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EDU10005 Assessment Answers Indigenous Education And Perspectives

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EDU10005 Assessment Answers Indigenous Education And Perspectives

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EDU10005 Assessment Answers Indigenous Education And Perspectives

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Course Code: EDU10005
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Australia


By inspecting the consequences of terra nullius, and the outcomes that followed, educators can provide context, and awareness, on how discrimination, through opinions, and actions of non-Indigenous Australians, has affected multiple generations of Aboriginal people. If education is to be meaningful, educators need to also be aware of the disadvantage, that this discrimination has caused, and the multiple barriers that still exist, in not only current educational practices, but in current educational settings (Commonwealth of Australia, 2011). It’s important to understand how these issues can hinder fair, and equitable education, and how Indigenous perspectives in education can help support a level playing field, that is respectful, and inclusive. Education is for everyone, it connects our past, to our present, and informs our future.
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Pedagogies to enhance learning for Indigenous students. Evidence-based practice 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education: An introduction for the teaching profession.
Negative Indigenous health coverage reinforces stigma.
The Western Australian Aboriginal child health survey: Improving the education experiences of Aboriginal children and young people. 


 It is indeed painful to get estranged from the near and dear ones. One of the major and gut-wrenching events that had scarred and shaped the history of the indigenous section in Australia is the ‘Stolen Generations’. This practice had marked the epitome of the cruelty and tortures inflicted by one man upon another fellow human being. The Stolen Generations refer to those aboriginals and islander residents of Torres Strait who were estranged from their families at a very tender age (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 2018).As the name depicts, ‘Stolen generations’ refer to those displaced people who were ‘stolen’ by the White oppressors and their oppressive rules. Owing to the strict governmental laws, they were forced to abandon the comfort of their parents and families. The aboriginal children were compelled to leave their community and households to be nurtured in the institutions organized by the Whites (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 2018).
 History proves the fact that the British colonial forces had failed to recognize the presence of the aboriginals in Australia. Declaring Australia as ‘terra nullius’, the colonizers had exerted their influence in every manner possible (Watson, 2014). ‘Stolen Generations’ had concretized due to the policy of the Whites known as ‘Assimilation’. This referred to the manner in which the aboriginal kids were forced to get assimilated into the culture of the Whites (Probyn-Rapsey, 2018). They were compelled to assimilate and imbibe the cultural impositions dictated by the Whites and governmental intervention. These abducted indigenous people were compelled to breed with other ‘half-caste’ people from different nations. The Stolen Generations were not confined to children. In fact, the oppressive governmental rules and implementations had even extended their dominion over the adult aboriginals to inculcate in them the importance and value of inculcating the rules, morality and principles followed by the Whites.
It is an acceptable fact that such a gut-wrenching event had created turmoil and disturbance in the lives of the Aboriginals whose repercussions can be felt throughout the ages and even in this modern world.  This practice had overshadowed the Australian culture and history (Cuthbert &Quartly, 2013). This essay endeavors to establish the manner in which the personal and professional lives was controlled by the strict laws of the government. The repercussions of the incident can be felt even in the present day where the government officials try to identify and relocate the victims of Stolen Generations. This essay shall also try to investigate the importance of learning and teaching about the above-mentioned incident to enhance the knowledge of the intricate historical details.
 Jean Paul Sartre had mentioned about the fact that White Australians had forcefully settled in a land that did not belong to them on the first place. He goes on to mention that the British colonial policy had inflicted unflinching tortures upon every man who belonged to the indigenous category. Historical records proves the fact that the aboriginals of Torres Straits Islanders had been the victims of torture and unflinching pain (Maddison, 2011). The practice of removing and separating the aboriginal kids from their parents had affected the aboriginals largely. Needless to say, the indigenous population was truly affected by this incident whose reverberations can be felt even in the present century.
The idea of ‘Stolen Generations’ included the practice of taking the aboriginal kids from their mothers. This had led to their displacement and dislocation (Cuthbert &Quartly, 2013).  The victims of the phenomenon of ‘Stolen Generations’ have experienced the harrowing experience of loss of identity and meaning of existence. It is indeed a difficult task to accept a different culture that is not aligned to one’s own culture. The coercion that was used to assimilate the aboriginals into the White culture had deprived them of their basic dignity and respect. The forceful abduction of the indigenous population had an intrinsic effect on their psyche. It had led to the displacement and dislocation of innumerable indigenous inhabitants. The Bringing Them Home Report has recorded the innumerable cases of physical and mental tortures (Findandconnect.gov.au, 2018). The report had even mentioned about the health related problems that continues to affect the indigenous section of Australia.
Most of the indigenous and the Torres Strait islanders have been victims of the forceful abduction from their households. The psychic effect of the repeated and continued oppression of the people directly affected their present state. Even in the present age, they cannot get rid of their vulnerability. Further, the indigenous students are seen to score poor marks in subjects (Lowe &Yunkaporta, 2013). The tortured people were unable to accept the fact that they were kept away from their families. The permanent psychic effect is transferred from one generation to another. Further, most of the parents have not been able to recover from the loss of losing their children. The effect of being forcefully estranged from the family members had spelled doom on the mental health of the displaced people. The Bringing Them Home report recounts the experience of a police officer who relates the manner in which the displaced adults of “Stolen Generation” face the problem of everlasting depression (Bth.humanrights.gov.au, 2018).Thus, the displaced indigenous generation cannot get rid of the effects of oppression. The survivors even face the problem of lack of medical facilities (Bth.humanrights.gov.au, 2018).
