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DMQA500 Site Safety And Quality Assurance

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DMQA500 Site Safety And Quality Assurance

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DMQA500 Site Safety And Quality Assurance

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Course Code: DMQA500
University: Ara Institute Of Canterbury

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Country: New Zealand


Topic: Nuclear Rules and Regulations
You are required to provide a summary of the articles, what you liked/disliked about the article, and a statement of the applicability to the Nuclear Rules and Regulations.


Article 1: Regulatory analysis guidelines of the U.S nuclear regulatory commission
The regulatory commission is mandated to conduct regular analysis for purposes of enhancing the commission’s actions or roles. The report will help in the evaluation of proposed activities by the commission for it to assess the public health threat and safety. The analysis starts with a discussion of the purpose of the review. The operation of plants that and the related nuclear facilities are carried out with proper guidelines and the protection of the environment and the public at large. This brochure discusses a lot of proposed actions by the commission which are related to the nuclear rules and regulations course.
Article 2: instructions for completing nuclear material transaction reports.
The regulatory commission has guidelines and regulations that require a prospective and current licensee to do a proper recording on the physical inventory of the nuclear materials they ship or receive. In this article, the material transaction details, and the general instruction for handling nuclear materials are discussed. The article presents a lot of processes that are included in the transaction of the nuclear materials and the how the materials should be handled. However, the article does not discuss a lot on the regulations and rule that need to be employed to enhance the safety of the public.
Article 3: Citizen’s Guide to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information
The article discusses the importance of the of the public involvement in the regulation of the nuclear industry. It is very vital and crucial to involve the appropriate stakeholders in the nuclear industry. The guide touches on the on the inspection of nuclear reactors to ensure they operate safely and all programs and procedures are to be done according to the instructions of the regulator. What I love about the article is that the regulator engages all the stakeholders on how the nuclear industry should be run. This is crucial and essential in the implementation of regulations and rules.
Article 4: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations Handbook
The handbook is essential to the regulatory staff who are mandated in rulemaking. It gives procedures and processes that are required in the rules and regulations drafting. The guide serves as a tool since it provides information that is relevant in the law and rulemaking process. The handbook also serves as a checklist for the revisions made in the policy-making process. However, the document does not talk much about stakeholder involvement which is very crucial in the nuclear industry. This document is very relevant in the module of rules and regulations since it talks about the process of rulemaking.
Article 5: Safety and Occupational Health Program for Managers and Supervisors: What You Should Know.
The article gives guidance to the supervisors and plant managers. This is to make sure that they know their roles to help them perform their duties effectively and efficiently. The objectives of the safety and occupation program are to give the regulatory employees a conducive environment to do their work. It also provides the roles and responsibilities of the managers with regards to the occupational safety of their employees. This is essential with regards are to the course nuclear rules and regulations since it affects the policy-making of the nuclear reactors’ management.
Article 6: Fraud Awareness
The nuclear regulatory commission has established a fraud to create awareness among its employees about the rules and regulations. The brochure was prepared for efforts to inform the regulator employees on the issues regarding abuse and fraud and how to handle them. The brochure talks about the procurement up to the substitution of materials. This important with regards to nuclear rules and regulations module and the article is very extensive on the same thus helpful and essential in the management of nuclear industry.
Article 7: Guidelines for Interviews with the Media
The nuclear industry is very crucial with regards to security, therefore, the need to be very careful in the dissemination of useful information that might be helpful for ill intentions. The brochure articulates the guidelines that are needed for interviews with the media due to the rise of terrorism cases and the nuclear energy accidents. The articulates the steps, what to do or instead say during interviews with the press. The national regulatory public affairs department and the entire industry needs to be vigilant with information let out to the public which may land at hands with ill intentions. All these factors are essential in the module nuclear and regulations.
Article 8: Radiation Protection and the NRC
Radiation occurs naturally in the environment however it can be produced artificially. The production of radiation can be harmful at the same time harmful depending on how it is controlled and used. The need for regulation or rather policies to protect the public from excessive exposure to the radiation levels. This article broadly articulates on the issues of radiation and the effects of excessive exposure of radiation to the public. This extensively covered in the course nuclear rules and regulations hence very essential.
Article 9: Enforcement Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
The nuclear regulatory commission decision to roll out the enforcement resolution program is beneficial in the efforts to solve disputes that result from the nuclear industry.  The establishment of the program is to provide effective outcome among the stakeholders that are subject to the action of enforcement. This article, however, does not give much information on how the enforcement will be carried out and its advantages to increasing the public safety. The program resolution and roles are essential in the development of the course nuclear rules and regulations.
