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ECE212 Planning And Assessment For Teaching And Learning

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ECE212 Planning And Assessment For Teaching And Learning

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ECE212 Planning And Assessment For Teaching And Learning

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Course Code: ECE212
University: Deakin University

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Country: Australia


1.Observe a child’s learning and document his/her learning experiences through a form of documentation.
2.Continue to observe and document the child’s learning on two other occasions through two forms of documentations.
3.Analyse the child’s learning  based on the documentations. What is significant about the child’s learning? What forms of learning has the child demonstrated? Why and how? What may be the patterns of his or her learning behaviours? Is it linked to a learning outcome or areas in the EYLF? What could the child learn further? This analysis should go beyond the child’s interests, needs, knowledge and skills to his/her feeing’s, dispositions, and capabilities. Use relevant literature and the relevant curriculum polices to help with the analysis (e.g EYLF, VEYLF, AC or VC).
4.Plan a new activity/experience based on the child’s learning. Outline the plan and give reasons for the plan. Use curriculum policies to help with the planning of teaching actions.
5.Implement the new activity/experience.
6.Document the new learning activity/experience and include it in the assignment.
7.Describe how the new activity was implemented. Give details about what you did and how children were involved. This new activity is expected to be implemented with the focused child but should involve other children as well.
8.Reflect on the overall process and compare child/ren’s learning in the two activities. Consider how documentations and child assessment contribute to children’s learning. Use relevant readings to help with the reflection.


