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EDES4023 Events Design

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EDES4023 Events Design

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EDES4023 Events Design

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Course Code: EDES4023
University: Greenwich School Of Management

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Country: United Kingdom


Learning Outcomes
At the end of this module students will be able to:
1.Explain the integral role of event design success of an event.
2.Identify a range of techniques an organisation could use when theming an event.
3.Apply knowledge to case studies and take inspiration from other events that have been specific to a target audience.
ØExplain what is events design and why is it so important to an events success?
ØGive an introduction to your selected event
ØHow have the event designers wanted the event to be interpreted by their guests?
ØHow have they reflected the event purpose through the selected theme?
ØColour scheme
ØAppropriate topics
ØEvent objectives
ØWhat is the message the organisers are trying to communicate through the event?
ØAgenda of activities
ØEvent Schedule
ØWhy have the activities been formatted/choreographed in this way?
ØHow do they add to the event experience?


The event design is the heart and soul of all events and it is used in maximizing the opportunity within any given event. The event design includes elements of an event which include staging, venues, amenities, décor, edible display, marketing and also the theme. The event design makes the event to be successful because it simply involves the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events, for example, the festivals, weddings, ceremonies, festivals and conventions or concerts. It entails brand studying, identification of audience being targeted and coordination of technical launching the events. The event planning is simply the process of planning and coordination of the event which comprises the budgeting, scheduling, selection of the site, obtaining the appropriate permits, coordinating transportation and parking, catering coordination and emergency plans.
The nature of the event makes every event to differ such that planning and execution of every event different on the basis of the type of event. Events of all sizes are now being included since the event management is currently used in companies of different 2 companies of every size.
Impact of the event on a local community  
This festival is important in the community since it involves a large number of visitors invited from different geographical locations and therefore they spend more. The revenue collected during the period of the event creates new employment opportunities and the taxes collected will be used in building infrastructure which is beneficial to the community at large. The local business will also improve thus leading increased standard of living and this is achieved when goods are acquired by the visitors from the local community.
A community will also benefit from the  festival as a result of socio-cultural benefits and this includes awareness, family bonding, community pride, stronger cultural identity as well as the certain sense of ethnic identity (Allen, 2010, p. 658). This is achieved by allowing the community to showcase their talents and culture and presentation of their culture to the invited guest from various places strengthen the idea of what it means and feels to live within a community thus increasing the pride and identity. In the community, there are two separate individuals who benefit from the event hosted by the community. The benefits received by the community and individuals are shown as follows;
 Community benefits

The community image is enhanced
The sense of community well-being.
A positive recognition is gained by the community.
A celebration of the community.
The community is unique and special.

Individual benefits

Meeting festival performers or workers.
Festivals acts as a showcase for new ideas.
Festivals enable people to learn new ideas.
Festivals enable people to learn a variety of cultural experiences.
Opportunity to develop talents and new cultural skills.
Personal health and well-being.
A personal sense of pride and recognition through involvement in the festivals.

Theme design
The theme of this festival will be “A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES”. The guest should interpret the theme as a way of nurturing young talents by rendering the support required so that they can prosper in life (Allen, 2009, p. 128).
People come with high expectation hoping to acquire unique experiences and memorable events.  A theme offers a condensed version of what one is interested in accomplishing and the selection of theme was done based on the following; which include the needs and interest of the audience and something which is in line with the objectives as well as the host city (Brown, 2019, p. 78).
The selection of the festival theme for this festival will be important since it will definitely act as a catalyst for success, therefore, it will be necessary because;

Themes ensure a cohesive unit

It is important to come up with a well thought-out theme to anchor your communication and the objective of the event should be reflected by the theme as well as unifying them. The purpose of the event must be reflected as well as embody the brand of its host. The event preparation is directed by theme while permitting the participants to identify their theme.
                     b). Theme creates Buzz
A buzz for the social event can be generated by a well-selected theme and adapting the communication and event activities backing the objectives and the needs of the guests then the marketing efforts are enhanced (Duncan, 2015, p. 129).
                         c). Themes help with the guest focus
Apart from determining the initial event tone, the theme can also remind the objectives of an encounter. The theme should influence every part of the event space such as the directions signs, food beverages, and logo.
 The following topics will arise as a result of this planned festival;

Promoting peace, loving and unity.
Promoting the standard of living

This is an event which always takes place on a yearly basis and this festival focuses on numerous activities which involve offering support to the local and upcoming artists, comedians, spoken word artists, dancers, glitter wrestlers to showcase their talents, the local and various communities are also invited to showcase their cultures (Evans, 2008, p. 129).
There are guests that will be invited to attend the event through the event is not that big but only it is marketed as a community  music festival featuring a mix of musical genre and styles focusing on uplifting new artist, also creating a peaceful relationship in the community by bringing the society together thus promoting togetherness (Friedmann, 2011, p. 219).          
Event objectives
The event object simply aims at;

Promoting the culture of different communities.
Nurturing the talents of young upcoming talents.
Promoting togetherness by bringing people from different background and culture together.

Through the organization of these events, the organizers try to pass a message of living in peace in the community despite your background, social status and also language. The organizers also try also to remind people where they come from by simply allowing them to showcase their culture (Getz, 2010, p. 321)
The following schedule will be used for the effective running of the event;

Start Time

End Time


Task Duration



The arrival of the invited guest, locals and various performers.

1 hour







Consume and make up ( for those who wants to showcase their culture though optional)




All the guest and the locals seated awaiting the show to commence




A prayer from the clergy before the show begins followed by a welcoming speech from the member of parliament to welcome people officially to the show.




Showtime. All people showcasing their talents and the closing of the festival officially.