It is extremely important for educators and teachers to understand and evaluate the intricacies related to the tortures inflicted on the indigenous people.  The indigenous sections of the Australians are often the victims of racial discrimination. (Jameison, Steffens & Paradies, 2013). In order to reduce and eliminate the myths and stereotypes associated with the indigenous section (Price, 2015). In addition to this, it is extremely crucial for an educator to comprehend the importance and effect of such events in the past and present situations in Australia. Further, in order to trace and gauge the pain inflicted upon the aboriginals and the islanders of Torres Straits it is extremely crucial for an educator to research and delve deeper into the myriad areas related to them. Various practices or events such as the Stolen Generation and the European Colonization had affected the lives of the indigenous population. The importance of acknowledging the painful history shared by the community of the indigenous population has been established throughout the ages.
Modern day educators need to be aware of the maltreatment faced by the indigenous Australians since the time of the British colonial conquests. Understanding and studying the indigenous population can lead to the development of various perspectives for the educators. In fact, it has been seen that the indigenous population has been stereotyped and marginalized due to the non-availability of proper research and studies. In order to reduce the myths and stereotypes associated with the indigenous section, it is essential for educators to learn about their history. (Price, 2015). Once the educators start learning about the gut-wrenching events that had caused physical and physic degeneration of the indigenous section of Australia, the cases of marginalization by even the White Australians can reduce largely. Possessing an in-depth understanding of the history of indigenous people can help an educator in eradicating the pre-conceived notions by which the aboriginal section is judged by the masses.
The indigenous aspects including the people of a country form an integral part in shaping the history and future of a nation. Learning the history of indigenous culture, perspectives and the tortures inflicted on them can assist in understanding the subtle nuances related to the Aboriginals and the islanders of Torres Strait. The indigenous section of every country has always been deprived of the advantages (Stoeckl, 2013). Comprehending and accumulating facts about the indigenous population of a country is crucial to develop a sense of their degenerative state.  
The knowledge of the indigenous section of Australia should not remain confined to the boundaries of the territory. In fact, this knowledge can assist the educators and curriculums all over the world to enlighten and break the prejudices associated with the marginalized section of the country. In addition to this, the education system of every country needs to incorporate the idea of educating the tiny minds to erase any prejudice from a very tender age. It is extremely crucial for the education systems to include a separate section related to the aboriginal culture to enlighten the minds of the people regarding the tortures inflicted on them.
Especially, the abducted and estranged population belonging to the historical occurring of ‘Stolen generation’, need to be analyzed and taught by students all over the world  to understand the deep mental and physical pains inflicted by the masters. In addition to this, the education system in Australia has also strived to incorporate courses on the ‘Stolen generation’ and the indigenous history that sheds light on the nature of the oppressors (Acara.edu.au, 2018). This course needs to be taught to students belonging to the primary section because it will assist in developing the emotional and practical faculties from a very early age. Primary education includes many broad areas that help in developing the cognitive facilities of a kid. When the primary education is revamped to include the ideas on ‘Stolen Generation’, the kids can easily understand and learn to differentiate between good and evil.
In order to ameliorate the cases of racist activities that are carried against the marginalized and indigenous population of Australia, it is extremely important for the children to develop the rational faculty that is devoid of any racist ideas perpetrated by the societal forces. It is believed that children often tend to grasp the sensitive information that is transferred to them. It is also believed that children learn, assimilate and develop ideas in a learning environment in the school (Holt, 2017). Incorporating the course and ideas that enumerate and bring to light the various tortures and cultures of the indigenous population can assist in making them understand the importance of knowing the culture of the aboriginals. At a very young age, the children will develop the faculty of sympathizing with the painful past of the indigenous and non-white section of the Australian population.
In addition to this, the historical phenomenon of ‘stolen generation’ is an extremely crucial occurring that has permanently affected the lives and well-being of the Aboriginals and the islanders of Torres Strait.  Understanding about the agonies that were inflicted on the poor souls can enhance the understanding of the present state of their existence. Recent records stand as a proof to the fact that the repercussions can be felt even in this generation. BBC records the feelings of Ian Hamm who had narrated his feelings when he was captured by the Whites (BBC News, 2018). Such incidents help in reinforcing the importance of acquainting the little kids with the unspeakable pain of separating from the loved ones. In addition to this, the ‘Stolen Generations’ can also help the students in understanding the emotional and psychic trauma that has been experienced by the generation that was forcibly abducted by the colonizers. Further, a study of this incident can help the toddlers in understanding the efforts of the captured and estranged population in liberating themselves from the clutches of the oppressor. In addition to this, the authorities have even endeavored to issue an apology for the past actions to the aggrieved survivors and the deceased persons of ‘Stolen Generation’ (Australia.gov.au, 2018). Learning about ‘Stolen Generation’ can help in finding the displaced persons. Inculcation of these aspects in primary education can help the students understand that with the gradual passage of time, evil forces tend to get erased. Further, an academic reading of the events and aspects related to the ‘Stolen Generation’ can lead to a better understanding of history of the indigenous population in relation to Australia and the Whites in general. It can help in gauging the disturbing history of Australia that was fraught with incidents of atrocities committed by the colonial masters and unfair governmental rules.
Analyzing the above-discussed factors, it needs to be mentioned that the indigenous section of Australia including the islanders of Torres Strait have experienced cases of  irreplaceable pains and tortures that were inflicted by the governmental rules. The indigenous children were compelled to leave the warmth of their family and community to join the whites. Thus, the theory of assimilation did not consider the aspirations of the displaced individuals. It had created a barrier between the white and indigenous sections of society. Thus, primary education needs to include a course on the indigenous culture and history.
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