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EERE6015 Engagement And Relations

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EERE6015 Engagement And Relations

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EERE6015 Engagement And Relations

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Course Code: EERE6015
University: Greenwich School Of Management

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Country: United Kingdom


Learning outcomes assessed:

Explain the importance and key objectives of employee relationship within contemporary organisations and evaluate the relationship between the organisation and its employees in the current environment
Analyse the importance of employee engagement within contemporary organisations and evaluate the effectiveness of employee engagement strategies in improving performance, productivity across all sectors of the economy.
Appraisal of impact of employee motivation, communication, mentoring and leadership had on the organisation.
Evaluate the significance of employee engagement on levels of absenteeism retention, levels of innovation, customer services and the performance in organisations.

Your report should include the following:

Introduction: a brief of the organisation that you have chosen based upon the scenario, outline the concept of employee engagement and relations and explain what the report is about
Main body [include the following points:
Redefining employee engagement and relations in the context of the chosen organisation.
Main drivers of employee engagement and relations for the success of the organisation.
Aspects of managing the employment relationship challenging for the organisation.
Areas of engagement strategy to be considered in addressing the challenges. For instance, organisational structure to ensure that all are aware of their respective roles and accountability, communication strategy and leadership styles to bring all on board.
Proposed engagement strategy to improve overall business performance in the long term and the rationale.