 Food and refreshment

1h 15min



Participants and the invited guest should be gone from the venue.




Staff should clean everything and be gone.

1 hour

The above event schedule is very important such that;

It will enhance proper management of time. Good management of time will enable the organizers to divide up the day effectively to recognize how much we can achieve from that particular event.
This will prevent the activities planned from colliding with each other.
The scheduling of event will enable the events to go as they are planned without any interference.
The scheduling of events will enable the planned event to finish on time thus preventing boredom and interrupting with people other activities(Groot, 2013, p. 419).

 This will be the most important part of events since it without entertainment the invited guest will feel bored.
This music festival is entertaining itself is entertainment so only one known artist will be invited to address the occasion and talk to young people concerning the talents they have. The artist will give a motivational speech how he made it life because of the talent and this will motivate those upcoming artist who thinks they have talents to stop hindering them and come up and showcase them (John, 2011, p. 219).
One known dancing group will be invited to showcase their talent to the upcoming talented dancers who have talents in dancing (John, 2011, p. 123).
Speeches will be made by a selected number of people who made it in life after going through hard times in order to motivate the upcoming youths having talents never to lose hope but continuing pushing hard until they succeed in life. A speech will also be made by the artist who succeeded after working hard in life.
This event will benefit the attendees by making them understand that is not education that would make someone succeed in life but one should also focus on the God-given talent to succeed in life.
Environment design
The environmental design simply involves addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, and policies. It sometimes refers to the to the applied arts and sciences dealing with creating the human-designed environment (Kilkenney, 2011, p. 19)
Event venue
The event will take place in Nyanza. Nyanza is a broad, low evaluation, northwest-southeast trending village comprising various hills and it is located in the eastern portion of Siaya county between 100 to 140 miles of Kisumu.
Their different decorations needed for the festival;

Placing flowers

The flowers will be placed at the entrance and all some to be placed at the dining table.

Making chalkboard signage

Chalkboard can be used in decorating the entrance point and then personalize it by thrifting an old frame and spray-painting to match the rest of décor.

Use of table runner that pops

Apart from using numerous big floral centerpieces space them out in smaller bud vases to span the length of the runner.
Arrangement of décor
The decoration of the festival will be done using floral decoration whereby dried or living plant materials for the adornment of the body will be used in the festival. The flowers will be selected then composed into a harmonious unit based on the principle of design which include the design, contrast, balance, rhythm, scale, proportion, harmony and dominance (Kitchin, 2016, p. 219). The arrangement of the flower will not only entail flowers only but also the containers holding the flowers and the base on which the container may rest. Some plants materials will be allowed to extend forward while others to recede in order to satisfy the sculptural quality (Wood, 2008, p. 19). The color of the material is very important for example dark color looks heavier compared to the light values. For floral decoration, many materials will be used for example the foliage, grasses, grains, branches, berries, vegetables as well as nuts. The material may be living, dried or artificial (Kitchin, 2016, p. 78)        
Production design


A sound company who can deliver high-quality sound system will be hired for the music festival and this will entail the use of microphones and public address system which will be used in entertaining the invited guest before the commencement of the festival. Other gadgets such as the microphone will also be used in by the performers so that so that they can be listened to clearly and apart from that, it will also be used during the opening and closing of the event by the master of ceremony (May 2014, p. 63).

Visual presentation

The festival will make use of the projector. The projector will serve a number of functions such that it will be used to clearly view the brand name of the event and also enlarging those videos that cannot be seen by every person.
Catering design

Suitable catering operations

There are various catering operations that can be applied to various events. For example, in a music festival, the catering operations may include special events, business activities and mobile services (Yeoman, 2014, p. 27). During the music festival, special event operation will be used such that a company is likely to offer the all-inclusive services for the large-scale events. The operation of the special event simply entails service and presentation side of providing a stunning menu. A mobile type of catering service entails van traveling to specific locations carrying already made food (Monroe, 2010, p. 43).

Service style

During the music festival, the service will be conducted in a different manner depending on the invited dignitaries and those who will be performing at the music festival. A family style service will be offered to the invited guest where the guest will be served while seating (Wates, 2013, p. 39). The guest will be seating at a dining table after the completion of the occasion and the meal will be brought by the service staff. This type of service style will be essential since it will give the guest a humble time to know each other since large platters will be passed around and larger tablescapes or smaller centerpieces will be required during the service (Simonse, 2018, p. 55).
Another service style that will be used will be buffet service style and this will be used by other participants who attended the festival or those who perform in the festival. Here, the preparation of menu items will be done in advance and this will give the guest a selection of items and will require a minimum staffing. People will have the ability to inspect the food before selecting it and taking only the quantity required (Sturman, 2011, p. 89). The diagram below shows a guide to catering department.
The success of the event will result from the event design. The event will be successful because it was based on certain principles which offered guidance to the event design which include;
To ensure the success of the event is attained, there are certain principles that guide event design and this include;

Balance and this entails distribution of textures, colors, and spaces and it is sometimes created by the using long rectangular tables paired with small round tables.
Proportions, this is achieved by ensuring that all parts of the design are relating to each other thus giving the room and décor of a sense of proportions to each other.
The emphasis, this is achieved by concentrating in that part of the design that attracts people’s attention mostly.
Movement, this is the path the eye takes around a design or space and this includes the floral globes at the peak of the ceiling as well as bunches of flowers at the top of each column in the tent.
Repetition, the design can create a pattern and help the design feel cohesive and this is achieved when the object is repeated resulting in the creation of patterns and making the room feel cohesive.
Unity, whereby several elements are used to hold attention and guide the eye such as different style plates as well as mismatched chairs.

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