According to Victorian State Government Education and Training (2017), early childhood period of life of a child has a significant impact on their developmental and learning phase for children. Since, from birth for up to 8 years, children’s brain undergoes a huge development and change. This is the time, when children have maximum opportunities to develop specific neural pathways of learning. However, at this time, the children are more vulnerable to negative experiences. The following assignment is based on the activity displayed by Ethan, a three and a half year old boy who studies in kindergarten school. The assignment mainly aims to relate the skills displayed by Ethan in the activities with the Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes.
My study child and his learning documentation
My study child is Ethan who is 3 and a half years old and study in kindergarten. One day I noticed him playing with toy cars in the outdoor area with his peers. I was fascinated by some of his learning behaviours in particular how he is enjoying while in a group. Initially he was playing alone with his car at one side of the garden. After a while he was joined with two of his friends. In the presence of his two friends, Ethan was happy as he shared his toys cars and included then in his play. This showed a sign that Ethan is connected with and contribute to their world (community) and enjoys being in group.
Another day, Ethan was observed to engage with his sand pit tools including red colored midi spade, maxi spade, rake, bucket and sieve. He was very creative in his abstract sand figures. Moreover, I observed his strong sense of wellbeing in a range of social skills and dispositions. Ethan is capable of receiving and seeking assistance while making abstracts with his sand pit tools. I found him making small houses via taking assistance from his teammates. He started via making the different parts of the house and then ensemble them to form a completed structure. He also exchanged his ideas with his friends so that they too can help him out. Though his friends were taking or frequently moving out from the play, Ethan was focused and confident and he only stepped out once he completed the entire house made of sand. I also observed how he is safe guarding his tools of sand pit from damage while allowing others to use it but with cautions. This displayed a strong sense of managing emotions and impulses in order to cope up with day-to-day stress.
I noted on another occasion that Ethan is playing with his toy dinosaur. He was talking or communicating with the dinosaur in his own language and at times making a specific grant. I think he is trying to make an imaginary voice-over for the toy dinosaurs. This represents the power of effective communication and verbalizing.
How and what has Ethan learned?
As observed from the above mentioned documentation, Ethan undertook a process of problem solving skills and experimentation while playing with sand pit. This is because, he stated with a chunk of sand and slowly and gradually transformed it into a house. In this learning experience, Ethan displayed a range of skills like ingenuity, creativity. This is because, he utilized his team mates, took their help with a cleaver approach towards the process of making sand-house. He also displayed a strong sense of well being. According to Victorian State Government Education and Training (2017), wellbeing defines having a good mental and physical health along with attachment, positive effect and a sense of self-regulation. This signifies that the child is able to manage emotions in a productive manner while building resilience and persistence for being confident and adaptable. Ethan is also connected with and contributes to their world. This is because, Ethan enjoys being in groups. According to Victorian State Government Education and Training (2017), children who are firmly associated to their world, participate in day-to-day routines and experiences and employ proper opportunities to contribute to the decision making process. They also assist and display concern for others while learning to respect for those who are different from them and practice in an inclusive manner of resolving conflicts. Here Ethan was found assisting his friends in making the structures through sand pit and playing with the toy cars. This further highlighted that he is aware of understanding fair play and how to contribute in a group. Ethan is effective in his communication as well and this have observed in both the group play activities and while he was playing alone with his toy dinosaurs. Communication is the basic skill for the children. Children communicate from birth via using gestures, movements and non-verbal clues which get transformed into sounds assisted communication and verbal clues in order engage in a relationship with others. In the entire three activities Ethan displayed active skills of communication in both the three task. In the first task, while he was playing with his toys, Ethan was interacting with his friends in the domain of direction of the car, car sounds. In the second task, Ethan was found interaction with his friends in giving direction of how to make structures of sand pit. This also displayed his skills of co-ordination like managing the resources and utilizing it in a proper manner in order to achieve the desired outcomes.
Ethan also displayed his art of making an imaginary voice like dinosaurs. According to Strait et al. (2012), children learning frequently occur in the presence noise. This presence of different types of noise helps children to identify the different between noise and thereby helping them to strengthen perceptual and neural enhancements. So this signifies that Ethan is exposure to different types of noise and this has helped him to act innovatively in framing an imaginary sound of dinosaurs.
During my observation, I also recognised his increasing disposition of persistence. Irrespective of the interruptions coming from his flocks, who were either leaving the entire act or asking his to do something else or distracting him, Ethan stayed focused in his activities and keeping up his creative standards. According to Zelazo and Lyons (2012), early childhood is marked by substantial development in the domain of self-regulatory skills which supports school readiness and socio-emotional competence. Evidences from the developmental social cognitive neuroscience highlights that the skill of maintaining concentration or staying focused act as a function of changes in the dynamic interaction between regulatory processes and at the same time, cast an impact of the behaviour. Further mindfulness training will help Ethan to maintain sustained concentration while decreases the sense of anxiety and stress.
A learning plan for Ethan