Employee retention is one of the important aspects of having experience in the organisation. In case of organisation sustainability, progressive nature of the organisation is needed for the development and market positioning of the organisation. Human resource development and employee engagement with that perspective is important for the better attachment with the organisation and have provided the deliberative nature to enforce the business enhancement.
In this paper, 4Com Telecommunication Company has been selected. The selected organisation was established in 1999 in the UK. The aim of the company is to improve the communications services in UK’s small and medium enterprise market and the entire process was based on the supporting facts and stakeholders’ initiation to advance the company as the time goes. The current headquarter of the company is located in Bournemouth, Dorset. As per the Sunday Times, 4Com was named as the best employee engagement company in the UK in 2017 (4com.co.uk 2018). The company beat more than hundred promising companies in the UK and that is the most significant aspect for the company. The mission of the company is to provide excellence in communication in the UK and achieve the best level of excellence in the UK within a year. The vision has set for the community contribution and achieves public recognition for making the genuine difference between 4Com and other companies.
Employee retention process and employee relationship
Redefining employee engagement 
The process of employee engagement with organisation depends on the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of the employees. The process of hard work and employee benefits are the crucial part of this employee engagement process. 4Com provides benefit at its best and that strengthen employee relation with management (4com.co.uk 2018). That surfaces the company as the best employee engagement for consecutive four years. Some of the charity works are conducted by the organisation and employees are very much attached with the management for doing such things. The engagement provides 30% productivity, deliver 20% customer satisfaction and also convey the innovation of thrice in a level that impacted over the enhancement of business administration (4com.co.uk 2018).
Connectivity with employees is the key reason that enriches the culture of the company and delivers the better way to formulate the appreciation, that needed by the management administrator of the company. The work environment is necessary for that session and employee benefits and compensation is the key mindset that evaluates the positional change in the company so as the market value of it. In case of engaged employee 43% more productive activities are evolved, 25% higher overall well-being of the employee is important in that fact (Hong et al. 2012). 28% of competitors are outperformed by the company because of employee engagement. In case of disengagement, changes in employee retention are purely valid and 87% of the employees would leave the company because of work stress. 55% of workers are under the high-level of stress and that is the reason employee engagement application is the crucial manner to be maintained in 4Com organisation also.
Drivers of employee engagement and relation for success
There are some drivers of employee engagement, which are liable for the constructive employee engagement process and deliver the productivity of the company. The key driver of employee engagement is the connection. The process of connection will grow the trust and flagship of loyalty with employees and management. Planning off having lunch or dinner with the individual team is the enhancing aspect of the team (Deery and Jago 2015). The company cares for their employees and that provides enough motivation for them. The contribution of significant effort is another impressive fact for the employees needs to implement in their workplace for the development of individual performance and for measuring the advancement of the organisation (4com.co.uk 2018). The performance of team also become well in this case and each contribution is meaningful in that aspect. Another driver, in that case, is freedom, as workplace environment is most crucial in that case. The aspect of production raises in that manner if innovative enhancement of employees will grow as the experience gathers by them.
The more engaged situation will surface in that process and better decision-making situation persists in that to empower the company for better chances. The aspect of efficient self-expression and decentralise of power, and think for the development of organisation by any means is the crucial aspect of this process (Grissom 2012). The growth of employees’ and personal development is crucial in that case and the new challenge has better opportunities but the way of employees’ attitude is important in that case. The growth of employees and building confidence is the key matter in that case. The aspect of management and leadership is also important in that case that formulates the organisation and employees in the right direction and also this is the key engagement driver of employee engagement. In case of leaders intervention effective communication can mitigate the conflict cases of 62% and almost 27% of employees trust their leaders and employee engagement has got a huge boost in that case (Mahal 2012).
Employee relationship challenges and aspects of managing situation
Employees face some major problems in the organisation and that will curtail their productive nature and they will resign from the place. The nature of the organisation and managing the workplace in the proper manner is the key consideration of management and employees have to maintain a good relationship with them. The possible aspect of conflict management is the key issue in that matter (Oladapo 2014). The employees are from different background and their cultural and socio-demographical background is different, thus it creates the problem for employees. The issue of misunderstanding and diligent communication with each other highlight the process and fair dealing of having the situation and the possible approach to retain employees is the key matter in that case. The next challenge, in that case, is the safety issue in the organisation. Promoting issue of adequate safety and workplace security needs to be strong in that case so that employees will safe in the organisation.
Priority in business is to engage more fit employees with the business and that will energise employees, adapt process, defend the risks and leverage clarity and fairness in policies in that case (James and Mathew 2012). This is the major challenge in the business process to have the better procedure in that situation for the development of business understanding. The HR managers are setting some policies in that case and that is the reason proper safety procedure needs to be formulated in the organisation. In this case, 4Com is one of the productive and successful companies in the UK and that is the reason they try to maintain their good reputation and also implement some strategies for the development of the business. Employees are an integral part of the organisation and for that reason, their attendance and involvement with the organisation are important for the sustainable productivity. There are legal and transparent leaves allocated by the organisation itself but in most of the cases, employees are seeking for unplanned leaves and that makes problems for the company and affects productivity.
Mitigation of challenges by implantation of engagement strategies
4Com is striving to make improvement in the UK’s SME market and the organization has been growing rapidly throughout the history. 4Com is proud of the culture for it has created over the years. However, 4Com has been facing the issue of conflict management amongst the employees (4com.co.uk 2018). In order to solve the issues among the employees; the management can talk to employees so that the employees can focus on events and behaviour; not on just the personalities. The employees can listen to carefully from other employees and from the management (Asong 2016). The management needs to identify the agreements and the employees can prioritise the areas of conflict. Moreover, 4Com has also been facing the problem regarding the adequate safety in the workplace. Therefore, promoting safety in the workplace is a top priority for the organisation and it includes all the proper safety management along with equipment. Therefore, 4Com should integrate all the aspects of safety programme so that the employees must stay safe. 4Com management needs to integrate the process of safety programme where the senior management should identify the needs of clients and internal customers (4com.co.uk 2018). Moreover; 4Com has also been facing the issue of annual leave disputes as 4Com always wants the employees to work great. The senior management always wants to have the best possible input from the employees. Therefore, the management does not want to give the all annual leaves to the employees. The management must start with the concept of Leave Management System (LMS) software. The employees must have the ability mindset where the employees must know about the three engagement levers; social, personal and structural (Miller and Lin 2015).
Leadership style
4Com is open to the concept of independent business recognition, ethical business and innovation. The leadership of 4Com has been facing the issue of autocratic leadership as the leaders of the 4Com take the business decision single-handedly without being discussed with the employees. Therefore, the employees get enraged and their issues regarding the safe workplace culture and leave management and working time issues get unsolved. Therefore, everyone must be given the opportunity to impose the ideas and the democratic process must focus on the equality (Galston 2014). 4Com leaders can follow the democratic leadership style where the employees can flow their ideas freely. The shared vision of the employees will be welcomed and the employees will have the guidance from the leadership (4com.co.uk 2018). The leaders will engage the employees in discussion process and the leaders must be creative in nature. 4Com leaders can follow the characteristics of intelligence, honesty, creativity and courage.
Communication strategy
In the previous time, communication flow within the organisation was perfect as the communication flow from top to bottom approach. In recent time; maximum communications do not reach the employees even if the communication tools have been used. 4Com needs to use the communication process as it is the best way to ensure the consistent communication. Communication process can be one-way or the communication process can be two-way where the two parties transmitted the information (Katz 2017). 4Com can take the strategy of having the intranet software where the employees can share their views on the intranet software.
Long-term business engagement and improve performance
In case of long-term business engagement, the implementation of strategies is important and leadership procedures are important in that manner. So the aspect of reassessing leadership and engagement of principal of leadership is the key issue in that case. The need is very relative in that case as the 14% active disengaged employees can be moved in the right way and economic development and engaged productivity process for the organisation. The process of rich communication is important in that case and engagement with customers and meaningful conversation is the right way to manage the organisation (George 2015). The process of negative influence and employee feedback process for better role and responsibilities impacted on the long-term business process. The process of learning and development will enhance the mission and vision of the company. The valuing aim and commitment to the organisation process is the key process that implemented for the development of the process.
Conclusion and Recommendation
Therefore it can be concluded that, employee retention in 4Com is very productive and that provides enough support to the organisation. The level of commitment and building future for every individual is important in perspective of the company and the maintaining way of company to achieve the objective is the key process that encouraged in this way. The aspect of leadership, communication, conflict cases all these are important for the development of organisation and employees are invested them to make the company industrious and dynamic. The positive staff allocation and continuous improvement of defining category is related with this mid-sized business and that improves the working environment and provides a massive step of employee engagement and retention.
4com.co.uk 2018 Join Over 10,000 UK businesses retrieved from: https://www.4com.co.uk/ [Accessed on 2nd July 2018]
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Oladapo, V., 2014. The impact of talent management on retention. Journal of business studies quarterly, 5(3), p.19.

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