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EDUA11278 : Organizational Design And Development

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EDUA11278 : Organizational Design And Development

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EDUA11278 : Organizational Design And Development

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Course Code: EDUA11278
University: The University Of Edinburgh

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Country: United Kingdom

Element 1This assessment is designed to assess students’ abilities as outlined in learning outcome 3LO3. Critically evaluate the methods and procedures of organisation development and review their strategic impact, in particular for organisations that work across geographical boundaries. 
1. A critical reflection on how you worked as a group including Elements such as: How well you worked together, your contribution and its impact and how the group could have improved the work2. A bullet point report on the main aims and features of organisational development programmes/plans
Element 2This assessment is designed to assess students’ abilities as outlined in learning outcome 1 and 2LO1. Critically analyse and evaluate the contribution of organisational design and development within a theoretical, historic and international HR setting in relation to their value and contribution to organisational life.LO2. Synthesize and critically evaluate the processes and systems that need to be in place in the maintenance of such structures and relationships. 
1. A critical analysis and evaluation of the historical path that organisational design and development, including its relationship with human resource management, has taken to date. And2. Synthesise, that is bring together, the processes and systems that maintain effective organisational structures and relationships whilst also commenting on their value and contribution to organisational life.

Element 1
The working in a group for this project helped me in understanding the importance that co-ordination along with proper communication can play in the successful execution of a project. My contribution in relation to this project was in the area of critically analysing the historical path pertaining to organisational development. I made an important contribution by gleaning important facts in relation to the relationship of organizational design with that of human resource management. I worked like an effective group partner and I spent a lot of time in researching about the important aspects related to organisational design along with development. Each of the members played different roles that helped in contributing to the development of the team. I played the role of the monitor within the group who played an important role in bringing the group together. I acted in a disciplined manner and worked efficiently that helped in the aspect of accurate judging. I listen to the feedback of other people along with opinions. All of us worked together as one team and not like an individual. Every member of the team put in a lot of effort so that they could get good content in relation to the project. The group members helped in ensuring that the time limit was maintained and the relationship that the members had towards each other helped in ensuring success relating to the project. The group could have further improved the work if they had talked to the college professor that could have helped them in gleaning important information in relation to the project. His knowledge could have been more helpful in finding out relevant facts that could have further improved the quality of the work.
Organizational Design can help in the process of adapting to the changing conditions within the market. The use of advanced technology pertaining to Containers Worldwide Limited (CW) can have a great effect on that of the ‘people element’ within that of the organization. Organizational Development in Containers Worldwide Limited can help in balancing needs within that of the organization. Organizational Development at CW can help in introducing a flexible system that can transit the various procedures that can help in the aspect of moving of cargo in an efficient manner. It can help in maintaining differentiation within that of the market that can help the company in gaining competitive advantage. The organizational development at CW can help in ensuring long-term sustainability pertaining to the business and it can help in securing employment for that of the full-time employees. CW will work up a joint business case with key stakeholders along with trade unions that can help in the process of delivering of presentation. CW will make use of force field analysis for the planning of the activities within the ambit of the organization. It will undertake action research that can help in assessing what is going to work and what is not going to work. The organizational development at CW will focus on the aspect of personal development that can help in the creation of an effective organization. CW can provide training development activities for up skilling the performance of the employees. Employee consultation carried out at CW can help in the development of the company.
Element 2
Organizational Design is indicative of the creation pertaining to roles along with processes that can help an organization in reaching the goals. The organizational design is associated with the mechanical arrangement pertaining to the positions along with reporting lines within that of the organizational chart. Organizational Development is indicative of the systematic process that can help in bringing about organizational change that is effective. The organizational development is a field in relation to applied science which draws on the areas of sociology, psychology and organizational learning. This essay evaluates the historical path in relation to organisational design. It also discusses about the relationship of organizational design with that of human resource management. It also elaborates on the processes that can help in maintaining effective organisational structure and their value in relation to organizational life.
The organisational structure can help in setting rules in relation to authority in an organization. The organizational structure can provide the context in relation to communication along with knowledge generation in an organization (Proper 2017). The organisational structure can help in linking the people together that can help in setting the stage r the purpose of learning. The learning taking place in an organization can lead to competitive advantage that the competitors would not be able to imitate.
The 20th century identified the various kinds of organization by making use of function along with product. It established the contingencies that would be responded by the structures. The 21st century however makes the organizations face various contingencies that makes it difficult for the organizations to have any kind of set rules (Brook 2016). The organizations have undergone hanges in respect to global competition, short product life cycle along with that of disruptive technology. Innovation is taking place pertaining to organizational boundaries and the organizations aggregate input from various contributors by taking recourse to global communication network. The modern age is one of uncertainty, complexity along with openness that necessitates the changes in relation to organisational design. The modern organizations need structure that can help them in staying flexible so that they can reconfigure the roles, processes along with learning pattern. The various aspects that needs changes in relation to organisational design are that of multidimensionality, hybridity, ambiguity along with fluidity (Ma, Matsuzawa and Scardamalia  2016). Multidimensionality refers to the pursuing of various kinds of strategic goals. The hybridity aspect focusses on the combining of elements from various kinds of organizational forms. Ambiguity is in relation to the downplaying of the formal structure and relying more on the aspect of informal structure. Organizational design of the present age is fluid that emphasizes on the transient components as opposed to the permanent design component (Eason 2014).