I have realized that Ethan has been showing an active interest about cars and keeps on asking questions about the type of cars and every time tries to relate with the vehicles he sees outside. He can understand the difference in the different types of the vehicles such as cars, trucks, bicycles but has not developed concepts of speed or distance. Furthermore I have also found out that Ethan shows  no interest is taking care of the toys after he is finished with the playing, not does he shows any interest in cleaning them. Hence I have tried to implement activities like toy car washing to foster the sense of cleanliness and care of his own things. While observing Ethan I have found that he shows apprehension while talking about cars and hence I found that Ethan would enjoy any sort of activity with cars and such an activity will also teach Ethan how to clean things. Throughout the learning it can be seen that Ethan explored color and the sound during playing with the cares. Ethan was also found to ask questions about cars whenever he sees one and tries to link with the cars he was washing.  As stated by (Piaget 2013,p. 35) incorporating the knowledge of cleanliness and hygiene from childhood and taking care of things is an important gesture. Furthermore early child hood activities like this would increase the concurrent development of the cognitive skills (Australian government, Department of education and training. 2014). This would integrate the foundation of movement that a child will carry throughout the life. A child who is physically active learns habits in the early childhood that increases their chance of remaining physically active throughout their life (Harding et al. 2013.p.14). Such activities can help the child to develop physically, socially and emotionally. The group activity would also foster the sense of team work in him that would serve him in future and this cleansing habit would provide a lifelong commitment to cleanliness and hygiene (Case-Smith 2013.p.32)   
Tool used: Toy cars, brushes, skin friendly soaps, wet towels, dry towels, soapy water, and a tub for washing the toys.
Number of children participated: Ethan and seven other children of the kindergarten.
Supervisor: The class educator.
Activity: Each of the child was given two buckets, one filled with the soapy water and the other filled with soapy water and the other filled with clear water and a dry towel and two brushes.
The new activity
It is evident from the previous activity that the Ethan is interested in jeeps and cars and displays an active interests in parts of the cars, making of the cars, collection of different types of vehicles. However Ethan did not show much interest in the preservation of the toy cars that were littering around and also did not show much interest in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Hence the chosen activity to fill the deficiency found in the learning of Ethan related to cleanliness is the washing of the toy car along with other children in the kindergarten.
Documentation: Ethan and seven other children of the kindergarten was taken to the field along with the tools required for the toy washing. Two educators were accompanying Ethan and his companions. Each of the children was assigned to carry one toys and a washing equipment. Each of the children were told to sit in short tools and start the washing. The educator first demonstrated the way to wash the toy with the help of brushes soapy water. In one of the tub the educator put a bit of skin friendly dish soap to make the soap lather, in the other tub clean water was kept for the washing. A bottle brush and a tiny nipple brush was used to clean the detailed structures and the wheels of the toy cars. After the washing the toys were made towel dry. All the washed toys are kept in the dry clean tub. After the washing the clean toy tub is then taken to the room.
I have found that reflecting on and evaluation is an important part of the childhood learning and it is the heart of the maintenance of a learning culture. It is my belief that my extensive planning, proper demonstration, assessment and evaluation have enhanced learning in Ethan. I have tried to gather information, views and perspective of Ethan and has used it for decision making. During the implementation of the practice I fetched help from the other educator to manage all the other children accompanying Ethan, as collaboration with other members helped to create an inclusive environment for the child that would enhance the learning in the child. I have researched and have brainstormed through a number of early childhood frameworks that has helped me to adopt a professional way of teaching the toddlers. I believe that my learning strategies have enhanced the learning capabilities in Ethan. After the activities it can be found that Ethan was showing more interest in keeping the tables and the classroom. His awareness regarding the cleanliness of his sitting place has increased. I was also successful in identifying some of the areas of improvement in terms of her learnings. I believe that I had to be more careful while evaluating the learning of the child. During the cleaning session I did not supervise Ethan about how much time he is taking to wash the cars and whether he is enjoying the thing or is merely doing the process out of pressure and in fear of punishment. However when I asked him about his feeling she responded in a joyful manner. I have also identified a mistake in part of my documentation, that is I did not keep a video recording of the whole practice as an evidence of Ethan’s  learning, which could have been used later on to analyze his learning more accurately.
Australian government, Department of education and training. 2014. The early years learning framework in action. Retrieved from: https://docs.education.gov.au/node/33535
Case-Smith, J., 2013. Development of childhood occupations. Occupational therapy for children, pp.56-83.
Harding, J., Meldon-Smith, L. and Sheridan, M., 2012. Play in early childhood: From birth to six years. Routledge.
Piaget, J., 2013. Play, dreams and imitation in childhood (Vol. 25). Routledge.
Strait, D.L., Parbery-Clark, A., Hittner, E. and Kraus, N., 2012. Musical training during early childhood enhances the neural encoding of speech in noise. Brain and language, 123(3), pp.191-201.
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Victorian State Government Education and Training. 2017. Victorian Early Years Learning And Development Framework: For All Children From Birth To Eight Years. Access date: 4th June. Retrieved from: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/childhood/providers/edcare/veyldframework.pdf
Zelazo, P.D. and Lyons, K.E., 2012. The potential benefits of mindfulness training in early childhood: A developmental social cognitive neuroscience perspective. Child Development Perspectives, 6(2), pp.154-160.

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