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ECSFC301A : Family Support Organizations

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ECSFC301A : Family Support Organizations

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ECSFC301A : Family Support Organizations

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Course Code: ECSFC301A
University: Tafe NSW

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Country: Australia

For my this assessment please follow all the guidelines. You have to research on given 5 organizations and write about it. please follow the assessment guide and write on it. the organizations we have to write is just like the annotated bibliography

1. Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN)
2. KU Education Support and Family Services
3. Balgowlah Stockland Early Childhood Centre
4. Frenchs Forest Early Childhood Health Centre
5. Lifestart Northern Beaches – Early Childhood Intervention


Family and Community Services is recognized as a program that essentially address the development and implementation of public, private as well as voluntary services for individuals, families, communities and localities (Abel et al., 2013). This program further intends to prepare individuals to successfully functions in a range of occupations acknowledging family life as well as community development (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013). Family and community services further incorporate regulation in the process of family systems, social-community services, individual growth and sustainability along with voluntary sector performances. Family and Community Services aids the marginalized section of people to fundamentally engage in social as well as economic life and further establish more established services and through funding several non-government organizations (NGOs) to efficiently provide high-quality support services (Abel et al., 2013). Such program aims to directly facilitate people across various regions in Australia and guide these marginalized sections to realize their level of competencies and potentialities (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013). The following paper evaluates the way five chosen organizations in Australia deliver proficient services to wide ranging families and communities in Australia.
2.Organisation 1:
Family & Community Services. (2018). All children deserve a safe and stable home for life. Retrieved from https://www.facs.nsw.gov.au/families
1a. Overview: Family and Community Services (FACS) executing its operations in New South Wales has attained substantial rate of prominence because of its constitutional role and accountability in providing welfare services (Family & Community Services, 2018).
1b. Mission- The primary mission of FACS is enhancing client experience and proficiently serves a role of stewards of its service system. FACS primarily aims to address intricacy level of children, marginalized sections and individuals who have experienced domestic or family hostility (Family & Community Services, 2018).
1c. Aims-The primary aim of Family and Community Services (FACS) cluster is to perform their activities with broad range of children, families, adult populace and communities in order to bring enhancements to the lives of people and facilitate individuals to comprehend their abilities.
1d. Outcomes- The outcomes which FACS aims to achieve for the people in NSW is to provide unconditional support to the indigenous individuals, families, children and communities in order to facilitate them to live a safe and secured life from any threats (Family & Community Services, 2018). Organisation further ensures that their target groups receiving sustained support in order to attain housing and family stability. Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAPS) initiated by FACS focuses on the individuals encountering disability of properly accessing the opportunities provided by the organisation (Abel et al., 2013).
1e. Geographical coverage – FACS ‘s community services encompass various regions of Australia ranging from Hunter New England where it has an approximate of 13 services centres along with other regions such as Illawarra Shoalhaven and Southern NSW District with 4 services centres. FACS also provides its services to the people inhabiting n Southern NSW and Murrumbidgee to ensure the welfare of the Australians.
1f. Target groups- The welfare organization has attained substantial level of prominence for safeguarding the population of children from 0-10 years as well as youths  11-18 years from any forms of threats and intricacies in the society.
1g. Analysis- Reports revealed that in several cases, children and young individuals remain with their family under FACS intervention. However, FACS requires providing special attention to the areas where these target groups encounter significant threats or risks or FACS can presume high risk of critical harm. In these cases FACS need to shift them to safer places (Family & Community Services, 2018).
1h. Programs /Projects provided to children, families, community- FACS performs effectively to create essential base for the solidity and unity necessitated to promote employment development and efficiency that would influence its economic advantages (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013). Thus, FACS has been working with and in the favour of varied community groups by successfully increasing and implementing mutual resolutions that can be established on current reinforcements and impendent of the communities and its people (Family & Community Services, 2018). FACS has engaged itself in these strategies and has established social capital by further forming stronger, preventive as well as highly encompassing communities across the NSW region.
3. Organisation2:
KU Children’s Services. (2018). Childcare Centres | KU Children’s Services. Retrieved from https://www.ku.com.au/
1a. Overview: KU Children’s Services is recognized as one of the prominent family service providers in Australia. The organization being established in the year 1985, fundamentally emphasizes on delivering supreme quality early childhood education and care. KU Children’s Services primarily operates around 140 early childhood care and services as well as welfare programs (KU Children’s Services, 2018).
1b. Mission- By aiding children with adequate educational funds of over 13,000 children as well as their families every year the organization has attained substantial recognition for its services.
