olive Estate can provide delegation to the employees who are a part of the organizational operations. The management of Olive estates which are located in the countryside based areas is possible with the help of employees who are a part of the site based operations. The delegation of authority to the employees will thereby play a key part in the methods by which they are able to manage the farms. They will also be able to take immediate decisions based on different operations (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2014).
3b. Application of Lewin’s three step process for implementation of change in the organization 
Change is considered to be a common link which is runs within the business organizations which operate in the industry. The changes which have started taking place in the external environment are able to play a key role in the proper implementation of changes. Lewin’s change management model can be used for proper implementation of changes within the organization. The change management based concept is thereby considered to be highly useful for the proper operations of different organizations which are a part of the modern business environment. Lewin’s change management model is based on three major steps which include, unfreeze, change and refreeze (Hubbard, Rice & Galvin, 2014). First step of the model is based on the ways by which the organization tries to develop a change based situation and inform the employees based on the changes which will be implemented. Second step of the model is related to the implementation of the change. Third step of the process is related to the proper management of the operations of an organization in which the change has been implemented. The area in which change can be implemented in Simunovich Olive Estate is the management style of the organization. The organization has been operating in the industry for many years, however, the centralised style of operations has been a major issue. The change can be made in this management based style in order to improve the operations of the organization in an effective way (Hayes, 2018).
3c. Discussion based on “white waters” metaphor for change related to the company 
“White waters” metaphor can be defined as the metaphor which is defined with respect to an organization that is imagined as a small raft which navigates a raging river with uninterrupted levels of white-water based rapids. Change can be considered to be natural state of an organization and the management of change is a continuous process. The change based process can also be considered to be important for the profitable operations of the organization. The company will be able to operate in different areas with the help of appropriate change management based process. The change needs to be managed on a continuous basis in order to manage the operations within the industry (Michael, Storey & Thomas, 2017). The “white waters” metaphor is thereby applicable to the organization as change needs to be implemented in different processes in order to maintain the operations and further maintain the position in the industry as well. This is considered to be important for the effective levels of operations of the company and proper management of changes as well (Daspit et al., 2017).
3d. Explanation of external forces which affect innovation and change 
The activities related to change and innovation within an organization are affected by different external factors. The competitors of the company play a key part in the ways by which change can be implemented within Simunovich Olive Estate. The customers are considered to be another major factor which can lead to innovation in the products that are offered to them. The organization can implement changes in different processes with the variations which can take place in the needs and demands of the consumers. The economy of the country is considered to be a major factor which is able to drive the changes which can be implemented in different organizational processes. Major importance has been provided by Simunovich Olive Estate to increasing the levels of sustainability of operations (Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes, 2015). The water based resources are also provided with importance by Simunovich Olive Estate.
3e. Discussion of two strategies used by managers of the company 
The first major strategy which has been implemented by the managers of Simunovich Olive Estate is based on the ways by which the organization aims at maintaining the levels of sustainable operations. The sustainable operations need to be maintained by the organization in New Zealand due to the lack of huge amounts of natural resources. The organization has developed the strategies in such a manner which has been helpful in the reduction of usage of excessive natural resources for different organizational operations (Sakas, Vlachos & Nasiopoulos, 2014).
The second strategy that has been applied by the organization in order to function in a profitable manner is built on the reduction of emission of carbon dioxide in its operations. The waste which is generated in production of Olives is further used as fertiliser by the organization. The strategies which are thereby developed by the managers of the organization are considered to be based on the levels of sustainability which is maintained within the industry (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2014).
4a. Identification of an area where planning is required in the company 
The process of strategic management can be implemented by the organization in order to improve its operations in an effective manner. The organization thereby aims at managing the operations in order to ensure high levels of profitability. The strategic planning process is based on the ways by which the organization aims defining the strategies, defining direction of the organization based on resource allocation and to pursue the strategy. The proper planning of strategies is thereby considered to be useful for the development of organizational processes and development of effective relationships with the employees as well (Steinbach et al., 2017). Simunovich Olive Estate needs to implement the strategic planning process in order to manage the operations in different areas and delivering the products to the customers effectively. The prices of products are thereby based on the quality which is offered to the customers. The organization has also developed a restaurant beyond the estate which is known as Bracu Restaurant. This restaurant has been a combination of the heritage of New Zealand and the culture of hospitality as well. Strategic planning will be helpful for the management to ensure proper operations of different departments within the organization and the restaurant as well (Trigeorgis & Reuer, 2017).
4b. Discussion based on strategic and operational planning based on the organization 
Operational planning can be defined as the process of planning different goals of the organization and the objectives which are required to be fulfilled. The planning of operations is thereby based on different activities which include, conditions for the success, describing different, milestones and achievement of the goals. Simunovich Olive Estate has been planned and opened by an entrepreneur who had aimed at developing the effective business operations. The process of operational planning will be able to play a key part in the methods by which the company can maintain its future operations in the industry (Wheelen et al., 2017).
Strategic planning will play the most significant part in the processes of the company in a sustainable manner. Simunovich Olive Estate will be able to function in the industry in a profitable way with the help of proper levels of operations. The development of proper plans and strategies is thereby considered to be highly important for the achieving the goals and objectives which have been set by the organization (Trigeorgis & Reuer, 2017).
4c. SWOT analysis and strategic planning summary of the company 
Simunovich Olive Estate has been able to develop a profitable place in the industry with the help of active strategic planning which has been done by the CEO of the organization. The organization has always followed the policy of developing the operations in a sustainable manner. Sustainability has proved the most important part of the long term plans which have been made by the company. SWOT analysis framework can be implemented by the organization in order to increase the levels of profitability and develop effective strategies for the future as well (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2014).
4d. Application of control cycle in different areas of the organization 
The export based operations which are conducted by the organization need to be controlled in an effective manner in order to continue the improvement of its profitability levels in an effective way. The process of control cycle can be implemented by the organization in order to plan, monitor the outcomes, assess the results and make further revisions in the process which has been implemented (Frynas & Mellahi, 2015).
4e. Discussion based on one feedforward and one concurrent control type 
The feedforward control is based on the preventive control based measure which is implemented by an organization in the operations. Simunovich can implement effective checking of the products before they are ready for exporting. On the other hand, concurrent control is based on the methods by which the company is able to control the operations of the employees and quality based standards (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2014).
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