The evolutions of the modern age necessitates that the firms should shift from a unitary to that of a multi-divisional structure. This kind of structure makes use of a corporate office and has regional based division with different functional departments. There were four phases in relation to organisational structure. First took place after the civil war and it was the period pertaining to larger-than-life entrepreneur who used to expand on the basis of vertical integration. The next phase created professional managers who had to develop methods that can help in managing the larger companies. The third phase filled out the existing product lines so that it can move into the related fields. Fourth phase saw the birth of decentralized structure that separated the strategic from the aspect of operational decision making. The firms started to acquire the products along with services that was unrelated in relation to the core business (Bolden 2016 ). The multi-division form helped in freeing the top management from every-day operation and helped them in focussing on the aspect of market positioning. This kind of form can greatly suit the multi-national corporations in the present age.The m-form is greatly adopted by the modern organizations and it was more suited for industries that had product related strategies as compared to vertical integrated firm. M-form can simplify the aspect of information processing and it necessitates the use of decision making that becomes necessary with the increase of diversification.
Human Resources in the previous age used to interview and place the workers.The role of the human resources was limited and they used to primarily deal with employee relation along with payroll. The human managers mainly co-ordinated the administrative function pertaining to organisational design. The HR specialists used to concentrate on that of a single area like recruiting or that of training. There has been a change in the role of the human resources in the present age. The human resources (HR) in the present age plays the role of a partner in relation to organizational design. The human resources helps in providing leaders that has structural diagnosis that can help in identifying the issues related to organizational performance (Ladyshewsky  2017). The human resources in the present age helps in making leaders who can evaluate different kinds of design option by the offering of clear design criteria. The human resources provides tools in relation to organisational design that can help in the measuring of internal along with the external environment. The Human resources offers knowledge pertaining to organizational structure including the positive and the negative factors related to the organisational structure (Gray and Jones 2016). The organisational design of the present age makes the role of human resources strategic in scope and it has broadened the scope related the functioning of the human resources. The HR practitioner of the present age designs the organization on the basis of competitive environment. The redesigning pertaining to organizational design can help an organization in achieving alignment with the forces prevailing in the present environment. The human resources in the present age makes the strategy aligned with the environment in relation to the organization (Davidson 2017).
The process that can help in maintaining effective organizational structure is by analysing the policies along with procedures. The management framework should be structured that can help in supporting efficient production. The personnel within the organization can be arranged into different functional groups like Finance, Marketing and Sales that can help in the smooth functioning of the organization (Al Saifi 2015). The performance goals pertaining to each group should be aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. The hierarchical structure of the company should be documented and it should be published in the website of the company with the help of e-mail or in the print form. This can provide opportunities for everyone in the company to have a look at the structure along with their associated roles. State along with local resources can be made use of for getting information regarding the status law update in relation to each state (North and Kumta 2018 ). It should be ensured that the business abides by the regulations that can help in the maintaining of a healthy organization. Annual survey can be conducted and the employees should respond anonymously to that of the survey that can help in the process of gauging of the environment.
Organisational relationships can be built by assessing the current state of the organization. Good work relationships can be built by developing the skills of the people and the employees should be taught how to deal in the scenario of a conflict taking place. Appropriate time should be spent that can help in developing the emotional intelligence pertaining to the employees (Beckford  2016). The employee relationships in an organization can be maintained by appreciating other people in the event of getting help from someone else. The employees should be asked to stay positive that can help in strengthening the relationships among the employees within an organization. The employees in an organization should know how to manage the boundaries in the positive manner that can have an effect on the job performance of the employees in an organization.
The mission of the organizational structure can help in meeting the needs of the different stakeholders related to the company. The organizational structure can help in the setting of priorities that can help in protecting the brand image pertaining to the company. The organizational charts can help in building personnel responsibilities (Gray and Jones 2016). The organizational structure can help in determining how the things will be conducted within the organization. The job titles of the employees can help in delineating the responsibilities of the employees in the organization.
Organizational Design paves the path for creating roles that can help the organization in realizing the objectives. The previous century used to classify organization on the basis of function and product. The changes taking place in the environment has the made set roles impossible in the current framework because the dynamic environment needs flexibility on the part of the organisational structure. The function of the human resources of the previous age was limited to interviewing and placing of the workers. The human resources of the modern age is instrumental in playing role of partner in relation to the design of the organization. Human resources takes care of the fact that the leaders are provided who have the ability of structural diagnosis that helps in the identification of the issues pertaining to organizational performance. The policies and procedures present in the organization can help in the maintenance of effective organizational structure. Organisational structure assists in setting of priorities that can protect the reputation of the company.
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North, K. and Kumta, G., 2018. Knowledge management: Value creation through organizational learning. Springer.
Proper, H.A., 2017. Organisational Design & Enterprise Engineering-Two sides of the same coin?.

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