1c. Aims: The primary aim of organization is to deliver supreme quality of childhood education where they can determine their propensity and obtain constructive insights about themselves (Abel et al., 2013).
1d. Outcomes- KU must continue to nurture and leverage the competencies and strengths of the children to successfully develop and grow (KU Children’s Services, 2018).
1e. Geographical coverage- The non-profit organization delivers most efficient services to children across Australia. KU has its service centres at Melbourne, Sussex Street as well as various regions in NSW.
1f. Target groups – The not for profit organization provides their primary target base-children including infants, toddlers and children with tree-lined play area to motivate children (KU Children’s Services, 2018). These innovative facilities result to increase their inquisitiveness and potential to identify true potentialities.
1g. Analysis- It has been observed that the  approaches through which risk and protective factors are interacted by KU to generate constructive or unconstructive outcomes at various stages of the child’s growth often remain complex and uncomprehended. This is because of the execution of certain defensive measures which only operate when specific risk factors occur.
1h. Programs- Effective implementation of this strategy reinforces KU’s dedication in valuing as well as entrenching utmost awareness and practices of Indigenous communities and further facilitates the revelation of KU for true resolution (KU Children’s Services, 2018). Furthermore, KU’s clienteles have exhibited utmost contentment to its fee structure that covers the operational expenditure rate of providing exceptional KU learning experience and ascertains its customers of persistent offerings of such inventive services for prospective days (KU Children’s Services, 2018).
4. Organisation 3:
Nslhd.health. (2018). Early Childhood Health Centre – Balgowlah. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Services/Directory/Pages/Early-Childhood-Health-Centre-Balgowlah.aspx
1a. Overview- Early Childhood Health Centre (ECHC) is one of the prominent non-profit organizations operating in Australia (Nslhd, 2018).
1b. Mission- The services delivered by ECHC are free of any charges and are delivered on a personal basis to the clients either through appointment or through special permission. Often ECHC services are also been provided in collective sessions through telephonic counselling and home visits (Nslhd, 2018).
1c. Aims- This non-profit organization aims to provide guidance support and knowledge to parents who have been encountering certain level of intricacies and complexities (Nslhd, 2018).
1d. Outcomes- The essential outcomes of NSLHD is to aid and share awareness on any parenting issues for children who are up to 5 years of age. The organization further focuses on enhancing the knowledge of new parents or parents who are encountering Post Natal Depression.  
1e. Geographical coverageThe organization has its services centres at diverse regions in NSW starting from Hornsby, North Ride, Mona Vale and Eastwood. NSHLD constitutes service agreements with other inclusive facilities which include HammondCare and Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney.
1f. Target groups- This non-profit organization aims to provide guidance support and knowledge to parents for children up to 5 years of age who have been encountering certain level of intricacies and complexities (Nslhd, 2018).
1g. Analysis: Managing the proper medication procedure is identified as highly critical for any family and community service centres. Parents involved with NSHLD have often reported to have encountered threats in receiving accurate medication processes. Thus it is immensely vital for NSHLD to exhibit high inclination in taking utmost preventive measures for their targets (Nslhd, 2018).
1h. Programs- Reports revealed that NSLHD has recently introduced its Strategic Plan aimed for the next 4 years. This Plan signifies the approaches that will be adopted by NSLHD to successfully accomplish the challenges (Nslhd, 2018). Furthermore, the strategic plan will emphasize on decision-making process that is perfect for persistent enhancement of services, effective facilitation to delivery of creative as well as responsive care services in collaboration with other healthcare providers and local families or communities (NSLHD, 2018). Lastly, the strategic plan of NSLHD will raise the commitment and competence level of its employee base in order to support and deliver excellent quality services on regular basis.
5. Organisation 4:
Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest. (2018). Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Services/Directory/Pages/Early%20Childhood%20Health%20Centre-Frenchs-Forest.aspx
1a. Overview: One of the most renowned national, government aided, non-profit organisation, Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest has been treating wide range of Australian populace to successfully manage their health and welfare (Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest, 2018).
1b. Mission- The organisation has been executing its operations in Australia for over a decade to a broad array of diverse knowledge and guidance services (Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest, 2018).
1c. Aims- Established in 2006 as National Health Call Centre Network, ECHC – Frenchs Forest under the regulation of Council of Australian Government (COAG), the organization’s fundamental aim was to establish a 24 hours helpline services for nurses that was known as Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest.
1d. Outcomes- ECHC – Frenchs Forest emphasizes that utilizing the Personal Health Record (PHR) or ‘Blue Book’ parents would develop utmost enthusiasm to get involved in ECHC for regular treatment  and care services (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013). 
1e. Geographical coverage- ECHC – Frenchs Forest has a wide ranging service domain such as hospitals, centres for healthcare information at Northern Beaches, Hornsby and Royal North (Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest, 2018).
1f. Target groups- The not for profit organisation has attained an accreditation from the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS), an autonomous enterprise purposed for enhancing the quality and prevention of health care treatments for parenting issues for children up to 5 years of age (Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest, 2018).