Article 10: Information Guide for Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Proceedings at the NRC Las Vegas Hearing Facility
The brochure acts as a guidance tool for the stakeholders who wish to give submissions or rather opinions on the adjudicatory proceeding that are related to the construction and operation of a radioactive repository. The department of energy is responsible for giving guidance and regulation on the construction and operation of any energy-related facility. The importance of public involvement in such hearing is crucial in the support for public safety and awareness. This related to the course nuclear rules and regulations as it includes the policy-making process.
Article 11: Safety of Spent Fuel Storage
The regulator is responsible for the regulation of the entire nuclear cycle up to its end. The regulator oversees its manufacture and processing from when the uranium is extracted from the ground. The regulator also ensures that the materials are given safer transportation, the repository and storage of the used fuel. This is very essential as the publication gives the regulators’ roles in the safety of the spent fuels from the nuclear plants. All these processes are related to the rulemaking process thus the relevance of the course nuclear rules and regulations.
Article 11: MACCS (MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System)
The MACCS integrated computer code assessment tool is of much importance in analyzing the effects of releasing the radioactive materials to the environment. This tool also helps in sharing of vital information among countries and the sharing of experiences. This tool is used as part of an evolution of mitigation efforts of accidents as per the rules and laws set out by the national regulatory commission. This is also part of the enforcement of rules thus interrelated with the course.
Article 12: Advisory Committee for African Americans
The objective of the committee increases the positions being held by African Americans in the management and supervisory roles, increase the number of positions of African Americans in feeder groupings, and create opportunities for employees to close the gap in the managerial and technology positions. The advisory committee could also have considered the engagement of minorities in the administrative or rather positions in the industry. The regulation on how employees are to given roles should be incorporated into the nuclear management course since it is critical.
Article 13: Safety Culture Policy Statement
This publication is a statement by the regulatory commission showing the expectation of the stakeholders in establishing and maintaining of a good positive culture that enhances the safety of the public at large. The statement also encourages the states that are under the regulator to help support the development of a safety culture in efforts to safeguard the interests of the public and their security. The statement articulates many traits of a safety culture. All these programs are in line with the nuclear rules and regulations module or rather a course.
Article 14: Mitigating Strategies: Safely Responding to Extreme Events.
The fatal Fukushima accident staged for the importance of prior planning when it comes to the handling of operational actions in the nuclear reactor. Therefore, the need to have strategies on how to handle emergencies or long-term loss of safety systems. The order, however, does not focus on the events that may cause emergence accidents it rather centers on the improvement of the diverse and flexible means of responding to natural catastrophes such as earthquakes. Mitigating strategies should be part of the regulations and rules that govern the nuclear industry. This would enhance the public safety from fatal accidents.
Article 15: New Reactors: Striving for Enhanced Safety
The article starts with a discussion on the commission safety goals that are required in the operation of nuclear power plants. The goals are of high level and qualitative; the individual risks to life and death and the societal risks. The article further elaborates on the fundamental policies that must be followed by new nuclear reactors. The new reactors need to be perfect according to the commission rules and regulations moreover they need to be built under new technologies to avert any accidents and overexposure to radiations. These policies are vital in the rulemaking hence it is very essential to the nuclear rules and regulations course.
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Safety and Occupational Health Program For Managers and Supervisors: What YOU Should Know. (2015). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/brochures/br0098/
Froud awareness (2006). Retrieved From: https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML0627/ML062700084.pdf
Guidelines for Interviews With the Media (2004). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML0502/ML050270289.pdf
Radiation Protection and the NRC (2010). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/brochures/br0322/r1/br0322r1.pdf
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Information Guide for Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Proceedings at the NRC Las Vegas Hearing Facility. (2009) Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/brochures/br0336/br0336r1.pdf
Safety of Spent Fuel Storage. (2017). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1710/ML17108A306.pdf
MACCS (MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System) (2017). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1710/ML17102A912.pdf
Advisory Committee for African Americans (2010). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1130/ML11300A106.pdf
Safety Culture Policy Statement. (2018). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1813/ML18137A389.pdf
Mitigating Strategies: Safely Responding to Extreme Events. ( 2015). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1511/ML15113A950.pdf
 New Reactors: Striving for Enhanced Safety. (2011). Retrieved from; https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1134/ML11343A026.pdf

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