1g. Analysis: ECHC – Frenchs Forest’s complimentary and individualistic service provisions might encounter critical forms of intricacies. It has been revealed that the target group often have failed to obtain most effective and accurate welfare services which has further resulted to unconstructive safety outcomes (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013).
1h. Programs- ECHC – Frenchs Forest’s Strategy on Research and Evaluation 2014-2018 aims to offer a set of values and standards along with performance which can be implemented to align the delivery of supreme quality research along with product or facility assessment (Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest, 2018). It has been noted that this Strategic plan initiated by the company will facilitate to conduct constitutive and significant investigation that aids in enhancing services.
6. Organisation 5:
Lifestart.org.au. (2018). Lifestart.org.au. Retrieved from https://www.lifestart.org.au/
1a. Overview: Another not-for-profit family services organisation and government registered Charity Enterprise performs in delivering early intercession and school age year’s inclusion facilitation programs (Lifestart.org.au, 2018).
1b. Mission- Established in 1996, life start has emerged as a renowned organisation from single centre and currently serving inclusion guidance to school as well as school age children across NSW. 1c. Aims- Not for profit organisation offers services such as occupational and physiotherapy, School guidance social safety community inclusion as well as facilitating communities and services to  establish integrity among each other (Abel et al., 2013).
1d. Outcomes (Lifestart.org.au, 2018). Lifestart is highly dedicated to offer provision of aid and support on the basis of the values of diversity, honesty, alliance as well as inclusion.
1e. Geographical coverage- The organization offers its services at wide encompassing areas of Inner and Eastern Sydney, Southern Region that includes Illawarra or Shoalhaven, Western Sydney  including the Hills District along with other regions of Northern Sydney (Lifestart.org.au, 2018).
1f. Target groups- The not for profit organization has been serving to children as well as youths aged 0-24 years living in areas of Western Sydney, Northern Sydney  as well as for children and youths aged 7-24 years living in the Inner West and South Eastern Sydney suffering from critical forms of disability challenges .
1g. Analysis: There is an inherent factor of risk posed by Lifestart’s target group associated to funding models as well as providing families with unlimited preferences and regulation to welfare services (Abel et al., 2013). Parents of children and youths have revealed of not being provided most effective information related to the type of prevention and services will be offered to their children which will produce most effective outcomes.
1h. Programs- The organization is intrinsically being integrated to the safeguard of legal as well as human rights and privileges in all aspects of attaining welfare services or facilitation. LIfestart has been proficiently providing services to its clientele in accordance to the norms of United Nations regulation. The policy provided by United Nation essentially distinguishes that individuals possess the rights to access similar level of opportunities with comprehensive as well as productive inclusion within the society.  
Concluding Statement:
Thus to conclude it can be stated that the above chosen family services organisations have been playing a distinctive and crucial role in their own domain and at the same time successfully facilitating the lives of individuals who are in need of help and guidance from expert class. All these non-profit organisations with fundamental purpose of offering welfare services have gained immense value, prominence and reputation for their exceptional welfare offerings and care for children, parents, families, marginalised sections of the society (Baker-Ericzén, Jenkins& Haine-Schlagel, 2013). These services facilitate the level of ability and skills of individuals undergoing immense level of intricacies and challenging situations in their lives and thus have been recognised as highly valuable for Australian populace. The paper has provided an explicit understanding of the approaches and strategic plans undertaken by these reputed welfare organizations to successfully enhance the lives and prevent people of Australia from detrimental situations or intricacies.
Abel, J., Walter, T., Carey, L. B., Rosenberg, J., Noonan, K., Horsfall, D., … & Morris, D. (2013). Circles of care: should community development redefine the practice of palliative care?. BMJ supportive & palliative care, bmjspcare-2012.
Baker-Ericzén, M. J., Jenkins, M. M., & Haine-Schlagel, R. (2013). Therapist, parent, and youth perspectives of treatment barriers to family-focused community outpatient mental health services. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 22(6), 854-868.
Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest. (2018). Early Childhood Health Centre – Frenchs Forest. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Services/Directory/Pages/Early%20Childhood%20Health%20Centre-Frenchs-Forest.aspx
Family & Community Services. (2018). All children deserve a safe and stable home for life. Retrieved fromhttps://www.facs.nsw.gov.au/families
Healthdirect. (2018). {{meta.og.title}}. Retrieved from https://about.healthdirect.gov.au/research-and-evaluation
KU Children’s Services. (2018). Childcare Centres | KU Children’s Services. Retrieved from https://www.ku.com.au/
Lifestart.org.au. (2018). Retrieved from https://www.lifestart.org.au/about/governance/our-committees
Lifestart.org.au. (2018). Lifestart.org.au. Retrieved from https://www.lifestart.org.au/
Nslhd. (2018). NSLHD Community Participation. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/AboutUs/communityparticipation
NSLHD. (2018). NSLHD Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/AboutUs/StrategicPlan/Pages/default.aspx
Nslhd.health. (2018). Early Childhood Health Centre – Balgowlah. Retrieved from https://www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Services/Directory/Pages/Early-Childhood-Health-Centre-Balgowlah.aspx

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